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Southern Italy Land Of Chaos And Cosmos

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Beautiful Amalfi Coast

Southern Italy, what a messy and beautiful thing. One of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Europe lies between Naples and Salerno - the Amalfi Coast. Thousands of tourists from all over the world throng the picturesque streets in summer, populate the beaches and devour thousands of kilos of gelato. In total, around 1 million people come every year to marvel at the region, which is now an Unsesco World Heritage Site.


Lemons, Picturesque Villages and The Turquoise-Blue Sea

A region in which limes, fresh fish and chilli peppers dominate the kitchen - even if the area around Naples is unfortunately also known for the Mafia, crime and poverty. Unbeautyfied, cordial, rebellious and sometimes a bit chaotic - a piece of “real” Italy. We have put together a few tips for a short break on the Amalfi Coast:
Summer vacation on the Amalfi Coast - a few tips

Limes and pizza - the culinary treasures of the region

If you don't eat pizza here, it's your own fault. Because this is said to have seen the light of day in Naples. A thick, fluffy batter, sun-ripened tomatoes and fresh mozzarella make it unbeatable. Speaking of mozzarella - this also comes from the region around Naples, because water buffalo have been kept here since the 2nd century. That's why you'll find small delicatessen shops everywhere that serve fresh mozzarella, ham and bread for immediate consumption. And of course the coastal region is also known for fresh fish and seafood. I especially like to eat pesce spada - swordfish.

If you still feel hungry, treat yourself to two typical Neapolitan specialties for dessert - sfogliatelle or babàs. The first are light and airy puff pastries filled with delicious ricotta cream. Babás are small yeast cakes that are soaked in a lot of rum. Often these are then filled with vanilla cream or Nutella.



Naples - the chaotic heart of the region
The chaotic metropolis is the capital of the Campania region. Garbage problems, pickpockets and the mafia have given Naples a rather dubious reputation. I wasn't afraid during the day, but you should watch out for your valuables and not necessarily carry your wallet in your back pocket.

The city looks a bit like Neukölln - just without hipsters and flat white. If you have stamina, order a pizza in the most famous pizzeria in town - Da Michele. The Galleria Umberto, the Teatro San Carlo and the Masonic Church of Cappella Sansevero are also worth seeing. You have a wonderful view of the city from the monastery of San Martino and you can end the evenings on the Riviera di Chiaia.


Pompeii And Vesuvius

Life on the powder keg - In 79 AD, Vesuvius buried the ancient city of Pompeii. The excavation site is now one of THE sights of the region and is one of the best-preserved ancient ruin cities in the world. Even if the visit is exhausting in summer temperatures, you should not miss this cultural highlight. If you want, you can explore the area independently with the help of an audio guide. Of course, guided tours in different languages ​​are also offered. Those who buy a ticket online no longer have to queue, which can be helpful in the high season. Especially on hot days, you should have enough water and sun protection with you.

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The person responsible for this excavation site - Vesuvius - can also be visited as part of a guided tour of the crater. This costs around € 10, plus parking fees.


Coastal tour - one of the most beautiful roads in Europe

From Sorrento to Salerno you can find dreamy bays, turquoise-clear water and picturesque coastal towns such as Amalfi or Positano. Those who have a little longer time leave the coastal road for the small town of Ravello and enjoy the fantastic view.

Since the tour has countless photo opportunities ready, you should plan a whole day for this excursion. The streets are also full in summer, there are many curves and narrow spots - anyone who drives here needs strong nerves. Of course, you can also go to places like Positano from the water. There are numerous providers who offer day trips on the boat - both private tours and group tours.

Far from the tourist crowds - Vietri sul Mare

The small town in the very south of the Amalfi Coast is famous for its ceramic art. Tiles, vases, plates and bowls have been made here since the Middle Ages and can be found everywhere in town. The main group of tourists consists of Italians, locals sit in the piazza until after midnight in the summer and clotheslines with underpants and tablecloths stretch in the small alleys. If you are looking for a piece of true southern Italy, you will love Vietri sul Mare.


Arrival, travel time and a few last tips

The area is not only fantastic, but also hopelessly overcrowded in summer. Especially in popular towns like Positano or Amalfi you can now find more American series stars than in Los Angeles. In addition, an incredible number of Italians spend their holidays here. So if you can, you shouldn't go to the Amalfi Coast during the main travel season between July and August. Because then it is extremely hot and most of the accommodations are fully booked and overpriced.

Some hotels are also a bit old - 4 stars or not. It is worth taking a look at the reviews. Ours once had a pool, but it broke down a few years ago and fell to the cliff, the park attendant tells us. My beloved (beware of irony) cliff elevator to the beach, looked like an ancient shell, shortly before the total failure.

Southern Italy - beautiful, but also Chaotic.

The most mobile way is certainly with a rental car. The streets are often narrow and full in summer and parking for one hour in Positano costs € 20 in high season. However, there are also many buses from Naples and Sorrento. There is also a train connection between Naples and Salerno.

You should learn a few small bits of Italian before traveling, because English is not always spoken here. Those who can master the simplest words will not starve to death even in remote villages. In Naples and the tourist hotels you can get along well with English.

A brief of Amalfi Coast

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