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Spring in Central Austin Texas Great Photos of Wildflowers and Bluebonnet Pictures in TX

Brigitte Thompson has been a realtor in Austin, TX, since 2007. Enjoys cooking and writing blogs about Texas.

Spring in Central Texas Bluebonnet Photos and your Safety

Spring in Central Texas is my favorite time of year.

Texas is famous for its array of colors and the sea of bluebonnets that will adorn our Texas Highways, thanks to Lady Bird Johnson (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center).

Helpful tips about your safety

For all "Wildflower Hunters", please remember to be responsible photographers. Many of you will pull off the highway to capture that perfect photo of your children and family members nestled among the rainbow of bluebonnets---So intent on the photos you are about to take that we forget to watch for our safety. Here are few Safety reminders.

1). Please exit off the highway onto a service road. Do not pull off into the grass next to the median, reserved for Emergencies.

2). Be mindful of where your children and pets are. Traffic accidents happen in a split second.

3). Remember as we are famous for our wildflowers, we are also known for our Deadly Rattle Snakes. Watch where you step!

4). House keeping reminders—please do not drive on the wildflowers, pick up your trash, do not pick the bluebonnets, so they may seed for next year and please leave the area clean for others to enjoy.

Best places to find Texas Bluebonnets

Favorite Texas Wildfower

© 2010 Brigitte Thompson


Howdy on January 24, 2015:

You really found a way to make this whole precoss easier.

mikielikie from Texas on June 12, 2010:

When I was a kid ym dad would take us on trips just to see the beautiful colors that God has given us...I guess thats why I've always loved "roadside flowers". You have a great gift. I'm from south TX too so I know how beautiful it can get. Thanks for the great hub!

Brigitte Thompson (author) from Austin, TX on March 15, 2010:

Thank you. People will just slam on their brakes and pull off a major highway to take the photos that border our Texas highways. I guess they are so aw struck by the wonderful colors that they will forget that they need to be aware of the traffic. Please be careful out there.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 15, 2010:

Lovely photos and good tips for those enjoying the Texas wildflowers this Spring. Thanks!

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