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Funny Traffic Signs from Around The World

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These are so funny ! My son and I just laughed our hearts out as we read them !

Road signs can be seen in any city we visit. Some of them can be quite unusual, unique or amusing to the visitors. Below are some of the traffic signs that I have found. I do doubt its existence, but they are claimed to be photographed by people who encountered them as they visited the country. So, throw away the thought of questioning the logical existence of these sign boards for just this one time, and have a good laugh.

Oh No ! I am going to get lost !

Oh No ! I am going to get lost !




Yes, those are bullet holes on the sign board. 


This is a good one.


To enter or not to enter, that's the question. 

History of Traffic Signs

Traffic sign or road signs started with milestones, made with stones or wood, intending to provide information on distance or direction. The earliest milestone dated back to Roman Empire where erected stone columns were built throughout their empire to provide distance to Rome. In the Middle Ages, multidirectional signs at intersections gradually emerged, giving directions to various cities and towns.

As the automobile industry developed, traffic signs existence became a vital necessity. In 1908 International Road Congress held in Rome, the basic patterns of most traffic signs were formed. Since then, modification followed to suit various culture and countries requirement. Today, all the traffic signs are made of metal instead of wood. They are coated with various types of retro-reflective sheeting to reflects light back to its source for nighttime and low-light visibility.


 Help, help !


Is it a one way street to the left or one way street to the right. Is that clear to you ?


Be careful, don't throw the cigarette ends on the floor, research has shown that coakcroach will get cancer from eating or smelling your cigarettes !

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Beware, don't touch the sharp edges of the sign board !


Fire ! Do Not Block !! Run for your life !


Keep left or keep right ? That is the results of broken English.


I am really confused....

On a second thought, it looks like Christmas tree to me !


Very specific warning.  I must stop the car and copy this down. 


I was told that a lawyer must have thought this through.


 Absolutely no chance for escape !


Ooops !  This is definitely a important warning sign board.


Birds pooping every 15 minutes ! How long have you been standing there ?


 Talk about confusing.


Are you having a second thought of parking at this spot after going round and round, and failed to find a parking space ? Don't even think of it.


 Talk about contradiction. Or to teach the bad with good ?


This is my favourite.  Google answer many of our questions, but it doesn't have all the answers.

More Humor or Humour ? Don't miss this :


Unique Traffic Signs in Australia

Some countries have unique road signs that are not found in other countries. For example, Australia and probably Papua New Guinea are the only country in the world with road signs depicts animals like kangaroo and koala bear. These road signs are meant to alert the drivers just in case these animals suddenly jump out to cross the road. Kangaroos come out to look for good at dawn and right before sunset. So if you are driving at these hours, watch out for kangaroo!

Such car accidents (hitting kangaroo) are actually very common in Australia. The adult kangaroos can grow as tall as 3 to 9 feet (0.9m to 2.7m) tall, and weigh 40 to 200 lbs (18 to 95kg). Therefore, not only the animal can get killed or injured by the car accident, the car can suffer serious damage, and you may need to pay hefty for the car repair. So, reduced speeds and high alertness are definitely wiser things to do while driving in such kangaroo and wildlife hotspots.


Rick Jaymes on October 23, 2012:

Haha thanks for posting these funky road signs! I won't lie they gave me a good chuckle! I wish my town had a lot more crazy or goofy signs like this but it doesn't! Dang it!

Ingenira (author) on February 28, 2011:

thanks, Carl Patten, glad that you enjoy it. Yeah, some of these are just man made to make it funny. :)

Carl Patten on February 28, 2011:

Amazing hub! The sign made of galvanized steel, the one about digging, It's obvious that the arm was just a sticker though - but that was a good prank nonetheless LOL. Those traffic signs are both funny and scary so don't forget about strapping your seat belt LOL!

Ingenira (author) on January 26, 2011:

Glad to see you here, Freya. :) Thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment.

Freya Cesare from Borneo Island, Indonesia on January 26, 2011:

Very funny indeed! Thank you to make me smile today. :)

Ingenira (author) on January 20, 2011:

lol... TheListLady, you are such an interesting lady, thanks for your lovely and funny comment.

