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Exploring around Tucson, Arizona

I love being outside and enjoying my life. Exploring new things and I love writing. I am going to write articles about the places I go.

One of the animals they have


The one museum that I like.

About a year and couple of months after we been in the Tucson area, my partner told me she wanted to go and visit the museum. My thought was oh great, I am going to be bored out of my mind, because I am not the one to stare and talk about a painting or sculptures. I did agree to go, because I know that she loves going to museums. She told me the museums name is Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I said oh, so we going to look at cactuses? She gave me a look.

I got to work and I asked some coworkers about the museum and they said if we wanted to look at cactuses to look around. I laughed it off and when I got home. I said book the tickets and we will go that weekend. We got ours tickets and we spent hours there. We had hours of fun and enjoyment, just seeing it all. Even being in the gift shop was fun and full of things.

The two gift shops

These gift shops are right in front of the entrance and the bathrooms. The gift shops was very nice and clean, you can tell that they took good care of the stores. They had stuff that you can use that day if you forgot something and they are reasonable with the prices.

This guy is called a Javelina

This guy is called a Javelina

The Javelina

These guys live in a loose group of 2 to 20 and they have a territory of 700 to 800 acres. The oldest sow (female) will lead the group on everything they do, like eat sleep and go to the watering hole. They are another type of pig.

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The string rays

The string rays

The other things that I saw.

The site that we looked into, well actually she looked into is They do have memberships or you can pay for the one time day. When we went there, they was restricting how many people bought tickets due to the virus. They gave us a map of the place, where we could find our way around and not get turned around. When we was looking for the Javelina's, two caretakers pulled up to check on them and we asked them questions about them and they stood there and told us more about them. They also have a hummingbird room, where you can walk into. The animals did look healthy, that is one thing we look for when we go to anything with animals.

They have caves that you can go into and they have animals that you can see. Some are in their barrels in the ground that they have glass for which you can look at. Some even with tunnels on how they travel, most of their caves has a fun activity for children to have fun with fun facts about what you are looking at. They have this trail/ loop that takes you even further away from people and to see more plant species and little animals in their actual environment. The best thing that I like about this place is all the money goes back into the Museum. This museum is not what you would expect just by the name. I leant a lot about the animals that live in the desert and plants that I honestly would not find interesting. This place is very big, so no matter how many people is there. You would feel like you have your own space.

I can tell you my experience all day long, but it is one of those things that you just have to experience for yourself. This is one of the nicest places to go to, to see all kinds of plants and animals that can be found in the southern part of Arizona.

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Tosha Alston (author) from Tucson on March 24, 2021:

Thank you Dexlab, I am glad you enjoyed this article. I hope you do go, it is worth the money.

Dexlab on March 23, 2021:

I really appreciate this article as I've been looking for some different outdoor things to do here in Arizona. I enjoyed the way she shared her experience as it was clear to me that she truly had a thrilling adventure given that she thought she was off to a museum of fine arts and sculpture. . I have already looked into purchasing tickets for the weekend. Thank You, Tosha

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