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What's so Great About The Cove Restaurant in San Antonio Texas?

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Outside of The Cove in San Antonio

Outside of The Cove in San Antonio

The cove is an amazing restaurant in San Antonio that services local, organic and sustainable food. It's a place that's kid-friendly and dog-friendly as well. It's located at 606 West Cypress Street in San Antonio Texas. The slogan here is "Eat Well and Live Well." It's important to note that seating is available on a first come, first serve basis. When you eat here, you can be comforted to know that the meat is free of hormones and antibiotics, and the beer selection at the bars is phenomenal. If you love food from the Cove, but can't make it there, you can order through DoorDash. They are closed on Mondays. Tuesday through Thursday, they are open from 11 am to 10 PM. Friday to Saturday, they are open from 11 am to 11 PM, a Sunday, it's open from 11 AM to 9 PM. Keep in mind that on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the bar opens one hour later. The only day it doesn't open later is on Sunday. The Texas Bar is open Tuesday to Thursday from 5 PM to 11 PM. Friday, the Texas Bar is open from 4 PM to midnight, Saturday it's open from 11 AM to Midnight, and Sunday it's open from 11 AM to 9 PM. This restaurant/bar area takes Visa, Mastercard, and Cash. Gift cards of $25, $50, and $100 are available for purchase at the location and online on the website. Many people loved the fish tacos, homemade ginger ale, sweet potato fries, and Ruben's sweet hash.

The Good

At the cove, you can rent an area for a party. The Cove will even set up the table clothes to create a fun atmosphere. The Cove has a cozy area that is called the Fireplace area. To rent the space, it's $ 150, and $75 after 6 PM on Sundays. Since it does get quite busy and booked, it's recommended to rent this area in advance. The maximum amount of people that this can be reserved for is forty people. Even though it's a fireplace, the fire itself cannot be lit due to a City of Antonio Ordinance. If it's cold, heaters will be provided for the special event. The Texas bar area, which is also an open area, can seat four people and can be rented for $125 every day, or $75 after 6 PM on Sundays. The Greenhouse is an indoor venue that can seat fifty-five people (seated), or one hundred and twenty people for a standing cocktail party. It's $325 to rent and has to be paid in advance to hold the spot. Catering minimum is $500.00, and this room is great because it has a dessert room, buffet room, audio system, fans, and restrooms.

The food provided for the Cove's Catering Menu features mouthwatering delicacies such as Chips and Fire Roasted salsa for fifteen dollars, or three cheese artichoke dip for fifteen to twenty people for fifty-eight dollars. Forty fish tacos can go for eighty-five dollars, while meatballs with tomato curry sauce and cilantro, fifty of them, go for one hundred dollars. If you ish for lamb or bison, that's available but for a bit more. Salads are available, as well as deserts. An exciting dessert is the Jalapeno Carrot Cake which goes for forty-five dollars. Aside from fantastic food, the bars feature city texas brewed beers and over 200 bottle beers. When you eat here, you support local farmers, ranchers, and beer crafts-folk. Vegetarians will love unique foods such as the Vegan Bacon-Cheeseburger.

There is parking all around the Cove. The Cove has it's own small parking spot, but many other areas can safely be parked at as well. It's imperative to note that one can park at Sorolas, daily, after five in the afternoon and all day on the weekends. Aside from the Cove's parking spot, parking is available at the corner of Jackson Street where it meets West Cypress Street. There's a map online that outlines all of the 'safe' parking areas near the Cove in case the Cove's parking lot is full.

As mentioned, dogs are welcome! There are a few rules that must be followed, however, to maintain good standing with the health department. The dog has to be on a leash, and they have to be appropriately vaccinated. They must wear a collar or harness with their current rabies license attached to it. Dogs can't get on the furniture, and they are not allowed to eat at the Cove. If the dog is thirsty, a bartender can provide a water bowl that can be recycled. Dogs can only enter through the outdoor patio area. For the kids, there's a playground at the cove with a canopy over it to protect from the sun and other weather elements. Children can play while and mingle while the adults eat. Since the playground is in the middle, you can sit anywhere and in the outdoor area and keep an eye on the little ones while you relax.

