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Spiritual Wellness Tips and Strategies for the Holidays


Pay attention is an excellent technique of reducing stress and of helping families to remain and enjoy their vacation. Dr. Susan Baer, a BC Children's Hospital psychiatrist, says parents and carers frequently forget how essential it is to take care of you. Whether it's walking or caring, parents are able to manage their own stress to make sure that the holiday season is a smooth one.

It might be good to talk about your concerns with a friend or family member if you feel anxious over your holiday. Try talking to them and finding ways that ease their tension. Stress is stressful for your child or young.

On the other side you may discover greater affection and connection with friends, who don't hesitate to spend more time with you and make you feel appreciated if you have an awkward home scenario for family members. There appears to be a lot of pressure around this time of year to perfect the family experience and disregard harmful conduct. Patience and Forgiveness is necessary. Willingness and helping others is an excellent way of raising spirits and deepening friendships.

For many, Christmas is an enhanced and joyous time to see friends and family. Many of us give presents on holidays, but we may do other things to aid people.

But other times bring with them increased stress, anxiety and depression. Old patterns of behaviour are emerging, our stress levels are rising, and our ability to deal with them is being put to the test.

Some causes might induce anxiety and melancholy on holidays. Mental problems can also lead to eating, drinking and lack of activity over holidays. The holidays are so hectic and social that we frequently forget to do what we can do.

You should not cancel your treatment appointments or spare time to do some other things over the holiday season. Instead of prioritising morning meditation or a daily stroll, make your mind, body and mind health your priority by scheduling a short mornings meditation, yoga, stretching, exercise and sleep.

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If you keep to your schedule for therapy sessions, make sure you build up in time to explore what lies ahead.


You may opt to modify that this year if the holidays overwhelm you with anxiety and tension. Take these strategies to avoid stress and despair during holidays from reducing. Find different methods to manage vacation stress with the assistance of the Guidance Resource Centre.

Many people may worsen with time and get used to new conditions. It may bring tension undesired from presents you haven't wrapped up and Christmas cards you can send to family and friends, to decorations and responsibilities. Keep the next time you're worried, following tactics in mind.

Managing mental illness can be a challenge, and it can be particularly difficult during the holiday season. The holidays are full of opportunities for connection and endless energy but the demands of stifled routines, late nights and financial strain can make you feel drained, exhausted and disconnected.

While reconnecting with friends and family during the Christmas season can be a delightful experience, the endless queue of activities can consume your energy and leave you exhausted. Follow these proven strategies to keep your mind, body and soul healthy in the rush of the holidays.

If you intend to do the latter, tell the host that you need some downtime and would like to schedule some time to catch up before the holidays.

Family and friends are wonderful, but there is a lot of pressure to perform on holiday. See if you can show an act of kindness to someone you know during this time of year. Remember that the holidays themselves can be difficult enough.

Maintaining an awareness of how you spend your time and energy will allow you to enjoy laughter and connectedness and enjoy the Christmas season without jeopardizing your health. Limit your time with family and friends by measuring your visits in hours, not days, visiting with a group only once a year, or alternating over time. Politics is important, but leave these debates for a time when people are not stressed and tired.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas it is easy to get caught up in the rhythms that have become the standard in our culture. The non-stop shopping for the right Christmas presents, taking part in an endless stream of parties, entertaining guests from home and abroad, late nights and early mornings... the list goes on.

If you are stressed, unhappy or anxious, because of the COVID 19 epidemic, your Christmas plans may look different. But when you initially strive to prevent stress and sadness, holidays might impose an emotional load on you different from before. Here are some practical strategies for minimising the stress frequently associated with the holidays.

Depression, mortality and heart condition in the winter holiday season have increased for many years. The increasing stress and tension around the holidays is one of the potential causes.

December rings in the Christmas season and brings to an end a year of celebration and all the emotions that accompany the journey. Not surprising, the number of people feeling stressed and anxious during holidays is at an all-time high. Although the holidays are not as overwhelming as they were earlier in the year, the constant tensions over finances and Christmas shopping can weigh heavily on whether it is safe to visit family, and many of us have to eat and drink to tame the tremors.

It's certainly an exciting and festive time, but it can also be a rollercoaster ride for your emotional well-being. While the holidays bring plenty of activity and excitement, it's not just a wonderful time of year. It's also the usual family, friends, fun parties and gifts.

Depending on where you are in the world, it may look a little different. Anxiety tends to occur at this time of year due to money problems, family dynamics, anxiety, unresolved problems with food, drink and excessive spending. In a year of great change and upheaval, things may look little different and the season can be difficult to navigate with grace and mindfulness.

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