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Saudi Arabia Road Travel by Car From Riyadh to: Dammam: Jeddah: Al-Khobar

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Tony worked across Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Al-Khobar, and Jeddah, where he met his wife, who has worked there for 12 years.

Long Distance Drives in Saudi Arabia

I have during my time in Saudi Arabia had some interesting drives from Riyadh to Jeddah, Jeddah to Riyadh, Riyadh to Al-Khobar and Dammam to name a few. These drives are long and tedious with little to see but desert.

I have had to drive from Riyadh in the center of Saudi Arabia to Al-Khobar in the north, about a 4 hour drive of around 400km and to Jeddah on the South coast over 10/11 hours and around 1200km. I have made these drives through the Saudi Deserts several times!

During these drives I have had all sorts of adventures, I have met high speed reversing cars in the middle lanes of highways, I have had been sent back to my car at gun point when asking for directions, met hitch hikers and wild monkeys (the monkeys did not get a ride), I have been lost for hours with only Arabic signposts to read, and stopped for speeding in the absolute middle of nowhere!

For more information about traveling in Saudi Arabia you can read these two hubs; Saudi Arabia Travel and Saudi Arabia Driving.

If you can get a ticket and would rather fly then you can get further information with Saudi Arabian Airlines Review.

If you would like some tips on how to survive these trips and to find out about my adventures read on! (and get yourself a map!)

Roads in Al-Khobar

View of Al-Khobar sea front roads

View of Al-Khobar sea front roads

Safe Traveling in Saudi Arabia

If you are fortunate enough to visit Saudi Arabia for any length of time it is important to prepare yourself for what you will face. KSA is very different to any other country and I advise you to familiarize yourself with this guide to being an expatriate in Saudi Arabia.

Journeys to Dammam and Al-Khobar from Riyadh

The drive from Riyadh to Al-Khobar and Dammam is relatively simple as it is just one straight monotonous boring road through the desert! However beware, there are a couple of checkpoints with speed traps before them, they have radar to check the speed of cars several kilometers from the checkpoints and close to the checkpoints themselves and you will be pulled over! The fines are not huge but the inconvenience can be as they will hold you for far too long and check ALL of your paperwork, personal and related to the car you are driving. If you are driving TOO fast there is also a chance that they will imprison you overnight as a warning, this does happen even to westerners! There are also unmarked and marked patrol cars looking for anything they can find, and remember this is a flat clear desert they can see for miles!

So watch your speed and watch the boredom! The other issue is the sand, this is a road through a desert, you will see bulldozers on the sides of the road every so often. These are used to clear the dunes as they drift onto the road and during a sandstorm the sand can drift an awful lot!

The sand storms are treacherous, they are difficult to see in and the sand on the road makes driving very difficult. Coupled with the insane Saudi drivers that still drive as though it is a clear sunny day this makes for a very nervous journey!

Take water, and make sure your car is in good condition, especially the air conditioning, 50 degrees centigrade plus is not unusual. This is a long road, there a few service stations along the way, but if you don’t know the route make sure that you fill up when the tank starts nudging at the quarter full mark, especially in the big thirsty cars!

Route Riyadh to Dammam and Al-Khobar

Jeddah Roads

Jeddah Driving

Jeddah Driving

Near Accident as I approached Al-Khobar

One night I  was approaching a junction in the city of Al-Khobar which I had driven to from Riyadh for the first time alone, the signs are difficult to read being mainly in Arabic and positioned right on the junctions with little warning. I suddenly heard horns and realized that all of the cars in front of me where swerving to both left and right – slamming on my brakes I barely avoided a car reversing in the middle lane of the highway trying to get back to the junction he had missed.

Reversing in the middle lane of a busy highway at night in Saudi Arabia where most people drive too fast, whilst they text their girlfriends with one hand and drink coffee with the other! This guy obviously took the trust in your god to look after you message too seriously. How everyone missed him I will never know!

How to Drive in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Traffic

Nose to Nose Traffic through Jeddah

Nose to Nose Traffic through Jeddah

Getting lost driving from Riyadh to Jeddah

Jeddah from Riyadh is a great drive, not only is very long drive 10/11 hours if you drive flat out (within the speed limits – well mostly), but the scenery is fantastic. As you head south from Riyadh you realize that it sits on a massive plateau and the edges of this spread away on each side of you, the view is amazing.

