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The Cleveland Clinic's Miller Pavilion

Rick is a Cleveland-area architect who writes extensively about local architecture, landmarks, attractions, and sustainable development.

The Miller Pavilion

The Sydell & Arnold Miller Pavilion, The Cleveland Clinic

The Sydell & Arnold Miller Pavilion, The Cleveland Clinic

The Sydell & Arnold Miller Pavilion

One of the newest and most significant additions to the burgeoning Cleveland Clinic campus on Cleveland’s east side is The Sydell & Arnold Miller Pavilion (and its adjoining neighbor, The Glickman Tower).

Designed by the Columbus architectural office of NBBJ and completed in 2008, the grand glazed crescent shape of the Miller Pavilion towers over the Clinic’s new primary entrance, looking north toward Euclid Avenue to Chester Avenue and beyond, along a green concourse at East 93rd Street with a rock-studded reflecting pool at its spine. A nearby 4000-space parking garage for staff and visitors was included in the expansion. At 1.3 million square feet, the related structures add significant facilities to the Clinic’s ever-growing presence in The Forest City.

Named for Matrix Essentials founders

The Miller Pavilion (named for the founders of the Matrix Essentials line of beauty products) serves as the home of all the newly consolidated — and top-rated — heart and vascular health facilities of the Clinic. The structure’s concave glass face is of reflective deep green, while its window-punctuated stone faces are rendered in soft rose. Atop the tower is a rooftop plaza and garden for patient relaxation. The adjoining Glickman Tower houses the hospital’s Urological and Kidney services, the largest and fastest growing surgical center within the campus. Both are based on the Clinic’s ‘institute’ model of clustering medical care facilities and services about individual organ groups, to minimize the disruptions and inefficiencies of doctor and patient movement, as well as the costs of service overlap or redundancy.

Nation's Largest Heart Unit

At its completion, the Pavilion became the largest cardiovascular health services facility in the nation, with 278 patient rooms — including 110 ICU beds — and dozens of operating rooms. In conjunction with a new 24/7/365 critical care transport system employing jets, helicopters and ground transport, the expanded facility will mean that the Clinic need not turn down as many as 100 potential heart care patients each month. The Pavilion’s patient needs will also be met by as many as 250 additional nurses, part of the thousands of new Clinic jobs gained in recent years.

Patient Intake

Clinic patients are now greeted at the crescent-shaped two-story admissions lobby of the Miller Pavilion, wrapped about the grand circular vehicular drop-off adjoining Euclid Avenue. A simplified orientation system, aided by the Clinic’s esteemed art collection and sensitive materials and finishes, guides patients and family members to the appropriate facilities. Patient rooms are designed with a hotel feel — high in welcoming comfort and convenience, low in traditional hospital clutter and appearance. Spaces are further warmed and humanized by the ample admittance of daylight to many areas of the facility.

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Rick Zimmerman (author) from Northeast Ohio on June 14, 2010:

Thanks, Pamela! The Cleveland Clinic has remained the area's largest construction employer for decades. They always seem to be building something new. You wouldn't recognize the place.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 14, 2010:

That is a beautiful building and it looks much different than Cleveland Clinic did many years ago. I took one of children to the older one many years ago.

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