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Khewra Salt Mines:the World's Second Largest Salt Mine

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Khewra Salt Mines:The World's Second Largest Salt Mine

The Pakistan's largest and the world's second largest salt mine is located between Lahore and Islamabad. They turn out millions of tons of salt a year. In the salt mining history of the subcontinent the Khewra salt mines are considered the oldest one.

The khewra salt mines were discovered in 326 BC by Alexander the Great,the Greek King. When Alexander's horse and the horses of his soldiers began licking the stones on the ground. A brave soldier himself tried one and discovered that the rocks were quite salty. As a result,the khewra salt deposits had been discovered.

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It was completely strange for us when we entered the mines and saw long tunnel made of salt because we have studied about them in our course books and through documentary and did not think them so fascinating and beautiful at the time. There are many beautiful brightly coloured monuments made of red,yellow and pink salt.

An electric train is available to take visitors inside the mines. The visitors come across wonders such as a model of Minar-e-Pakistan made with colorful salt bricks,Chaghi mountain,a model of Great wall of China,the dazzling Sheesh Mahal,a statue of Allama Iqbal and the Badshahi Masjid was also built in the mining tunnels with multi-coloured salt bricks

The ponds of thick salty water illuminated with colorful bulbs looks so much pretty and unique. All the structures made of salt bricks was amazing. But a tunnel named Crystal Valley by tourists was the best spot with sparkling salt crystals like diamonds all around in the mines.


There is also a cafeteria for visitors and a souvenir shops offering lamps and decoration pieces made up of salt stones of khewra salt mines.


The khewra salt mine is famous for its production of pink salt,also known as "Himalayan Salt". Millions of tons of pink rock salt is mined every year. The pink salt is primarily used for cooking and food presentation. It is also used to make many decorative items like vases,lamps,ashtrays and statues which are also exported to many countries.

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