You drive through both desert and a few small towns on your way south until you get close to Macca (Mecca), at this point as a non-muslim I have to take the long way to Jeddah.

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On my first trip (I have driven this 3 times) I was warned about this turning to take before getting close to Mecca, so driving along I found a turning with an English signpost saying Jeddah around about the right time/distance into my journey so I followed it! Big mistake, I followed the road for about 30 minutes until I came into a town, I kept following the road straight, as all other signs were in Arabic until I emerged the other side into the mountains, at this point I felt a bit more comfortable as I was told I would be driving through the mountains. Twenty minutes later I cam to a dead end, the road was closed on the side of the mountain, the view was magnificent and I stood there for several minutes alone looking at the view with a bunch of monkeys staring at me as I phoned my friend in Jeddah for advice! This road had been closed for years (it is now open I am told) and “everyone” knew that, I had to drive all the way back to the main road, almost an hour before I could get back to my journey!

You can only enter Macca if you are a Muslim, so I have to take the route through the mountains, a very scenic route with sheer drops and blind curves, the perfect road to come around a corner and find a lorry stopped with a shed load, which I did! This road is very beautiful, but you have to have your wits about you, especially with the Saudi driving habits! This is not a highway, this is just one lane in each direction, with slow moving lorries and other hazards around every bend! Even on this road there is a checkpoint about midway, so if you reach the checkpoint you know you are halfway along this road.

Once you leave this road you have a few more small roads that lead down into Jeddah, again signposting is terrible, most junctions having no signs Arabic or English! When you finally get to Jeddah you start to have problems again, signposts are better again when you get to the center but the edges are very confusing and Jeddah is a big sprawling city. Names are difficult too, my first trip I was staying in a hotel that had given me a map showing Palestine street, however it as signposted and known as Falasteen locally!

Route Jeddah to Riyadh

Saudi Car Accidents

Gunpoint whilst Driving from Jeddah to Riyadh

The journey back to Riyadh was far more fun, I had no idea which road I had entered the city on so I was following the advice of “friends” when I left. I used the road that they suggested and took the turning that they said to take before I reached Mecca, I started following this road for many miles, leading deeper and deeper into the mountains past small villages until again I reached a dead end at the face of a cliff. The road just stopped, so back I went, all the signs in Arabic, until I got to the turning I had taken so I continued on toward Macca expecting another turning off, only to find myself arriving at a checkpoint!

So I drive through as no one is checking and pull over the other side, get out and walk towards the police officer sat in the booth to ask directions. The police officer runs out of his booth when he sees me, grabbing at his gun and screaming at me in Arabic! I am backing towards my car and he is now pointing his gun at me and pointing at the road back the way I came, so I obliged and drove back the way I had come without directions! Needless to say it took me another hour and a half of following roads not signposted until I found my route back into the mountains back to Riyadh!

The journey back through the mountains the second time was far easier to find, I managed to avoid the oncoming traffic in the wrong lanes coming around the corners as well as I could without going over the edge or trying to drive up the sides of the mountains.  On this trip there was a young man walking along the side of the road (It was a very hot day around 50degrees) and the other cars had passed him by so I stopped to give him a lift, I have always stopped for hitchhikers as I used to try it when I was younger.

This young man was totally shocked to be picked up by a westerner, he spoke very little English but spent the entire 10 minute trip to his small village begging me to join his family for dinner that evening. If the drive had not been 10 hours and the time already midday I would have loved to have done this, I regret not taking this offer as it would have been a massive experience to eat with these people out in the middle of the mountains. (Or maybe I would have been another western kidnap victim!)

Speed traps on the road between Jeddah and Riyadh

I have already mentioned speed traps and the wonderful police, I got caught! I was pulled over to the side of the road along with several other cars that had been driving along with me as a “pack”. The police and the other drivers thought it was hilarious that they had caught a westerner, one of the other drivers tried to explain to me what was going on in pigeon English whilst one of the police officers kept telling me over and over “road tax!”

The process took around 30 minutes to issue us all with paperwork, the officer writing the wrong information on my ticket with regard to my visa therefore I was untraceable and unable to pay the fine!

