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The Aesthetics of Tiggalay Falls

Enthralled as always are we when it comes to the lovely sights of the world crafted by our Mother Nature. I mean, how can we not get captivated by such beautiful sceneries. How could we fail to see the beauty of God’s gifts to us? Mountains, volcanoes, and hills of all heights; oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes of all lengths and sceneries? Especially now that our generation has a notable engrossment in taking photos and posting them to social media?

Our dear home, Abra, a quaint province in the Philippines, has treasures too, descried within the remote towns of the province, hidden from the sights of many people. Travelers are now starting to explore the wonders of this landlocked province.

Hidden within the deep forests of San Isidro, a simple town in Abra, is one of the most famous tourist attractions Abra has to offer– The Tiggalay Falls. Critically acclaimed for its majestic and unique formation, people from far and wide would go to the trouble of traveling for this natural beauty.

What’s so exceptional about Tiggalay Falls? Its cascading waters look much like a vast white theatrical curtain that plunges from the top of the three-tiered waterfalls.

My friends and I visited this natural wonder one afternoon. The falls remain hauntingly beautiful despite the thin and unevenly spaced water curtains. Locals shared that the best time to visit the place was during the rainy season. On fair weather, a majestic rainbow usually appears across the walls of the waterfalls as the sun’s rays hit the mists of the cascading water.

Watching the waterfalls release their energy from a distance is spectacular. For those who love the adrenaline rush and want to feel the falls’ cascading power firsthand, a bamboo raft is on hand to ferry the adventurous close to the falls. Other activities include picnicking and swimming. However, climbing the walls of the waterfalls is strictly prohibited to prevent accidents.

For as low as PhP20, you can enjoy this Little Niagra amid lush centuries-old trees and thick bush growth. Regarding the food, you should bring your own snacks and meals because there are no sari-sari stores or carinderias nearby.

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As I left Tiggalay Falls, I locked its serene and calm ambiance in my heart. I’d also like to come back when the falls are at their mistiest, foamest, mightiest– and experience the “Niagra power” it is known for.

Unfortunately, the human populace fails to give importance to these crown jewels of Earth. Just leaving trash all over the place once they’re done with it. As beautiful as these spots are, they also need conservation. God gave us these spectacular sights not only to look at but also to protect them from any undue harm. Let the advocacy for the protection of all gifts of nature be aired. Let’s save the aesthetics of Earth.

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