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The Foreign Experience

My Family and I at the Beach


The Foreign Experience

Today I am going to share my experience when I lived in Cameroon. While we were on the plane, I expected the people we were riding with were dark-skinned, but most of the people riding with us were Chinese and Taiwanese. We thought Africa would be very hot, but when we went to go outside the airport of Ethiopia it was very cold. Even my jacket could not handle the freezing breeze.

While we were outside the airport to transfer to another plane, we saw a free hawk in the sky. The hawk was just freely flying. It was very nice to see harmless animals being free.

While we were in Cameroon, power outages were very frequent. The people there were very fun to be with and respectful. I studied there for a little while and my classmates knew I would feel left out because of the language barrier, so they tried their best to speak in English and would always ask me if I wanted to play with them. I was very thankful to have such loving friends.

Everyday in the school when it was lunch break they would offer buckets filled with food to the students. The smell of the food was not very pleasant and it did not look very appetizing but they seemed to like the food. I was curious if the food tasted good so I asked them if I could try it. So they gave me a bite-sized piece of the food and then I was shocked because it was very delicious. From that day I learned to not judge a food by its cover.

I still remember when it was my second year in the country, at the end of the school year we had to perform on the stage. My position was in front, while we were performing, some people from the audience approached me and gave me some candy and money because they said I was good at dancing.

When it was Christmas time, my family and friends wanted to try the beach there. But we could not swim because of the big waves. And most of the people from the country knew how to swim. We went to the beach with our helper and I was shocked when she dived into the water even though there were big waves. And also the food we tried on the beach was extremely good.

The women in the country could not scratch their hair because it’s braided. It is hard to scratch your hair if they were french-braided. So the way they would scratch their hair is by slapping or hitting their head. I always see them doing that so I copied them and now I also hit my head.

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I have also learned some dance moves from the people there. They have this dish there when they fry and cook the banana plantain and it was very delicious. I highly recommend you guys to try this dish.

Every year when it was my birthday we would go to this resort. The pool was 9 feet deep. And I would always order their french fries and sausage. The sausages were very big and the french fries were very thick and long. We’ve also met a lot of french people in the country.

When we went to church the people there would dance while going to put the money in the for tithes box. I still remember going to church every Sunday and to be honest I have never felt this kind of vibe in a church before. They were dancing and they were just very happy.

I still remember the time when the South-Korean pop song “Gangnam Style” sung by the Korean pop music artist PSY was trending, some Cameroonians approached my father and danced the choreography of the song, Gangnam Style, because they thought my father was South-Korean.

After 4 years, we had to go back to the Philippines for a proper education. While me and my mother were on the plane, my mother told me she had to go to the restroom so she left me. While she was gone, the guy beside us started to talk to me in Chinese because he thought I was Chinese. I had no clue what in the world he was saying so I just nodded at him as a response even though I did not know what he just said to me.

I am looking forward to visiting Cameroon again to meet the joyful people. I am very thankful for you taking your time reading this incredible experience of mine traveling to Cameroon.

© 2020 Lalaine Amanda


Poignant Scott from Davao City on August 31, 2020:

All I can say is, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! As I am reading your blog, it felt like I'm with you and your family experiencing those happy and exciting moments. You know what, you could be a great writer and an influencer. Please enjoy life in places you want to go to and share the experience to us. It'll be awesome!

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