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The Fabulous Views of Croatia From the Eyes of Elisona!

My writing includes my personal travel experiences, destination, history, and cultural information.

Elisona Marku is the Social Media Director for ToTravel-istolive. She is a brilliant asset to the team! Not only is she a student of Social Media Management but she is a fantastic photographer! Having an eye for that "perfect shot", she seems to capture her photo target in a way that makes you feel you are right there, seeing the same things she is seeing! Brilliant!

Recently, Elisona did some traveling of her own. And although Elisona works behind the scenes for ToTravel-istolive and you as our audience, benefit from her fantastic social media skills, I wanted to give you another perspective. I wanted to show you what and how she sees things; A bird's eye view of the world, the way Elisona experiences it.

Why Was Elisona in Croatia?

As I have mentioned before, Elisona is a student. Her field of study is Social Media Management. The higher education in the European curriculum is not like the experience in the United States. Europeans take more of a practical approach to education at these levels. Oftentimes, students learn by doing, by experience in the real world. The job market is competitive globally so healthy competition is typically part of an educational program. In Elisona's case, she was awarded this trip, along with three other students for her outstanding performance.

About Elisona's Trip:

A semester in Elisona's program is a whopping five months. During her time in Croatia, she had one month of university study and the rest of the time spent was "in the field". I feel like at this point, I also need to discuss a bit about the family structure in European families. American families tend to be a bit "looser" with the structure of families whereas, in Europe, everyone stays in the nest much longer. This trip was also an exercise in independence. It was the first time that Elisona had traveled abroad without her family and with friends. This is just another example of the practical part of the curriculum approach. While the students were mostly independent during their time in Croatia, they stayed in contact with the university using a digital format. They made their own choices and learned to live independently, away from the family nest.

The trip to Croatia was also during the time of Corona Virus restrictions. Classes were online and movement was possible but with some minor inconvenient restrictions.

Living in Zadar, Croatia, Elisona and her colleagues, were able to go to the beach every day, hike, and explore the area. In the evenings, they would enjoy socializing with each other, eating out, and spending time in the city centers

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Krka National Park

Croatia is not a huge country in terms of square miles, but from the maps above, you can see that the students put some miles in. The National Park Krka is more of an interior location. The beautiful pictures below are fabulous renditions of the natural beauty a visitor sees in the protected area of the Park.

Spending time in Krka National Park was a real treat for the young travelers. An endangered ecosystem is within the protected area. The park is used primarily for culture, education, and recreation. Springing put out of the Dinara mountain range is the Krka river which is 72.5 km long. The Krka river is the 22nd longest river in Croatia. Within the park are seven waterfalls resulting in an altitude drop of 242 meters. These waterfalls are the most important phenomenon of the park. The beautiful nature photos you see below in the photo gallery were taken by Elisona with her keen eye for the perfect shot!

Elisona has been kind enough to provide us with these fabulous pictures that chronicle her time spent around Croatia in 2020.

ToTravel-istolive is so excited to present the details of Elisona's trip and these photos to you, our readers! Please congratulate her on her brilliant academic accomplishments and photo contributions by leaving comments in the section provided in this article.

The following is a photo gallery of her recent travels in Croatia. They are taken at various locations: Zagreb, Sibenik, Zadar, and National Park Krka. (All Photo and Video credits below go to Elisona Marku)

Elisona is just starting her travel adventures. How about you? Have you started living your dreams of travel?

Until next time friends, remember "To Travel is To Live!"

© 2022 Dee Nicolou Serkin

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