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Thailand: Land of Smiles

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Thailand Buddhist Temple

Thailand Buddhist Temple

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located in the Heart of South East Asia. It is dubbed as The Land of Smiles due to the characteristics of the Thais. Thailand has a Constitutional Monarchy of government wherein the King is the head of state but has laws that are made and implemented by legislatures. Owing to their prior Kings, Thailand was also known as The Land of Free because they were never colonized by any European countries. This is one of the reason why they have preserve their cultures and traditions and proudly shares it with the world.

What to do when you visit Thailand


Temple hopping

Thailand is 95% buddhist. In fact, the country has a total of 40, 717 Temples and 34,00 of these are currently use. Maybe we can add “Land of the Temples” in their nicknames.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Wish on a Bell

Bells in buddhist temples represent several meaning. One is that, it is used as a call to prayer as they can be heard even at great distances , another is it can be used to call for protection and ward off evils. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ring the bells and make a wish!


Eat to your hearts’ desires in Thailand

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food is definitely one of Thailand’s greatest offering. They are known for their exotic and scrumptious foods. If you’re a tourist you should definitely take note of the following:

  1. Street Foods

Thailand offers a great deal of street foods from a very simple omelette to the internationally known Pad Thai. Not only that, before Milk Tea invaded the taste of the Filipinos, Thai already made it a part of their street foods and is definitely a refreshing partner to any meal you choose.


2. Buffet on a river cruise

One of the tourist attraction Thailand offers is the River Cruise Buffet, wherein you can enjoy the Bangkok Night Lights, Temples and the Native Food while cruising through the famous Chao Phraya River. Tehy also have Cabaret shows and Live performances while you enjoy the extravagant feast.

Thailand is a great country with so much more to offer. You can experience the richness and the rawness of their culture in every corner of their country. Travelling to Thailand and experiencing all of these even once in our lifetime is so much worth it. Taking a time out from work once in a while and enjoy the world has to offer.

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