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The website mentions special events that people of all ages may be very interested in. Wednesday night is Jazz night. Wednesday night is also military appreciation night, and from 5 PM to 8 PM, active military personnel with their identification cards get ten percent off their food orders. Every third Thursday there is a wine tasting event at seven thirty. It includes a plate of bread, fruit, cheese, and chocolate for ten dollars. Every fourth Thursday is a beer tasting at seven thirty as well, where you can try five excellent beers with salsa and chips for five dollars.

The Bad

This place is not a sit-down service, so you have to go inside where the counter is, order, take a number, and wait for your food. The counter inside is out of sight from the playground area, which might be important for single parents to take note of. Many people recommended the Latin Lover Sandwich and the sweet potato fries. I had the sweet potato fries myself, and they were delectable, perfectly salted, sweet, and delicious. Be careful with parking, and is a staff member say that tehre is parking in the staff lot for ten dollars, don't believe it, as there's free parking in areas outlined on the website. Some may feel that the furniture at the Cove is too 'rustic,' but it's because this restaurant believes in repurposing and sustainability. The area has a lot of construction around it, so there may be a smell of sewage that wafts in and out. Some people mention that the staff might be a bit pretentious and rude, especially to those who are new. While some might recommend restaurant favorites, other staff members might just direct your attention to the daily specials on the wall, even if it's your first time there. Many also complained about bored and apathetic bartenders that seemed not to want to be there in the first place. The food might be considered a bit pricey, but that's because of the high quality and high standards that are expected of the food and the local growers, farmers, and ranchers. THere are lots of flies sometimes, as it's an open venue with food. The cove does try to deter the flies with plastic bags filled with water that hang up everywhere, but they could be a nuisance still. Some individuals may feel that the dessert selection is extremely limited and that the brand of soda has changed over the years as well. If you're wanting a whiskey and coke, you can't have it. The Cove doesn't serve hard liquor, only beer, and wine. Their reasoning for this is that they are a family-friendly venue. Parking can be a huge pain when they are quite busy. Drinks have to be ordered in one line, and food has to be ordered in another line. The line for food could be even forty-five minutes long, and this is not including cooking time. Some may feel that the portions of food may be too small for the price. The live music might be too loud for very young children or children and individuals with certain auditory sensitivities. The front parking lot is only for handicapped parking, and the back parking lot is mostly dirt. In adverse weather conditions, the dirt can get muddy and has the potential of being difficult to walk on, so keep this in mind when considering footwear and rainy weather or heels. Some people complained about waiting over an hour or an hour and thirty minutes for food on busy weekdays or nights. Some people said that in order to score some free sweet potato fries using the app, the cashier might require you to put a high rating app to get the free appetizer. If you happen to park at the Cove, and it's closed, and you have food at the Whataburger across the street, you may get your car towed, even if there may not be a clear sign about towing at the Cove.

Final Thoughts

There's a laundromat and car wash near, so you can keep that in mind when visiting the Cove. You can get a great, healthy bite to eat while finishing up some laundry, which is never a bad thing. A beer and a fish taco while the clothes are taking a tumble in the suds? Why not? Large fans are blowing in the hot weather but keep in mind to dress appropriately. I went to the Cove while it was rainy once, and there was only outdoor seating available (everyone was inside, obviously) so it was a bit of a mess and a challenge, but still fun. It would have been better if we brought umbrellas or had a better set up to protect the food (and the kids) from the weather elements. So take a look at the weather situation before taking a trip to the Cove in case it's full, and there's no indoor seating. There are gluten-free options for those interested! And the draft bar only opens at five on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. ON Fridays, the Texas draft beer bar opens at 4, and on Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 11 am.

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I like the clear structure your reviews have balancing out the good and bad.

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