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Bengaluru's Inter-City Airport Shuttle Services

KSRTC's Information Desk at Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal

KSRTC's Information Desk at Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal

Bengaluru Airport's Inter-City Shuttle Services Operated by KSRTC

Bengaluru is a popular international destination in South India's Karnataka state and has connectivity to the airport through the city's Kempegowda International Airport. Many international airlines operate to Bengaluru through long-haul and medium-haul flights. Direct connectivity from Bengaluru includes popular destinations to South East Asia, Europe, Africa, and Middle-East countries. The airport witnesses busy international arrivals and also tourism is a popular attraction in Karnataka state. Thus to help the tourists reach popular tourist destinations, air-conditioned inter-city shuttle services operate at convenient schedules from the airport's bus terminal to designated places.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation or KSRTC operates inter-city shuttle services across Karnataka state. KSRTC offers air-conditioned services through multi-axle shuttle buses from Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport also. The shuttle services are popularly known as 'Flybus' as the services connect to Bengaluru airport.

Flybus shuttles originate from the airport's BMTC bus terminal located opposite to domestic departure hall. The bus terminal is a short walk through the departure hall concourse from the airport's international arrival gates. Currently, Flybus shuttles operate to Coondapura via Mangaluru, Madikeri, and Mysuru. The schedules and destinations may witness changes depending on patronage and popularity too.

While shuttle services to Coondapura, a popular tourist destination in Karnataka operates on an overnight basis, buses to Mysuru operate at an interval of up to four hours a day. The facility to travel and book tickets is available in both online mode and offline mode through an information kiosk located at the airport's bus terminal.

Tips to Book Flybus Shuttle Tickets

KSRTC offers flawless ticket bookings to its passengers through the online reservation system. The tickets may be booked at least 15/30 days in advance and reserve the seats on Flybus shuttles.

KSRTC has a robust online ticket booking system through AWATAR reservation system. AWATAR refers to 'AnyWhere AnyTime Advanced Reservation' and has been christened so to symbolize 24 hours booking service in a hassle-free manner. The tickets can be booked on KSRTC's website and also through KSRTC mobile app available in Android OS and Apple i-store.

Flybus shuttle ticket booking is also available at the airport's information kiosk. The same is located at the airport's BMTC bus terminal opposite to Domestic Departure gates. Signages are available at the airport to guide the passengers to reach the bus terminal.

The information kiosk accepts ticket booking based on the current availability of seats. The tickets may be booked through the payment of cash or debit/credit cards and the passengers will be issued tickets immediately at the counter.

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The journey details printed on the ticket consists of the following details-

  1. Passenger Name Record or PNR Number
  2. Date of Journey and Travel
  3. Passenger's Identity Card Type
  4. Departure Time from Airport
  5. Arrival Time at Destination
  6. Trip Code
  7. Class of Service
  8. Service start place (Origin point)
  9. Service end place (Destination)
  10. Boarding Point (Usually Airport)
  11. Number of Seats Booked
  12. Passenger details including seat number allotted
  13. Ticket fare details
  14. Ticker booking reference number
  15. Payment details
  16. Terms and Conditions

The e-ticket can be printed on a plain paper and showed on-demand to the bus crew prior to boarding a bus. The ticket needs to be supported by a valid identity document including a passport or any government authorized documents.

The passenger should retain the ticket until the end of the journey for the validity of the ticket. They also have a choice to display the PNR number sent as SMS to the mobile number as proof of travel in lieu of paper-based e-tickets.

The arrangement through message-based mobile e-tickets is an effort undertaken by KSRTC to save paper and conserve the environment. KSRTC also encourages its passengers to utilize mobile-based SMS e-tickets extensively and thus contribute to a paper-free ecosystem in public transport.

KSRTC's Flybus to Mysuru parked at Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal

KSRTC's Flybus to Mysuru parked at Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal

Tips to Travel in KSRTC's Flybus Shuttles

KSRTC's Flybus shuttles operate with flexible schedules from Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport. All the shuttles depart from the airport's BMTC bus terminal. Below are some of the tips to travel in inter-city shuttle buses-

  • Flybus shuttles offer comfort to passengers that include improved aesthetics and air-conditioned services. The seating arrangement inside the bus is in a 2x2 row with a wide window panel for each seat. The buses offer wide legroom with reclining seats also.

  • The ticket fare is charged on distance and other factors including taxes. Please check with the crew for complete details on the ticket fare.

  • The facility to pay for tickets through debit/credit card is available at the information desk located at the airport's bus terminal.

  • Some of the shuttles are equipped with infotainment screens. Please enquire with crew regarding the availability of these screens on the bus otherwise.

  • Flybus shuttles operate on a non-stop basis and occasionally halt at major bus stations within the city limits only to drop the passengers.

  • The shuttles provide enough space to store luggage in the center portion of the bus. A token is issued by the crew to identify and mark the luggage. You need to request the crew to store the luggage and insist on the baggage token. The crew will help you to offload the luggage upon reaching the destination too.

  • KSRTC buses are not assigned route numbers but are identified by destination boards displayed on the front and back portion of the bus. The destination board is displayed in the native language Kannada and English. Always enquire about the destination before boarding a shuttle bus at the airport.

  • Flybus shuttles stop en route for a short break at designated points. It is otherwise recommended to carry food and water while traveling. It is recommended not to consume the food inside the bus to maintain hygiene otherwise.

  • Retain the ticket even after the completion of your journey upon reaching the destination. Hand over the luggage cupon to retrieve the luggage from the center portion of the bus. Ensure that your luggage is completely offloaded before the bus moves on.

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking inside the bus is strictly not allowed. The same is neither allowed in public places or at any en route places utilized for a refreshment break.

Traveling in Airport Shuttles

Kempegowda International Airport-Bengaluru

Kempegowda International Airport-Bengaluru

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