Once we left the checkpoint everyone roared off at top speed once again…

Drivers using hard shoulder to overtake at high speed on Saudi Roads

Accident on the Return to Riyadh from Jeddah

Having already been caught speeding I decided that it was time to be more careful for the remainder of my journey. I didn't want to drive at the limit as the trip was long enough without driving "slowly" along long empty roads, so I decided to be "clever". I was overtaken by a car doing about 150 - 160KMH, so I decided to follow him, about half a kilometer behind, my reasoning being that if he saw a police car or anything I would get plenty of warning from him hitting his brakes!

This was fine for a few hours of driving but the roads began to get a little busier as we got closser to Riyadh and we began to slow a little (only a little).

After a while a large car came racing up behind me flashing its lights at me like a mad man, I moved out of it's way as it raced past me at well over 200 by my estimation, it had made no attempt to slow as it approached me!

This car rapidly approached the car that I had been following that was in the outside lane overtaking a row of cars in the center lane, there was no where for him to go to get out of the way of the speeding car so he held his position. The speeding car took no notice of him and without slowing pulled out onto the hard shoulder of the road to pass him, just as the car in front of the car I was following did the same!

My last view was this high speed nut job hitting the back of the other car and launching into the air over the reservation into the oncoming traffic in the other carriageway! I hit my brakes as the air filled with sand from cars hitting the edges of the road, I could see absolutely nothing as my car slid down the center of the road where the accident had happened, listening to crunches and bangs!

I braced myself for impact, but none came, I stopped safely. I looked back as the sand settled and could not believe it, I had somehow slid through the center of an 8 car pile up without even a scratch on my car!

The cars coming down the highway on both sides were slowing down because of the accident, a few stopped to help, but most just tried to get their cars between the wrecks and continue on their journey!

Miraculously no one was dead and only a few people had any "real" injuries, cuts and bruises and the nutter driver clearly had broken ribs and a broken nose - serve him right! I was told to drive off if my car had not been hit by a couple of the guys that spoke English, they advised me that if I didn't I would probably be detained most of the night by the police.

I see this style of driving every day on the roads here, but after seeing this accident there is no way that I would take these risks, things always happen to me so why risk it!

Stay Safe driving in KSA

If you are going to be traveling within Saudi Arabia you should fully read this essential guide to being an expat in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are staying for just a few weeks of a few years it is vital that you understand the rules and the culture of the country you are visiting.

It will also help you to understand exactly what is going to be like working and traveling around this huge and wonderful country.


Tony (author) from At the Gemba on November 29, 2015:

I have driven this road a few times and you certainly must ensure that you fill your tank before you start..

Biju Thomas on August 28, 2014:

Me & My Family done a Road Trip from Dammam to riyadh, Riyadh to Jeddah, Jeddah to Jizan,Jizan to Abah to Kamis Mushayat Return to dammam on 27th July 2014 to 3rd August 2014. Its was very interesting Journey.

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on July 07, 2013:

Hi Dr Ali, glad that you have had such wonderful safe journeys at all times. It is a pity that everyone does not have the luck that you have managed to have. However the events that I have related are completely true. I hope that all of your future journeys are as uneventful in Saudi.

Dr Ali on July 05, 2013:

This is just ridiculous, this man is absolutely wrong. Im here in saudi for more than7 years n travelling from riyadh to dammam n jeddah. Safe journy no security issues no gunpoints, no arabic only signposts...etc

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on April 17, 2012:

They have GPS in Saudi but streets have multiple names and other problems so it is not useful all the time but it is fine for the main routes as far as I am aware

gavrra3591 on April 17, 2012:

Don't they have GPS over there? It would make life much easier!

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on February 11, 2012:

I love the drive from Jeddah to Riyadh, the scenery is spectacular but the road signs do make it a little difficult to navigate but then it is not our country - there are no signs in Arabic in my country to help travelling Saudis so why should they have signs just for me?

hilal musa on February 11, 2012:

Dear Mr.Leanman,

you are absolutely given in writing about the driving art of saudi boys. you are right. most of the road signs are in arabic. being an indian, sometimes i missed the road in Taif while driving to riyadh from jeddah.