TheListLady from New York City on January 20, 2011:

This is certainly a lot of fun - who thinks of these things. The one about "Don't even think about parking here" - a true NYC sign.

Love that multi-traffic light. It was overwhelming just to look at and no doubt it causes traffic jams because I would certainly have to slow down or stop to take a picture. Whew!

Thanks a million and rated way up!

Naim H from Dhaka on January 05, 2011:


jtrader on December 27, 2010:

If I saw that one about the hitchkiers I would step on the gas. lol

CYBERSUPE from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A. on December 12, 2010:

Hi Ingenira, thanks for the invite about sharing photos but never gave it thought to take a picture of a Road Sign. Thanks again and do have a very Merry Christmas 2010.

Ingenira (author) on December 11, 2010:

Dear Cybersupe, I must go to Italy to see it myself. Why don't you take some photos and share it with us on your hub ? Many would be curious to know more.

CYBERSUPE from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A. on December 10, 2010:

Ingenira, I have a question for you, did the Italians attend the International Road Congress in Rome? on my trip to Italy getting directions was a nightmare. Traffic signs were confussing, even the direction by the local police did not make sense. I am an Italian and it still didn't help. I had severl belly laughs at the signs in this Hub.

healingrose from Northern California on December 09, 2010:

These signs are confusing and funny. What about that stop light with a hundred lights?

Tony McGregor from South Africa on December 07, 2010:

Very funny indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thanks.

Love and peace


Ingenira (author) on November 26, 2010:

Thanks again, Ritchie.

That was an interesting story about how Japanese mis-understood the road sign.

It showed how different culture perceives a picture or language differently. That'd be an interesting topic to write.

richtwf on November 26, 2010:

Thanks for a good hearty laugh! I loved this one and thanks for sharing.

I will share a little story with you about road signs:

There is a famous landmark in England called Stonehenge and on one occasion there was a group of tourists who went to visit it. Bizarrely many were standing in the middle of a nearby road and taking photographs of this historical landmark. Why in the middle? Well firstly they were Japanese and we all know how fanatical they are when coming to happy snapping! But still doesn't answer why in the middle. Well, they had misunderstood a road sign ... the road sign was a camera. The road sign was indeed a camera and they thought it was a designated position for taking photos - the sign in fact was warning road users of speed cameras in the area! lol

Dave Sibole from Leesburg, Oh on November 19, 2010:

I don't need a sign to be confused but an excuse is always good. Thanks.

wilsontom from new delhi on November 17, 2010:

ohhh...this was really a funny one, i like it.

Five One Cows from Moo Town on November 13, 2010:

I really like all of those traffic lights. How many do you think there are?

Maggie Griess from Ontario, Canada on November 11, 2010:

Hard to believe some of these are real signs...but they sure are funny! Thanks for sharing!

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

thanks, prasetio. Hope you have a good laugh at the funny signs. :)

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

thanks, beth100. Glad you like it. :)

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

thanks, Betty, you are so kind. Thanks for the comment.

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

Glad to see you again, Joe W Bennet.

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

Glad you enjoyed it, KenWu.

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

Glad to see you here, rafken. Appreciate your comment. :)

Ingenira (author) on November 11, 2010:

thanks, carrie, hope you enjoyed it.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on November 11, 2010:

Wow.... this is beautiful. I never knew about these traffic signs before. This is really unique traffic light I've ever seen before. I love all the picture....amazing. Thank you very much. ~prasetio

Beth100 from Canada on November 09, 2010:

These are funny...thanks for the laugh tonight! :D

Betty Johansen on November 08, 2010:

Thanks for the laugh break - I can always use one. I also enjoyed the information about the history of signs. Traffic signs have existed as long as I can remember, so I never thought about how they developed.

joe w bennett from Clinton, MS, US of A on November 08, 2010:

thanks--you made my Monday!

KenWu from Malaysia on November 08, 2010:

Those signs are hilarious!

rafken from The worlds my oyster on November 07, 2010:

Good hub. I'll look out for more of the same.

carrie450 from Winnipeg, Canada on November 07, 2010:

It's so refreshing to see a hub filled with laughter Ingenira. Many of these I haven't seen. Hard to believe that road signs as these are actually used :) Great hub!

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