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The Garden of Lights in Dubai

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Dubai is a major metropolis city in the United Arab Emeritus. During the last 40 years Dubai has outgrown itself from a small outpost of the Raj to a thriving metropolis. Dubai is now a tourist paradise and its a matter of great pleasure that in terms of traffic, Dubai airport handled 61 million passengers, making it the second must busiest airport in the world after New York in terms of passenger traffic.

Dubai is also easily accessible by air from all corners of the globe and visitors flock to the city for a holiday. The city is an oasis of peace and entertainment like no place else. The city has excellent infrastructure in terms of travel, accommodation, and facilities. The government is also pragmatic and looking forward to the next century.

As part of the process to keep Dubai ahead of all cities, the government has opened two parks. These by them are unique. The first is a butterfly park and the second a garden of lights. I think the garden of lights is a first in the world. Visiting it is a rare experience. The Garden is located at Zabeel Park and opens at 5 in the evening and closes at 11 pm.

The China virus has however taken its toll and the millions of visitors have now reduced to a trickle. This is seriously affecting the economy of Dubai. Beautiful places like the Garden of lights are now bereft of visitors.


The Garden of Lights

The garden of lights is located close to Sheik Zayad Road and is easily accessible from all corners of the city. It is a futuristic idea and opens every day from 5 pm to11 pm. The entrance ticket is 60 AED, about £ 3. This is a bit steep, but I guess the options are limited. However on the use of select credit cards a discount of one ticket free for every 2 purchased is a relief.

Inside the garden is a flurry of lights, that are used to create animals from the jungle. There are excellent creations of tigers, lions, elephants and other animals. There is also a dinosaur section and recreation of a masjid.

One will need about 2 to 3 hours to do justice to the garden that has a fairy tale setting. There is also a castle and an Oriental palace that can remind you of tales from the thousand and one nights( Arabian nights).

A string of stalls serves international cuisine to whet the appetite of the gourmet. However, considering a large number of visitors from the sub continent, there is not much choice there.

The lights also recreate an agricultural field as well as a line from the ant worlds. These thrills all visitors. There is also a silhouette of Dubai city with the towering Burj Khalifa ( the tallest tower in the world) hovering over it.

The best part is the live entertainment on a stage in a man-made lake with the Oriental palace in the background. Dancers regale the crowd with classical ballet. Girls in shorts will do graceful movements that add to the enchanting atmosphere. The entertainment lasts about 30 minutes and one comes away wanting more dance forms from the girls clad in shorts.


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The garden of lights is the latest edition to the entertainment part of Dubai. It's a first in the world and I who have been a globe trotter have seen nothing like it. The entire concept is futuristic. It has special appeal for children, but older people have a lot to which they can relate to.

This garden is another feather in the cap of Dubai. Close to 12 million dollars have been spent on it and I will say it's money well spent. However there is always room for improvement and since the park is open till 11, the public bus service must not end by 10 pm. So many visitors come from Abu Dhabi etc and they find it difficult to get back.

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Last word

Just after the China virus enveloped the world the park was shut down for close to four months. It opened last November and now is operational and visitors can comfortably spend time there but will have to maintain social distancing as well as wear masks.

Dubai opened to tourism on 7 July last year but restrictions are in place. Anyone normally permitted entry to Dubai can visit, even on vacation.

What are the restrictions?

All visitors over the age of 12 must have medical insurance and a negative PCR test completed within the past 96 hours by a nationally recognized body. You must show the certificate at check-in, complete a health declaration form before travel, and register on the COVID 19 DXB app. You must also have travel insurance

Virtual tour of the Garden of Lights


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 28, 2021:

Thank you, Jennifer. Yes, it's a magical world but alas the China virus has taken its toll. Keep your fingers crossed you may still be able to visit this place sometime.

Jennifer on March 28, 2021:

What a lovely article about a beautiful place. You have re-created a magical world and I would love to go there but I don't know if I will ever get the chance.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on February 21, 2016:

Thank you Madu for commenting

madugundu krishna from Yemmiganur on February 21, 2016:

The great city& It is wonderful.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on February 14, 2016:

Thank you Manatita. Yes it's the same country. Great observation

manatita44 from london on February 14, 2016:

So beautiful, so majestic this garden of Lights. I would really love to go there! Isn't it the same country with the Palm and Burj Khalifa?

I have passed through their airport. It's very princely and the food is awesome! Great Hub!

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