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The Best Restaurants & Bars in Salem, MA (Part 2)


In continuation of my Salem, MA Visitor Series, I have compiled a list of the best restaurants and bars in the city. This is Part 2 of The Best Restaurants & Bars in Salem, MA (Part 1) and contains the numbers 11 through 20.

Happy Eating!

11. Tavern in the Square

Located right next to the downtown area, and within walking distance of the Pickering Wharf area, this restaurant is the perfect place to visit at any time of the day. Their menu is diverse, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. I especially love their Sunday breakfast buffet. The food is somewhat "typical bar food", but way tastier and much better quality. They have a regular dining area, a bar area, and a patio for outside dining. There are large televisions throughout and some booths have mini private ones. Tavern in the Square is located at 189 Washington Street.

Visit www.taverninthesquare.com/salem/salem or call 978-740-2337 for more information


12. Dube's

Slightly hidden and unassuming, this restaurant has some of the best seafood in the city.  Not located in the downtown area at all, a lot of people (especially visitors) don't know about it so its really a place that mostly regulars go to.  Quaint, comfortable, and with a small-town atmosphere, it's definitely worth checking out if you like seafood and good prices.  Dube's is located at 317 Jefferson Avenue.

Call 978-744-9531 for more information


13. O'Neills

With an Irish-like atmosphere, this pub is located directly downtown (right next to Gulu-Gulu Cafe and Rockafella's). Their menu contains typical bar food, and they have a D.J. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. O'Neills is located at 120 Washington Street.

Visit www.oneillsofsalem.com or call 978-740-8811 for more information


14. Captain's Waterfront Grill & Club

Located directly in the Pickering Wharf Area, right next to Finz and Victoria Station, this restaurant has two floors of waterfront dining. They have a good menu (their burgers are delicious) and their function room on the second floor is perfect for birthdays and wedding/baby showers. Captain's is located at 94 Wharf Street.

Visit www.capts.com or call 978-741-0555 for more information


15. Major MagLeashe's

This Irish pub/restaurant is definitely a dive bar, but it's the best dive bar in the city. Surprisingly, they have some of the best bar food around. Their burgers and steak tips are amazing. And the prices are dirt cheap. The waitresses are wonderful and the drinks will knock you off your seat (they definitely give you the liquor you deserve for your dollar). A hidden gem, and a bargain, this is definitely the place to go for cheap drinks and late-night food. Major MagLeashe's is located at 268 Washington Street.

Visit www.majormagleashespub.com or call 978-744-2328 for more information


16. Bella Verona

This small restaurant is located in the downtown area, across the street from the Hawthorne Hotel. They serve authentic italian food, at reasonable prices. They have a nice wine menu as well. You can also reserve the entire restaurant for functions of about 40 people. Bella Verona is located at 107 Essex Street.

Visit www.bellaverona.com or call 978-825-9911 for more information


17. Victoria Station

Located right in the Pickering Wharf area, next to Captain's and Finz, this restaurant has waterfront dining, free entertainment, an oceanside patio, and private function areas. Victoria Station is located at 86 Wharf Street.

Visit www.victoriastationsalem.com or call 978-745-3400 for more information


18. Salem Beer Works

Just recently renovated, Salem Beer Works looks and tastes better than ever. Located right in the Pickering Wharf area, this restaurant has a large dining area and large bar. The food is great and fairly priced, and they have some of the best chili around. I can't forget about the beers, especially the seasonal ones. The watermelon brew is my favorite; light and crisp with a watermelon wedge stuck onto the top of the glass. They have a nice patio for outside dining. Salem Beer Works is located at 278 Derby Street.

Visit www.beerworks.net or call 978-745-2337 for more information


19. Murphy's

This large restaurant/bar/club is located right in the Pickering Wharf area. I haven't actually tried their food yet, but I have heard some fairly good reviews. This is a great place to go if you want to drink, mingle, and definitely dance. On the weekends, there is a D.J. on each floor. They also have a very large outside patio. Murphy's is located at 300 Derby Street.

Call 978-744-1619 for more information


20. The Grapevine

Last, but definitely not least, is The Grapevine. I only put this restaurant at the end because I haven't actually had the pleasure to eat there yet. However, I have heard probably more positive reviews for this restaurant than maybe any other restaurant in Salem. The Grapevine specializes in Italian cuisine and, because the venue is so small and quaint, you can actually reserve the entire restaurant for only a minimum of 40 people. Grapevine is located at 26 Congress Street.

Visit www.grapevinesalem.com or call 978-745-9335 for more information


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