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The Nazca Lines Mystery

There are mysteries in this world that still today go unsolved. One of these great mysteries is the Nazca Lines in Peru. These are some of the greatest Geoglyphs that the world has to offer. There are patterns of animals, insects, humanoid creatures all sketched out in the desert.

The Peru Nazca Lines are located between the towns of Nazca and Palpa, they are geographically in the center of Peru and cover roughly 60 square miles of desert. The lines were originally created by the Nazca Culture around one hundred B.C. the majority of the lines sketched into the desert are so large that to get a good view of the lines. The best views come from traveling by helicopter or by plane high above. They were not even discovered until the middle of the 20th century when planes started coming in over the desert to provide supplies to Nazca. They have become Peru’s top adventure travel locations and millions of people experience them every year.


The Nazca lines are in such a desolate place that any one traveling there should be aware to bring enough water for several days and proper clothing against the sun. Like most deserts, the temperatures are high in the rainy season and can get very low in the dry season. The temperatures can range from 80 degrees to more than 100 at any given time during the day and dip below 30 degrees F during the night. The lines have survived in this climate due to the lack of erosional wind, which has left these giant sketches for us to question, why they were drawn.

Nazca Culture

To help us understand the mystery of the Nazca Lines we need to start to understand the Nazca culture a little first. There is a small Nazca city located south of the Nazca lines that archeologist has uncovered called ”Cahuachi” which holds a number of clues into the Nazca Mystery. This city it was discovered has a long history of being the main center of Nazca ceremonial center. It contains several large adobe type pyramids high on the hills that overlook the many Nazca lines.

The Nazca culture was very industrious people long before the Romans they built an impressive system of underground aqueducts along with ways to let the water flow where there location was out in the middle of the desert. These aqueducts were key to their survival due to the dry and arid conditions of the desert.

The city of Cahuachi, was used by the Nazca people, to hold rich ceremonial practices and rituals. They prayed for things like there groups to grow agriculture, their future children fertility, and that the gods provide enough drinking water in there arid location. The city was then abruptly abandoned there is no physical evidence why they just stopped living and hiding rituals there. a lot of archeologists suggest that

Theories of the Nazca Lines Mystery

One of the most through researchers of the Nazca lines in Peru was Maria Reiche. She originally was a mathematics professor and archeologist from Germany. She has studied the Nazca lines for over 20 years and has come up with a most reasonable theory about them. She concludes that the Nazca Lines in Peru were used to track the sun and astronomical calendar cycles. It then instantly became the largest solar observatory in the world. This is the most logical of all the theories presented about the Nazca Lines, but there may be a lot more to this complex mystery.

Another theory that has become very popular is that the lines are a magical form of spell cast by an early cult of the area. Some claim the lines form complex and sacred geometry only known to them. Some also contend that the lines follow the local underground water lines in the region. Perhaps the Nazca lines were designed by the local priest hood and used as an archeological calendar or oasis as Maria Reiche has suggested. Maybe they are lines that have formed when the spirits of those long departed enter into the other world, and they are showing us a new way with spiritual energy focusing on these desert sketches.

Scientist, have done radio carbon dating of the giant pieces of art work, and it is entirely plausible they were here long before the Nazca culture. There lies one problem though since the lines generally can only be seen from higher altitudes or from the air some theorize that the Nazca had an early form of flight skills before anyone else in the form of hot air balloons. There are also other that have another farfetched theory that they are intended to communicate with flying Arial machines piloted by extraterrestrials.

The reality of the Nazca lines in Peru is still one shrouded in mystery, and no one really has any idea why they were created. Perhaps as archeologist continue to dig in the city of Cahuachi more evidence will be found on the origin of the line or put us in a more direct line with the direction they were going. In the mean time if you get a chance Fly over the Nazca lines and form your own opinion on the origin of the lines.

Flying Over the Nazca Lines

When traveling to Peru, you can go on many tours that will take you over the Nazca lines. Peru tours usually begin in the airdrome of Nazca where they will give you a small video that shows you the history and background of the images on the desert floor that you are about to see. Then a small airplane will ride will let you go and see the lines for yourself the flight will usually last 45 min to an hour.

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If, you ever get the chance there is more to this area then anyone can tell and seeing it will make you believe that there are mysteries left in the world unsolved and some which we may never know. However, it will allow your imagination to run wild and see what you come up with.

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mirafloresapt from Lima Peru on January 08, 2015:

Unfortunatley Greenpace people came to Peru and destroyed the best Nazca Line: the COLIBRÏ to place their propaganda. They do not have any respect for the historical heritage at all. The run our of Peru as soon as the notice were on peruvian newspapers. They are not responsible for their acts.

Kaffi12 on June 16, 2013:

This a real mystery that needs to be solved, i never believed this hard that they might be Aliens because i don´t know who could be so scientific and mathematic advanced for it´s time to be able to create the nasca lines. This is mystery will be a great step for humanity if it´s solved one day.

VINAY468 on October 19, 2012:

This is realy awesome, we come to know abt. unfinshed mysteries

and nazial or nazca lines are and should be a part of the wonders

Apostle Jack from Atlanta Ga on May 20, 2011:

All things will come and be known in time at it's own appointed time.It shall not be late.

Kadmiels (author) from Florida on October 17, 2010:

that is the beauty of a real life mystery :)

mirafloresapt from Lima Peru on October 14, 2010:

Many people are convinced that this place was built by extraterrestrials. Even a high autorithy in Japan publicly said so. There are really two times about these lines. The first one is Palpa lines built over the hills sides, that seems to be built by Paracas ancient culture (600-400 b.C.) and best know as Lineas de Palpa. You can see there more anthropomorphous figures.

In Nasca Lines (200-800 a.C) you see most of the figures on the ground, no in the hills sides and only one anthropomophous figure best know as the "astronaut" because the shape of the head and some other details. There is also a figure that seems an aliens airport...

Beth100 from Canada on June 10, 2010:

There are so many unexplainable mysteries in our world -- and I'm grateful for them or we'd be a pretty bland place! These lines are phenonomal, whether they were used for travel, airstrips, communication or art. It must have taken great skill and planning to inscribe these. The biggest question is "how" did they do it -- they certainly did not have the tools that we do today. Amazing. Excellent hub; thanks for writing this!

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