MUDASIRTAHER PATEL on February 08, 2012:


Tony (author) from At the Gemba on November 21, 2011:

You can use my article with no problem Ali, but if you publish it elsewhere online please place a link back to the original article.

Good luck with your campaign, driving on the roads is very dangerous in Saudi Arabia; I have seen more accidents in a few years in Saudi Arabia than I have seen in the rest of my driving career in the rest of the world.

Ali on November 21, 2011:

Absolutely hillarious! I'm driving daily on hwy Between Jeddah and Makkah. I will soon be launching a campaign against driving on hard shoulder and raise awareness. I may use your article (with permission) if I get to that point. Hope that's ok.

arab on May 25, 2011:

Every place in Saudia is nice ....!~

Damam .. omg no comment beautiful placeeeee...~

thanxx very much for da topic..

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on January 31, 2011:

Good luck on your road journey from Riyadh to Jeddah Zia..

Zia Farooqui on January 30, 2011:

Oh boy! it was hilarious yet informative article, thank you for sharing! I am living in Riyadh too and planning to visit Jeddah very soon by road.

Gypsy Willow from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand on October 17, 2010:

Good for you LeanMan. Looks like you are making the most of being in an inhospitable country. Flown over it in a small plane and saw lots of sand!

jtrader on October 13, 2010:

If I got sent back to my car-at gunpoint-I may have gotten a little discouraged. Your optimistic attitude ensures that you will always have great adventures!

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on September 09, 2010:

Uriel, no women driving here in Saudi Arabia, but that would probably improve things here, the number of guys I see using their phones to text whilst driving at high speed is frightening...

Uriel from Lebanon on September 09, 2010:

btw i remembered we once had an accident at home in Lebanon because some lady was busy checking her make up in the mirror while driving and doing her EYEBROWSSSSSSSSSSSSSs ...we crashed into her!!!!

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on September 07, 2010:

Uriel. thanks for commenting. Feel free to stop by anytime, If I am ever in the Lebanon I will look you up.

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on September 07, 2010:

Thank you for reading Americaninsaudi, drop me a line via the "contact leanman" button just below the profile on the top right of the page and I will happily give you some pointers for resorts in Jeddah.

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on September 07, 2010:

Billy, thanks for the comments, nice of you to drop by and read.

AmericanInSaudi on September 07, 2010:

by the way i am married with kids :)

AmericanInSaudi on September 07, 2010:

LeanMan can you recommend any beach resort and/or villas in Jeddah where i can spend sometime? What else one can do in Jeddah? Nice place/hotel to stay?


Uriel from Lebanon on September 06, 2010:

LeanMan !! wow this was fun to read ~ i mean what a drive... next time you ask me to translate for u the road signs i kinda speak Arabic...on the other hand my visit to Grotto Jeita in Lebanon was amazing :P :P i really liked reading this plus this falls under {SHIT HAPPENS :D }! I vote up !!

billyaustindillon on September 06, 2010:

One heck of a drive - this is a great guide for Saudi Arabia Car travel for anyone planning the trip.

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on August 30, 2010:

Car travel here in Saudi Arabia especially the long distance drives can be great fun! The desert drives are not too bad, but I would hate to break down.. Thanks for the comments Pro-Design

Pro Design Source on August 30, 2010:

What stories! A full life you lead that is for sure. I can't imagine driving through a desert - I would be a nervous wreck.

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on August 27, 2010:

Thanks for your comments Humagaia, I am sure that I will create some adventures for myself where ever I go, not being one to just sit back and wait for things to happen I will jump in my car like I did in Saudi Arabia and find fun.

Charles Fox from United Kingdom on August 27, 2010:

Some adventures phew! I hope it is less stressful when you get to the Philippines - or maybe not - you would not know what to do with yourself. Oh yes I forgot, you could go out and have some fun at night and not just down at the shopping mall

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on August 26, 2010:

Thanks for your comments Breathe2travel. They now have cameras here in Saudi Arabia, I was flashed from a camera sat in the back of an unmarked car parked on the side of one of the main highways here in Jeddah, the other cars carried on oblivious as they have never seen this before.. They will learn..

Heidi from Gulf Coast, USA on August 26, 2010:

If ever I plan to be in Saudi, I will reference this! Who would have thought there'd be speed traps in the middle of a desert? Not I! This was informative. :)

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