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The Best Date Night Places in Naples, Florida

I live in Southwest Florida and always love to explore my local area to find the best places.

Everyone loves date nights but sometimes it can get tiring going to the same place or doing the same thing over time. Whether you visit or live in Naples, Florida, there are multiple great places to go to for date night. Some nights you can't choose where to go or what to do or whether or not some places will be worth it. Below is a list I've compiled of the top five best places and areas to go to on a date night in Naples, Florida.

The Naples Pier

The Naples Pier

5) Fifth Ave and Downtown Naples

Coming in at number five of the best date night places in Naples, Florida is Fifth Avenue South and the Downtown Naples area. It includes Third Street South, which is also in the downtown area. Here you'll find plenty of restaurants for food, drinks, and music/dancing. The Sugden Community Theatre, which hosts plays, is located on Fifth Ave. The nearby historic Naples Pier, and a mini-park located behind Fifth Ave, are great, romantic places to watch the stars with your special someone. Third Street also has many gardens to stroll and spend romantic time around.

4) Naples Princess Sunset Cruise

Next place, at number four of the best date night places is the Naples Princess Sunset Cruise. It is one of the pricier places, which makes it perfect for a special occasion, but it is completely worth the money. On the Naples Princess, besides having a reserved table for dinner, you can watch the sunset out on the boat, and spot dolphins in the water. It is a great way to have a romantic night all in one place. A date night on the Naples Princess will be sure to please.

3) Naples Bay Water Shuttle

At number three on my list of the best date night places is the Naples Bay Water Shuttle. It is a water taxi that makes stops at several restaurants and shopping destinations off of the Naples Bay water area. The stops include the City Dock, Bonefish Grill at Naples Bay Resort, Bayfront Inn & Shane's Cabana Bar / Bayfront Place, Boathouse Restaurant, and Cove Inn, so you can pick and choose easily where to have dinner and spend some time off the water in the Bay. The Naples Bay Water Shuttle is one of the less expensive date night places where you can always have a great night on and off the water, especially if you're on a tight budget. The shuttle is only $7.00 per person to ride for the whole night. Don't fret about drinks: you can bring aboard your drinks from the stops! (It used serve beer and wine.) Enjoy a great date night on the Naples Bay Water Shuttle with your special someone.

*Note - currently this activity is still closed due to the current pandemic.

2) Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Resort Bar (and Jazz music)

The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Resort Bar and the Jazz music there made it onto this list at number two. It joins the Naples Princess Sunset Cruise in also making it onto the list for the "Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Naples" in addition to the best date night places. Here you can also watch the sunset with your loved one and grab a drink at the bar. There is live jazz music that you can listen and dance to with your love, making it a great place to spend a date night. It is also one of the less expensive and affordable places to have a romantic evening off the beach.

Silverspot Cinema at Mercato

Silverspot Cinema at Mercato

1) Mercato

Lastly, the Mercato center in North Naples comes in at number one on the list. There are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs for a great casual or upscale evening out. Whatever restaurant/club style of evening you desire for a date for the night, you can certainly find it here. Have drinking fun / casual dinner at The Pub; a quiet romantic dinner at Bravo, The Capital Grille, or AZN with some live music; Clubbing / live music / dancing at Blue Martini or Burn; or a quiet dinner and have a glass of wine while watching a movie at Silverspot Cinema. Whether you choose to go to one place or hop around the center, you will certainly have a wonderful evening with your special someone.

Hopefully these date night areas will help you in deciding of places to go for date nights, whether you live here or when you visit Naples. I can tell you that I have experienced many places and have found myself always having a wonderful time for a date. I can assure you, these places are definitely worth it and you will love them!

© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann


Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on May 25, 2012:

Great hub! I live here in Naples and agree with your list. I just was on the Naples Bay Water Taxi a few nights ago. It is fun! I was unaware about the Jazz music at the Naples Beach hotel. Thanks for the tip - I will check it out!

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