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Santorini The Island of Dreams

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Everyone knows Santorini as a dream like postcard motif or from the travel catalog: Snow-white house facades that climb up a steep cliff and are completed with sea-blue domed roofs that shine in the Greek sun. With so much beauty and romance, especially couples and newcomers are attracted, but Santorini has so much more to offer than clichés and well-trodden tourist paths. You can find out what there is to discover in my exclusive Santorini tips.

Santorini, also called Santorini, is a small Greek archipelago in the south of the Cyclades, a group of islands in the Aegean Sea. Around 17,500 people now live in the beautiful cliff houses on the island. The capital of the island is Firá, also called Thera. Only a few kilometers away are the islands of Anafi, Ios, Milos and about 120 kilometers away the popular island of Crete.

There are several ways to climb the steep cliffs of Santorini. When you arrive at the port of Firá, you can take a gondola up the steep cliffs. A donkey ride is also offered at the harbor. However, please consider whether you would like to do the strenuous transport of people and suitcases to the poor mules in the scorching heat. Especially if you have a simple and animal-friendly alternative that also guarantees a wonderful view



It is really easy to fall in love with Santorini. The breathtaking view over the caldera, the picturesque streets with the many stone stairs, the lovingly designed white-blue houses and of course the cheerful atmosphere of the locals. You should put the following sights on your Santorini bucket list:

Archaeological site of Alt-Thera: Located on the south-east coast is the ancient city of Alt-Thera with the remains of a Roman settlement and a fantastic view over the island.

Akrotiri excavation site: One of the most important sites of Minoan high culture is located here. If you like, you can take a guided tour or explore Akrotiri on your own.

Archaeological Museum: Located in the heart of Fira, these exhibitions reveal a variety of unique collections and archaeological finds from the Archaic to the Roman period.

Prehistoric Museum: The museum is located in Fira. It tells the stories of the inhabitants of that time, from agriculture, fishing, handicrafts and cattle breeding to life in splendor and wealth.

Panagia Episkopi: The Bishop's Church near Mesa Gonia from the Middle Byzantine period from the 11th century is one of the oldest and at the same time most interesting places of worship on the island.


Fun Activities

If you are more in the mood for a bit of fun, action and adventure, then Santorini naturally also offers an attractive range of entertainment.

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Are you looking for the classic postcard motif with the blue roofs? Then you have to come to Oia! Oia is located at the end of Santorini on a picturesque rock tongue, framed by the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. The view is really beautiful, but like in the capital, there are also many tourists here.

You can get to Oia either with a slightly more expensive boat trip or with one of the numerous public buses for two euros that go back and forth between Firá and Oia. If you want to spend the night in Oia, I recommend the special "Cave Homes". These are whole apartments that are carved into the rock like a cave.

Since Santorini is the only active and directly inhabited volcano in the world, you shouldn't miss the indescribable crater landscape. The cauldron-shaped crater Caldera has filled with water and isolated hot springs with a muddy orange-brown color have formed in which you can bathe. Various tours to the crater are offered several times a day. So either march in a group or alone along the edge of the crater and enjoy the view of the surrounding villages.

Caution: The volcano on Santorini is the most dangerous in all of Greece as it is still active and could theoretically erupt at any time. Check it out for yourself: Dig a small hole and you will notice that the earth is really hot a few centimeters below!


Water Sports

In my Santorini tips, water sports shouldn't be neglected, because the island is completely surrounded by the sea! At Kamari Beach, for example, all options are open to you: water skiing, jet skiing, banana boats or snorkeling. So there is everything your heart desires. Of course, you can also go diving on Santorini. And not just somewhere in the sea, but along the spectacular steep walls.

Akrotiri lighthouse

Another little Santorini insider tip for you: Be sure to watch the sunset at the white lighthouse in Faros near Akrotiri. With a little luck you will be almost alone there, you can listen to the sound of the sea and you don't have to share the spot with dozens of other tourists. At sunset the whole landscape is covered with beautiful soft colors and a romantic mood is created. An absolutely magical experience!

Did you know? There are 3 different colors of beaches on Santorini. Namely black lava beaches, the red Red Beach and the snow-white White Beach. That's what I call a successful change!


Greek kitchen

One of my Santorini tips is of course the excellent Greek cuisine, which makes every connoisseur's heart beat faster. You can feast in the hundreds of taverns, which offer you delicious wine, traditional food and a great panoramic view. You can find authentic restaurants a little off the main streets. Go a few steps further and look behind the corners, I promise you great culinary surprises await you there.

Wine is especially important to the island. The volcanic soil is very nutritious and gives the wine a very special aroma. For fans of the good drop, there are numerous wineries on Santorini that offer a tasting. You are also welcome to take part in a wine tour including a tasting organized by various companies.

Tip: The Santo wines winery in the middle of the island. Here you can find out everything about traditional viticulture and the subsequent processing. Of course you can also try everything.

With my Santorini tips you are now well prepared for your upcoming trip. As always, you will find the right holiday bargain in numerous travel sites with Greece and Santorini deals! Just click through it and soon you will be able to watch the breathtaking sunset from the Akrotiri lighthouse!


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