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The Best Destinations & Attractions in Salem, MA (Part 2)

A Quick Guide to the Witch City's Top Attractions

This is a continuation of The Best Destinations & Attractions in Salem, MA (Part 1). In this hub, I outline numbers 11 through 20.

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11. Pioneer Village/Forest River Park

Immerse yourself in Pioneer Village, a three-acre, recreated Puritan village, while you participate in activities from the lives of Salem's earliest English settlers. Perfect for a family outing, Pioneer Village is nestled next to the ocean and picnic area in Forest River Park. Gordon College students (the same people who perform the show Cry Innocent) hold tours and also spooky plays during Haunted Happenings (the month of October). Forest River Park is a great place to picnic, swim, walk around, and also has a nice park for children.

Visit or or call 978-867-4767 for more information


Salem's highly acclaimed cinematic monster museum is very creepy (and family friendly) by day then becomes haunted by hollywood's favorite movie monsters in the afternoons on weekends.

Visit or call 978-740-0500 for more information


13. The Salem Trolley

The Salem Trolley is the best way to see Salem and to experience the Witch City's unique past. Visitors are provided with a narrated one hour tour and all day shuttle service. The eight mile ride stops at 13 different destinations, and guests are allowed to get on and off at their leisure. Explore Salem's witchcraft trials of 1692 or travel beyond the witchcraft hysteria into the fascinating realm of Salem's literary and maritime history. Different tours available (such as eerie nighttime tours).

Visit or call 978-744-5469 for more information


14. The Salem Willows

The Salem Willows isn't really a "tourist destination". It's more of a place to relax (swim, picnic, etc.) or bring the kids. The Salem Willows has arcade games for different age groups, yummy food (some of the best popcorn), and little rides for very young children. The Mahi Mahi cruises (see below) leave from here, and you can also rent kayaks.

Visit for more information


15. Mahi Mahi Cruises/Charters & The Salem Ferry

On the Mahi Mahi cruises, relax and discover Salem, Beverly, Marblehead & The Misery Islands. There are guided sightseeing cruises to nightly party cruises, all with a fun atmosphere and the comforts of home. There are even special cruises during the month of October.

On the Salem Ferry, experience coastal New England on a scenic, 45-minute trip aboard a high-speed catamaran.

For Mahi Mahi cruises, visit or call 800-992-6244 for more information

For Salem Ferry cruises, visit or call 978-741-0220 for more information


16. Winter Island Marine Recreational Park

Winter Island, slightly similar to the Salem Willows (minus the games, rides, & food), is another great place to picnic, swim, walk/stroll, etc. Winter Island also allows you to hold small functions, park your RV, and even camp. Fees apply.

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Visit or call 978-745-9430 for more information


17. Schooner Fame of Salem

This is Salem's replica of the famous 1812 privateer schooner FAME. It sails daily from Pickering Wharf Marina in downtown Salem. It is available for private charters and special events, and also hosts summer camps for children. On the Fame, passengers learn about the fishermen, pirates, privateers, traders and men of war who shaped the North Shore. Passengers also learn about the fishing trade that prompted Cape Ann's first European settlements...the brave little schooners of George Washington's fleet...the East India trade that made Salem rich...and, of course, the privateers of the Revolution and the War of 1812. A beautiful boat and a wonderful taste of history.

Visit or call 978-729-7600 for more information


18. Salem's Historical Tours

Salem's oldest professional tour company provides themed walks:

Cemetery 101: Grave Matters & Salem Witchcraft Walk

Supernatural Salem

Secrets of Salem

Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour

Spirits of Salem Pub Crawl

Visit or call 978-745-0666 for more information


19. The Terror Trail & The Witch Trial Trail

The Terror Trail: tales of local haunted houses, spectral assaults, and a grisly murder "highlight" this 75-minute candlelight walk

The Witch Trial Tales: Jim McAllister's one-hour candlelight walk departs from Old Town Hall and highlights the Witch Trials

These are October-exclusive tours

Visit or call 978-745-6314 for more information


20. Ghost Tours at Salem's 13 Ghosts

Ghosts from the Salem Witch Trials that still haunt Salem's streets today tell their stories on this walking tour. You can save some $$ by buying a combo ticket with their 3-D Haunted House.

Visit or call 978-744-0013 for more information


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