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Review of the Hogg Mine in LaGrange, Ga


Hogg Mine


March 2010 Dig

Over the weekend several of my friends and I took a trip up the Hogg Mine in LaGrange, Ga., to see for ourselves what the mine had to offer. Georgia itself only has a handful of digging sites and the Hogg Mine has managed to be listed among the top of the list for Georgia rockhounds, even garnering the attention of the Travel Channel's “Cash and Treasure” show with host Kirsten Gum.

Equipped with buckets, shovels, safety glasses, gloves and a hammer our quartet turned out bright and early at the meeting place, Donnie's Corner Store, to be briefed on our visit to the mine. The Hogg Mine is a private mine that is only open on certain dates for public digs, therefore the official meeting place prior to be taken out to the mine is conveniently located only a couple of miles from the hotel and about a mile from the actual mine site.

Once at the mine we were given the customary tour of the different areas where specific gems and minerals could be found. We started near the back of the dig site and began our hunt for the rose quartz that the mine is renowned for. Right away a fellow digger uncovered the find of the day, a beautiful aquamarine.

Unlike many of the mines that I have been to, this one was absent of the sluice runs that some mines offer to rockhounds looking to really clean their finds, however, due to the size of many of the gems and minerals we were uncovering, it didn't have much of a negative impact, especially for those of us who brought there own squirt bottles for rinsing rocks. There is a shelter provided at the parking area for periods of inclement weather and a port-a-potty is also available on-site.

After a few hours of working in the rose quartz area I moved up to the tourmaline field where I spent only a few minutes before uncovering a very large piece of rough black schorl (tourmaline.) After cleaning it up the piece weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz. From there I rounded up the gang to try our luck at the beryl pit and managed to come up with a few notable pieces.

All in all I give the mine a thumbs up. Everyone in our group found noteworthy pieces of most of the minerals that were available on site and everyone left with full buckets. The cost for digging at the Hogg Mine was a bit higher than most native mines I've frequented, especially given the types of minerals that can be found there. I've dug at ruby and sapphire mines for less. What Hogg Mine does have going in its favor is that it is a true native mineral mine and it takes elbow grease to get at the goods.

Finds from Hogg Mine



kimr on June 27, 2015:

Went there today. It was hot but the stones were awesome. The staff went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience. We got a lot of facet quality pink and rose quartz, some beryl, a little aquamarine and some nice black tourmaline. We'll be back though I now have years worth of material. My wife and daughters worked hard but we feel very good about the experience.

frank on June 14, 2013:

the mine was a disappointment as i dug here 4 year ago and the owner then had dug a huge amount out before we arrived. now, you have to do all the digging and its nearly impossible to get to the better rose quartz formations, there needs to be more of the area dug out before people get there to access the decent finds. athough the guides were very nice and helpful, the mine needs improvement.

Mylindaminka on May 03, 2013:

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Dennis B. on September 08, 2010:

My family took me to the same location in 2008 because I love to dig for minerals. With buckets, shovels and chisels in hand, we were picking up all shapes and sizes of stones. We finally found the color were were looking for in the red clay. My wife shouted that my left foot on top of something and to pull it out. Rodney, the mine attendent stated that we had a real find. Took the rock to a cutter in Asheville, NC and he was able to cut out one oval pendent (4 carats) /two oval earrings at 2carats each. Very clear Aquamarine stones

Total value of cost of cut, mounting, and digging cost was $375. Total worth of cut stones is $750.

It is great fund and you get to show off what you dug up with your own hands and purchased at the store.

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