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Refrain From These 3 Things While Traveling in Europe

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The map of Europe

The map of Europe

'While in Rome, Do as Romas Do.' How many times have you read this quote? And how many times have you implemented this saying while wandering in a new location with a culture contrasting to yours?

Unplanned trips are fun as compared to planned trips. However, having some knowledge about your travel destination's culture, laws, and do & don'ts can only make your trip less hectic and more joyous. After all, it's you who have to adapt to the new place. It's not its denizens who have to adopt.

Let's emphasize the 'don'ts' in this write-up. It's about Europe. If you learn the 3 don'ts that are 3 things to avoid while touring Europe, you can make the most of your vacation. How? Sip your most-loved drink and read below.

3 things to avoid while touring Europe

1. Avoid being Impatient
2. Avoid being late
3. Avoid being too noisy

Impatient girl in the queue

Impatient girl in the queue

1. Avoid being Impatient:

As a tourist in Europe, you can't be impatient. Toss off your hasty behavior into some roadside trash can in Europe. Perhaps a better way would be to detach from your impulsive conduct and then take a flight. You await the destinations, and then when they are within your range, you tend to lose patience.

People all over the globe come to visit destinations like London Eye or Disneyland in Paris. It's obvious to stand in the queue and wait for your chance to receive the tickets. They don't favor VIPs there. Most famous sights in Europe take 4 hours to one day or even more for us to admire every nook and cranny. So, your patience will pay off. Your impatience won't.

One solution to hold your nerves while in the queue is to observe how the natives standing ahead or behind you speak. If you aren't a language freak, observe the surroundings - the cafes, the trees, the stores, the cars, the architecture, and such to become mindful.

A man running late

A man running late

2. Avoid being Late:

'Avoid being impatient' may seem to contradict 'Avoid being late.' But a tourist should act situationally relevant while in Europe. It may take time to get near the ticket counter while standing in the queue.

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However, in places like the Lido Show of Paris, you need to arrive a few minutes before time or you will miss it. The same applies to the city orientation tours by bus. The couch captain (bus driver) shows no mercy for someone getting 15 to 20 minutes late to board the coach (coach - a better version of a bus). Making the driver and other passengers wait is not usually tolerated while touring Europe.

Punctual travelers are loved by European tour managers, guides, drivers, and organizers of events for tourists. How to avoid being late? If you pre-plan the dress to wear, the time you may need to make your body wet under the shower and then dry it, and the stuff you may want to take with you the next day, then you won't delay your departure from the hotel room.

Keep in mind that you represent your nation when you are in a foreign country (Even though you aren't a Prime Minister). People tend to judge a country by its people.

A woman talking on a cellphone, disturbing the people around her.

A woman talking on a cellphone, disturbing the people around her.

3. Avoid being Noisy

Europeans love partying but they see to it that they keep their celebration to themselves. They even won't spare a foreigner if he/she is crossing the line. If a denizen hears your scream, he/she is likely to call the police.

I know one big foreign family that was obliged to answer cops when someone next door in Switzerland made a complaint. I also know a highway in the Netherlands which has two soundproof glass walls on both sides. The provision is made to reduce the noise that vehicles like trucks make.

Apart from carnivals, you won't come across much clamor in the streets of Europe. Europeans take utmost care of people's health. That's also the reason why they are sensitive to noise pollution.

So, Rule number 3: Don't shout when you can speak in a hushed tone. (This rule doesn't apply to you if you think you are a spoiled brat.)

Everyone talks about what to do while in Europe, but I took the time out to let you know what not to do. It will only add fun to what you do.

Keep your passport, visa, cameras, and gear with you while you tour the wonderful cold continent of Europe. Furthermore, keep the three don'ts discussed above in your mind.

Neither the German chancellor nor the Dutch Prime Minister will pin you a medal for being punctual, patient, or soft-spoken. However, as I said earlier, in a way, you represent your nation when you go abroad. So why not be in the good books of our own country?

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