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The 10 Best Shops to Visit in Salem, MA

A Quick Guide to Salem, MA Tourist Shopping

In continuation of my Salem, MA Visitor Series, I have compiled a Top 10 guide of best shops to visit.

I love to shop, so it was very hard for me to narrow down my "favorite Salem shops" list. I chose a couple shops that I personally love to shop at, and then some that would gear more towards the "tourist" population. My Salem, MA Top 20 Destinations & Attractions hubs (see links at the end of this hub) are also wonderful ideas for places to shop; most of Salem's museums have little shops where you can buy souvenirs.  For more shops beyond this condensed list, just stroll historic Essex Street or the Pickering Wharf area.

1. Pyramid Books

This is my favorite place to buy books on all things Wicca, mystical, and spiritual. But, this store is much more than just a bookstore. They also sell metaphysical jewelry, divination tools, CD's, crystals, stones, incense, etc. Pyramid Books also perform tarot readings daily. Pyramid Books is located at 214 Derby Street.

Visit or call 978-745-7171 for more information


2. Trolley Depot

Located directly in the heart of downtown Salem, Trolley Depot is your first stop for EVERYTHING in Salem. They sell t-shirts, souvenirs, books, jewelry, great gifts and collectibles. This is also where you can purchase your Trolley tickets. The Trolley Depot is located at 191 Essex Street.

Visit or call 978-745-3003 for more information


3. Modern Millie

Modern Millie is one of my absolute favorites. This tiny award-winning consignment shop showcases vintage and modern trendy styles. The staff is super-friendly, and the clothes are always changing. This is one of those stores that you should visit weekly because you never know what you will find. I bought my favorite pair of jeans here (Seven skinny jeans in a dark, gray wash). Modern Millie is located at 3 Central Street. (They have a location in Newburyport, MA as well)

Visit or call 978-745-0231 for more information


I'm a huge lover of antiques, so I've been visiting this store since I was a little girl. If you love antiques too, you will love this over-stuffed space full of everything under the sun. You could spend hours in this store. Be sure to check this store out. Major plus: it's located right in Pickering Wharf next to some of the best Salem restaurants. Pickering Wharf Antiques Gallery is located at 69 Wharf Street.

Visit or call 978-741-3113 for more information


5. Angelica of the Angels

This tiny shop on all things spiritual is another one of my favorites. They sell books, incense, crystals, souvenirs, collectibles, jewelry, etc. They perform different kinds of readings: medium, psychic, tarot, telephone readings, aura photography, etc. They also hold classes and seminars on meditation, healing, and spiritual development. Angelica of the Angels is located at 7 Central Street. (They also have another location called Angel's Landing located at 192 Essex Street)

Visit or call 978-745-9355 for more information


6. Bernard's Jewelers

Trusted jewelers in Salem since 1934, Bernard's Jewelers sells jewelry and other collectibles like no other jewelry store out there. Personalized customer service is #1 on their list. Their jewelry collection is exquisite, their diamonds are top-notch, and the prices are good. I bought my engagement ring here and I couldn't be happier. I picked it out on a saturday, and the diamond was mounted and the ring was sized by the following monday (2 days later)! Bernard's Jewelers is located at 179 Essex Street.

January 2014 Update: Unfortunately, this wonderful jewelry store has closed. I will update this list ASAP!

Visit or call 978-745-0638 for more information

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7. Artemisia Botanicals

Artemisia Botanicals is Salem's best shop for handmade brooms, wands, and clothing. They also have the largest selection of natural bulk herbs, essential oils, teas, handmade soaps, and homeopathic remedies. They also hold workshops. Artemisia Botanicals is located at 3 Hawthorne Boulevard.

Visit or call 978-745-0065 for more information

8. Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie

Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie is the place to go for yummy treats, like fudge, truffles, taffy, chocolate, penny candy, old-school candy, etc. This candy store is the oldest in America, making candy since 1806. Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie is located at 122 Derby Street.

Visit or call for 866-526-2376 more information


9. Crow Haven Corner

Another one of my favorites for everything Wicca. Crow Haven Corner, Salem's first witch shop, is home to Lorelei and her staff of talented Witches and psychics offering readings using Tarot, palmistry and mediumship. Classes are also available. Crow Haven Corner has a wonderful array of books, crystals, incense, etc. Crow Haven Corner is located at 125 Essex Street.

Visit or call 978-745-8763 for more information


10. Coon's Cards & Gifts

This store is another great spot for T-shirts, sweatshirts, cool souvenirs, unique gifts, kitchen witches, funky witch hats, beautiful witch balls, and much more.  Coon's Cards & Gifts is located at 226 Essex Street.

Call 978-744-5884 for more information


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Steve C. on August 26, 2012:

Check out this site for some great local clothing :)

Ally Jean (author) from Boston, MA on May 21, 2012:

Thank you Warehouse Provence, I will visit your facebook page and check it out.

Warehouse Provence, antiques on April 20, 2012:

You have done a lot of work in preparing your list and I think they are very good. Unfortunatly we are a brand new shop that I believe belongs on a couple of your list! next time you are in Salem please stop by and say hi. Harry Bartlett!/pages/Warehouse-Provence/189921284415746

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