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Restaurant Guide for Mckinney Tx

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Among all the questions you might ask yourself throughout life, there are many contenders for the spot of greatest importance. Perhaps the spot should be given to Pascal and Descartes’ inquiries regarding the very essence of human existence and the nature of the human soul. Or maybe it belongs to questions of science posed by great minds such as Steven Hawking or Richard Dawkins about the nature of our universe and surroundings.

All of these are important and fascinating questions, but there is one question that rises above the rest by virtue of its ubiquity and the number of people who have found it on their minds: where is the best place to eat around here? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the question that will be asked long after the great scientists, artists, and philosophers have long faded from our collective memory.

If you ever find yourself in the city of McKinney, you’ll probably find yourself asking this question sooner or later. So what is the answer to this question? Well, that depends on you; much like many of life’s other questions. All we can do is give you our top picks and let you decide for yourself which is best. Let’s get into it!

1. Harvest Restaurant

The interior is covered in hand-finished lumber and exposed red brick. The wall behind the bar is lined with bottles ranging from the down-home all-American bourbons and whiskeys to higher tier European, South American and Asian imports. The wait staff flit from table to table with a friendly but professional promptness. All this serves to create a warm atmosphere that makes for a great dining experience.

But that’s not even the best part: the Harvest restaurant gets its ingredients from local and responsible growers, so you can rest assured that your food is both environmentally and humanely produced! Whether you’re going to town on a delicious steak or enjoying a healthy salad, when you eat at the Harvest restaurant, you’ll be able to eat food that’s not only delicious but also responsible!

2. Bayou Jack's Cajun Grill

If you’re in the mood for something tinged with a hint of the salty sea air, dragged up from the deepest depths of the oceans and then cooked up with a laundry list of delicious Louisiana spices, look no further than Bayou Jack's Cajun Grill. This traditional Cajun kitchen serves up delicious Louisiana cooking in a style that pleases good ol’ country boys and fast-paced city slickers alike.

What’s more, the restaurant features a homey southern style of decor that elevates the atmosphere of the little Cajun restaurant to establish a warm vibe that welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door. There’s little that makes for as good a dinner as the plates of mashed potatoes, cornmeal breaded catfish filets and friendly waiters and waitresses you’ll find at Bayou Jack’s Cajun Grill!

3. Hutchins BBQ

If Texas had an official state dish, chances are it would be the pulled pork sandwich. Heaps of roast pork piled high on a simple white bun and topped with a healthy helping of sweet barbeque sauce taste like Texas. If you just felt your mouth watering, you’ll probably want to sprint off to Hutchins BBQ, where you can find all kinds of classic American dishes, as well as one of the best-pulled pork sandwiches in town!

Although its interior is simple, with split log lumber paneling and bare light bulbs, the restaurant has a magnetic atmosphere that evokes the down to earth spirit that permeates every aspect of Texan life. Once you try their barbeque ribs, chicken wings, grilled sirloin steaks and of course pulled pork sandwiches, you won’t be able to stop coming back!

4. Saltgrass Steakhouse

For those who prefer a juicy, medium-rare black angus steak to an oversized, barbeque topped pulled pork sandwich will definitely make a stop at the Saltgrass Steakhouse in McKinney. Unanimously hailed as the best steakhouse in town, Saltgrass combines a variety of subtle touches that set it apart from the rest. From the moment you walk through the door and take in the bold murals depicting scenes from the American midwest and the refined but unmistakably Texan decor, you’ll be taken.

When your steak arrives, it will be accompanied by a tiny sign indicating how it was cooked, whether you ordered it rare, medium or well done. Once you take a bite, your cares will melt away in a blur of food fueled ecstasy. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself; your mind will change in short order, and you’ll be making reservations for your next visit before you leave the restaurant!

5. Snug on the Square

If you’re looking for something a little lighter than steak or barbeque, you might want to check out the Snug on the Square restaurant and cafe. This charming little number, although small, is home to some of the best sandwiches, burgers and other lunch dishes in town, and has excellent coffee to boot!

What’s more, it’s super kid-friendly! With lots of seating and a warm atmosphere that welcomes families with children, this is the perfect place to bring your little posse for a delicious meal. With all these things going for it, how are you not going to fall in love?


McKinney is home to a wide variety of delicious dining venues, and if you chance a visit, there’s no way you’ll go hungry. From midwestern classics like barbeque and steak to spicier offerings like cajun and Asian, the culinary scene is just one of the town’s many things to see and do.

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