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Santorini - a Breathtaking Place to Enjoy !

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Santorini, Greece is an island in the Mediterranean Sea where you can discover a great vacation experience. It is situated about 300km from Athens and is a perfect place for a holiday. Its history dates back to the ancient Greek civil war, when it was fought between the Trojans and the Lydians. Santorini has been voted as the most beautiful island in the world and for good reason.

You can travel to this glorious island by plane to Athens first, then you may take another flight or ferry to your destination.

It is certainly a place of great charm, its many attractions are enough to draw crowds from around the globe. If you're looking for an ideal vacation spot with beautiful views of the sea and plenty of activities to enjoy, Santorini would be a good choice. You can explore many of Santorini's most popular tourist destinations including its volcanic landscapes, the Greek islands, and their many quaint villages, as well as the vast and enchanting countryside. But perhaps what makes Santorini so special is its climate, which makes it a great holiday spot regardless of whether you enjoy hiking, water sports, sailing, or swimming.

Every sunset in Santorini is different, and you won't want to miss it. What is even more fascinating is that Santorini isn't one of those Cyclades islands situated in the Aegean Sea directly to the West. Rather, it is home to one of humanity's greatest volcanic eruptions, which occurred in Earth's history millions of years ago. As a result of this ancient disaster, there's a gigantic caldera present on the island that has remained virtually untouched by human activities to this day.

For a truly breathtaking experience, there's no better way to explore Santorini than by taking part in a volcano tour. As you walk around Santorini, you'll discover remarkable remnants from the catastrophic eruption, including earthen masonry, amazing lava flows, and even votive columns.

The volcanic landscape is stunning to behold, with grand sweeping mountains rising from the blue sea and pine forests adorning the countryside. Santorini also offers some incredible places to stay in, with a wide range of accommodations ranging from beachside cottages to seaside villas. At the heart of the island, however, lies in its capital town wiki, with stunning historical buildings such as the Koutyakomari ceramics factory and the Santorini Museum of Art. Also nearby is Mykonos, a beautiful resort town with a large selection of restaurants, bars, nightspots, and other attractions. It is here that you can discover santorini with its cyclic scenery and truly enchanting atmosphere.

To get the best views of Santorini during the day, it is best to head out to the west side of town, where you'll find panoramic stretches of mountains with black volcanic ash wafting into the atmosphere. The landscape becomes richer as you move east and, after a short drive, you enter the village of Chora, a delightful place with a picturesque old lighthouse and a small harbor surrounded by palm trees. It's a perfect place for a day out, as there are guided walks, art galleries, and guided tours to be organized in order to show you the sights and culture of this region. Alternatively, you could take a gondola ride around the village and take photos of the scenery and wildlife in its natural habitat - again, guided by a professional guide.

You will undoubtedly love Santorini, Greece if you make the most of the opportunities that are available to you. However, if you want to take your photos from the most beautiful locations possible, then you must have the right equipment to help you enjoy every moment of it. Be sure to plan enough time to explore the island fully, or simply take a trip up to the capital town of Kefalonia to see the impressive historical buildings and fine architecture first-hand. If you enjoy staying at seaside resorts then you will no doubt want to include the Santorini beaches in your itinerary, where there are guided beach tours, water sports, and lounges, as well as more energetic activities such as paragliding. Whatever you want to do on your holiday, the island of Santorini has everything that you need to make your stay memorable, as long as you plan carefully and make the most of your spare time.


The most luxurious and private luxury hotels in Santorini can be found in the ancient seaside town of Katakolon. The lush landscape and serene views from the beaches are the perfect backdrop to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the place. There are a number of luxury hotel suites that travelers can choose from to make their travel to this island paradise more memorable and luxurious.

One such exquisite hotel is the Corso Vittorio Efstrati, which offers luxurious aria suites. The aria suites have views of the southern sun setting over the glassy waters of Katakolon. The panoramic views combined with fine dining and comfortable seating throughout the rooms to create a relaxing, elegant atmosphere that guests love. These suites also offer the convenience of having the entire family in the comfort of the hotel during long vacations. This enables all members of the family to experience the warmth and comfort of each other during long periods of absence.

Another luxury hotel in Santorini is the Royal Kipriotis Venetian Palace. This palace is located on the northside of Katakolon. It has an extensive collection of fine artworks, modern jewelry, fine dining, and luxurious accommodations. Guests can delight in the beauty of Katakolonos and the surrounding islands by staying at the Royal Kipriotis. The hotel features meeting facilities for business meetings and conferences, as well as a spa and shopping centers for clients. Other great amenities include heated swimming pools and saunas.

