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The Difference Between a Holiday Maker, a Tourist and a Traveler


I have a keen interest in travelling. What this means I will discuss in this Hub. However, it is not a condescending attempt at snobbery, "I'm a traveler, therefore I'm in someway superior to you". No, what I will try to do is define each term.

I feel each definition has been misused by people on holiday, tour companies and travel agencies which is to the detriment of all. Just because you travel abroad this does not make you a tourist even though you have spent a small fortune on your holiday and just because you are travelling to an exotic location where there isn't a beach in sight it does not make you a traveler.

I see nothing wrong of being either a holiday maker, tourist or traveller as long each is done in responsible manner.

Holiday Maker

A Holiday Maker is someone who goes on holiday and does very little. They spend their time relaxing on the beach or by the pool during the day and in restaurants, by the bar or in a nightclub at nighttime. They may even go on organised excursions to nearby attractions. They are usually found in purpose built resorts.

Where they go is irrelevant. It could be Blackpool, Benidorm or Bali.

Southern Europe has many resorts for holiday makers. Including Marbella, Ayanapa, Bodrum, Fuengirola, Faliraki and Zante. Other resorts further a field include Acapulco, Cancun, Mar de Plata and Phi Phi.

Some resorts can be pleasant. Others can be hell on earth. Much depends on the individual.


A tourist will go on an organised tour and will visit different places with a tour guide and even stay in different towns and hotels and travel everywhere often by coach with a number of other people to form a tour group. The tour group will be taken to see sights of historical or cultural interest and do activities where often they will be given guided tour. What also makes a tourist distinct from a holiday maker is that a tourist will often see much of the country they are visiting.

Popular tourists destinations include Spain, Egypt, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, India, Kenya and China.

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Again like a holiday maker where they go or how much their trip costs is irrelevant.

Remember you can't have tourist without tour.


A traveler is somebody who travels independently without any help from a travel agency. They will travel on a different budgets. Some travelers will stay in 5 star hotels others in youth hostels. They will be opened minded about the destinations they are visiting and will take a keen interest in it.

A traveler can be found in just about any country in the world be their own, countries frequented by holiday makers and tourists or the most unusual destinations. A traveler will often travel by public transport and mix with local people.

OK so which one are you?

Well if I am honest with you all and myself I am all three.

I have stayed in beach resorts and gone on day trips provided by the hotel, been part of a tour group organised by a travel agency be it at my destination or back home and I've traveled through my own devices by researching my destination.

I've stayed in Vera in Almeria so it makes me a holiday maker, I've been to Egypt as part of a tour group so I'm a tourist and I've traveled through Rajashtan by train so I'm a traveler.

Whatever you do think of the impact of what you do on the environment and population of your destination. Above all don't be ashamed to call yourself a holiday maker, tourist or traveler.



JR on July 10, 2017:

I would like to be all three, but I'm poor person.

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