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Staycation Fun


You Can Stay and Still Get Away

With high gas prices and entertainment being a lower financial priority compared to most summers, it's resourceful for most to have a staycation this summer. A staycation means you plan activities within your town or even just in your home instead of traveling to a destination. Here are a list of ideas to help you get started so you can save some money while still having fun and making memories.

1. Camp in your backyard. Kids love to pretend they are really camping and it can still be fun for the whole family, especially if you include a campfire. This can include hours of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, singing songs, and star gazing. Unplug your electronic devices for a total fulfilment. That act alone will help adults to feel like they are in a remote location.

2. Check out what your town has to offer via a website or the local paper. Movies, of course, could be part of a mini "getaway", but these can get expensive, especially for larger families. I recommend checking out festivals, whether they are musical, involve crafts or revolve around food. These can be free or offered at a low cost. Don't forget local theater productions, museums, fairs, concerts, zoos, and sporting events.

3. Hire a maid, order pizza, and rent movies for a whole weekend of taking it easy. As an alternative, you can have board game nights, video game battles, pool parties, and cooking lessons. It's all about having fun with each other doing things that you normally wouldn't have the time to do.

4. Host a mini Olympics for your family or even for the whole neighborhood. It can be made up of traditional sports, such as wiffle ball, baseball, soccer, football, or badminton. It can also be quite effective if it's comprised of wacky competitions, such as water balloon relays, 3 legged races, and jumping contests.


5. Why go to a water park when you can build your own in your backyard? Get out the sprinklers, slip-n-slides (can also be made by plastic tarps and slippery soap), hoses, and kiddie pools to make a makeshift water wonderland. If you really want to get into the spirit, have the whole street provide everything they have and transform the neighborhood into a paradise.

6. For the adults, date nights are always fun. Look up special offers online for chain restaurants and call ahead to local eateries for specials and deals. Go to a dollar movie theater or a local play production for less expensive forms of entertainment.

7. Cheap entertainment that can be used as an integral part of your staycation includes movies, TV shows, and music. Redbox is a cheap way to rent the latest movies. They charge a $1 fee and only duplicate that charge if the DVD isn't returned by the next night. If you don't want to pay anything, try your local library. It may not include the latest movies, but usually houses classics, books made into movies, and movies that are only a few years old. For tv shows, most major networks show some full episodes online for free. Pandora is a favorite for free music if you want something other then radio. It actually gives you control, because you can create stations that are molded every time that you click buttons that allow you to give positive or negative feedback for each song. For those that have been living under a rock, YouTube is a treasure trove of entertainment which includes some snippets of movies and television and a lot of amateur tomfoolery and music videos.

Staycations are about being creative, having fun, and saving money so your family can spend some time together making unique memories. Use these ideas or make up some of your own!

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Erin Bower (author) from Georgia on May 24, 2012:

bn9900: Yes, museums are a great way to have some family fun. Thanks for sharing!

Clayton Hartford from Alger WA on May 24, 2012:

How about trips to local museums?

f on November 30, 2011:

You're right. If only ppl would look and think, there will probably be all sorts of things locally that ppl will enjoying seeing and doing. Good point. Blessings.

Erin Bower (author) from Georgia on November 30, 2011:

Thaks for your comment, mandymoreno81! It seems that everyone has been cutting back for the past few years, because of the economy. Many have found staycations more practical and cost-effective than traveling out of town. Thanks, again. :)

mandymoreno81 on November 30, 2011:

I don't stay at home too often but recently my family hasn't been having the annual trip outside because of the bad economy. Just have to make the best of everything and explore locally I suppose.

Dr Manura Nanayakkara from Sri Lanka on June 07, 2011:

nice hub with excellent ideas

may_first on June 07, 2011:

excellent ideas. gotta share this and make it happen as I'm having a month holiday.

Thomas Mitchell from Bangor, Maine on June 06, 2011:

Great tips with gas being about 3.80 a gallon where I am just to get to the beach costs an arm and a leg. My family always enjoy movies and movie theaters themselves are expensive, luckily we have a local dollar night theater. Paying a dollar for a movie makes up for the expensive popcorn and drinks but it's worth the family time. That and a nice hill on the back side of our house makes for a great water park. The kids build there own slopes and jumps and use trash bags. Works great during the winter vacations to for sledding.

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