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The Rivalados Santorini Hotel is another luxury hotel in Santorini that provides luxurious suites for visitors who want the utmost privacy. The hotel's luxurious suites are equipped with private balconies and private plunge pools, allowing guests to enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. Guests can also enjoy unlimited access to the gym, a heated swimming pool, and an indoor pool. Other facilities available include a spa, a restaurant, and a bar.

Also, one of the best hotels to stay in when traveling to Santorini is the Radikanas Private Resorts. These resorts were created especially for travelers who want to get away from the busy city atmosphere and peaceful atmosphere of hotels. Radikanas Private Resorts has rooms that offer commanding views of the sea and the Pelion Peninsula. These rooms have private balconies that allow guests to enjoy panoramic views of the sea and the landscape.

Radikana Argyle Resorts is another Santorini hotel that caters to travelers looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay. The hotel was built in 1923 and is luxurious and elegant with marble flooring throughout the hotel and a dining room that offers seating for up to six people. The suites have private balconies that provide stunning sea views. The suite amenities include a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, hairdryer, and high-speed Internet. Other amenities include a flat-screen television, hair dryer, telephone, safe, and Ceiling fans. The luxurious and comfortable accommodations in Radikana Argyle Resorts make it one of the best Santorini hotels to stay in and offers an idyllic location close to all the attractions in the area.

Located on the beautiful island of Menorca, Abelis Canava Luxury Suites offers a unique experience that is different from what most hotels offer. Here, you will not only get quality service and good food but also enjoy some of the best views on the island. Located between Murcia and Fuerteventura, the resort has some of the best views in the entire area, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone staying here.

The hotel provides the best shuttle service to the airport from/to the main terminal. Excellent food and wine can also be served at the private dining room (on request) for guests. Those traveling by car can also be given parking spaces. You can even fish here - visitors are given all the required equipment.

"Echoes Luxury Suites" is a new luxurious complex located in Oia, Santorini. This luxurious resort is nestled on the scenic Santorini island and offers an abundance of amenities for the discerning traveler. This hotel has four exclusive floors that are each dedicated to an area of specialty: The Ancient Aegean, The Modern, The Renaissance, and The Natural/ artisanal. Each floor of the building boasts views of the ocean and the surrounding landscapes.


The Ancient Aegean floor promises an exploration of the earliest views of human life on earth through the remnants of ancient stone structures. The modern and the Renaissance are both located on the second floor and are perfect places to take in the art and culture of Greece. The Natural/Artic area consists of lush tropical gardens, swimming pools, and other luxuries that give guests a taste of what life was like centuries ago. The Renaissance offers views of the volcanic landscape and its many artisans and its luxurious facilities. On the top floor of the Econo-Lodge, you can step back in time through the many photographs and videos detailing the history of Greece as it was when the ruins were built.

In all four floors of the Echo Nest, there are spectacular views of the sea, volcanic landscapes, and the many neighborhoods on the island. All rooms offer views of the ocean and some have overlooked or rooms that open directly onto the slopes of the famous white beaches of the caldera. Food comes in three different levels: the basics of hotel fare, gourmet dining, and personalized buffets. There is private transportation available for guests who choose the flat-screen tv and hi fi stereo systems. All suites have coffee making facilities and microwave ovens in every room and are open to the abundance of Mediterranean cuisine.

Irene City Villas are some of the best beachfront villas in Greece that truly offer the best of luxury and privacy. All of the Hotel's apartments and villas are located close to the beach and have magnificent views of the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. They also offer many luxurious facilities to their guests like: private pool, sauna, hair salon, boat slips, tennis courts, and much more. Moreover, the hotel provides an excellent service to the guests such as: continental breakfast, babysitting, daily garden service, daily house cleaning, daily laundry, pet sitting service, guest kitchen, and much more.

In order to ensure a pleasant stay for the guests, they ensure that all apartments and city villas are clean, well maintained with the latest amenities and facilities, including cable television, safety light, high speed internet access, telephone, fully equipped modern kitchen with microwave oven, dishwasher, range, coffee maker, garbage disposal, balcony, terrace, fire extinguisher, security light, central heating, and ventilation system, safety gate, swimming pool, and a Wi-Fi connection. During your stay you will enjoy unlimited soft drinks, tea and coffee. The convenience of this type of accommodation is what sets it apart from other types of accommodations, as the apartments are private, secluded, and only a short walking distance from the beaches, and the shopping centers.

Once you arrive in the building, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and professional staff, give you a tour around our lovely apartments, and check-out using our online check-in booking system. Once you check-out, you can use the facilities at our leisure, or if you would prefer, you can take a taxi to your hotel. Please note that children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


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