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The Mystical Journey Called ‘Goa’

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Travelling is my passion for exploring the innovative and utmost supernaturality.


Goa, the supernatural and panoramic place, has its own glittering stance on the edge of the bluish Arabian Sea. There is no doubt that it can turn anyone crazy or fanatical with its beautiful deep sea where tourists can engage in several water sports activities, such as crazy scuba diving, windsurfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, speed boating, among others. The vibrant beaches, scrumptious food, and rich heritage are some distinctive features of this former Portuguese colony.

The Capital

Panjim, the capital city, located in the center is well connected with the Dabolim International Airport. Various trains run from North to South parts of Goa. This place has numerous beaches that attract millions of visitors.

The Baga and Calangute are crowded with locals whereas Anjuna and Arambol are famous among the foreign tourists.

Palolem and Agonda, the beaches of South Goa, are explored more for their panoramic beauty.

The Culture

The local inhabitants are very friendly and celebrate many festivals including the New Year celebrations that usually start from 25th December to 2nd January. A number of foreigners come to Goa to join these celebrations.

Goa has one of the best nightlife in the country with trendy bars, beach shacks, elegant cafes clubs, and discotheques. The seafood is excellent. Alcohol in Goa does not cost much, thanks to the youngsters who are coming to enjoy the alcoholic celebrations with a minimum charge.


Last year, I planned to visit Goa and I was excited and enthusiastic to feel the beauty and serenity of the place. We were at South Goa Prestige Resorts which was near to the sea. We rented a bike and visited many nearby places for sightseeing. We enjoyed the sunset when the sun mixed with the deep blue color of the ocean and the combination of these colours started appearing like a rainbow. It was really stimulating and picturesque.

Cruise Dance

Goa is a majestic place, which is filled with full enjoyment. Also, there is a huge enthusiasm among visitors to join the popular cruise dance. We joined the dance that was supported by loud music. We were offered selected drinks and all this beautiful intoxication took me to an unknown place of life where only happiness existed. If it could have happened in real life!!

Scrumptious Foods

Talking about the scrumptious food, especially at the sea beach resorts, the quality of seafood is just awesome. The food is appetizing and there is value for money. The feeling is so supernatural and majestic when you are having delicious food served at the beach shacks and you have a gentle breeze that touches your hair. This atmosphere brings you to the highest level of intoxication. The lovely background music and the multi-coloured shadowy lights add to the charisma of this place.

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Long ago, when Portuguese entered here, the beauty and serenity of the place attracted them and they captured the place. After that, they started living there for a long time. Goa has been referred to with the Sanskrit name ‘Gomantak’, but later Portuguese entitled it as ‘Goa’.

The supernatural beauty, the Goanese Dance with wine, the journey over the sea, thrilling and enjoying dolphin’s play in the dolphin’s point, the unknown fear and thrilling while exploring on the sea, the shaking of the speed boat, the huge waves that shivered us, the deep blue sky- all these natural elements took me to the unknown world.


I captured many snaps and framed it. In this regard, I loved the place and loved the silence of the sea-shore, the bell ringing from the holy churches, the roaring sound of the bluish Arabian Sea, and the pin-drop silence of the cottages mesmerized me and kept my memory refresh.

So, Goa's diary was a pleasant journey that is still recollected and restored in my memory. Apart from this, after visiting Goa, I reached Mumbai safely. In Mumbai, we visited ‘Elephanta Cave’ and enjoyed exotically.

Mumbai is situated in the western part of India and it is the capital of Maharashtra. ‘The Gateway of India’ is a famous tourist place where every day huge numbers of people gather in front of it and meet with their friends and spend many times.

‘The Marine Drive’ is also another time spending zone and people use to come and enjoy by taking snaps, walking, doing exercises, sitting a couple of hours with their near and dear ones. We have spent time by inhaling fresh air, talking with our friends.

I have a passion for traveling and every year, I start my journey wherever getting time and energy. Travelling gives me a bit of enthusiasm and a ray of positivity. Positivity always makes us cheerfulness and keeps away from boredom. As I love visiting mountains than plain land or seashore, hence in coastal areas, I find many variations like the continuous breaking of the huge waves making a new sand level. It indicates the new exploration. In the mountain, there are many thrilling and adventurous stories in every hairpin of the turn.

If you like to visit Mumbai and Goa trip, I can give you the complete package with excellent accommodation and quality foods accordingly. You will enjoy the scenic beauty and the utmost supernaturality. Feel free to contact me via email or phone without hesitation.


Poulomi (author) from Chennai on November 03, 2020:

Thank you Viinod...I'll definitely mention all info in my next trip.

Viinod Jojarey from pune on November 02, 2020:

This happens to be a beautiful place I have ever visited, apart from all the tourist spots, some of the mesmerizing village scenes are there which you must not miss on your next trip.

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