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Redneck 101: How to be 100% Redneck!

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Redneck: Born or made?

Who is a redneck? What does redneck mean?

I'm no language expert, so I can't exactly explain the origin of that title. But I could tell you what I understand a real "redneck" to actually be, and why we are the way we are. The comedian Jeff Foxworthy got his start by telling us jokes that we "might be a redneck if" and following it with things like "you mow the yard and find a car." Well, there may or may not be some truth to that. But what are some real signs could might be a REDNECK!!!

  1. Do you live in the Southern USA?
    I was born in the Southeastern USA. Does that make me automatically "redneck"? Not necessarily. But in my case, it definitely helps. While this is not always a primary factor in redneckedness, it can significantly increase the chances of you actually being a member of "Redneck Nation!"
  2. Do you live in a manufactured home? Many people refer to rednecks as "trailer park trash" or some other epithet. While all redneck people do not live in what is correctly called a "mobile home," a whole lot of rednecks do prefer to call manufactured homes their abode.
  3. Are you a NASCAR fan? Furthermore, are you obsessed with the Earnhardts?
    NASCAR: Entertaining rednecks (and causing the occasional drunken fistfight) since 1947. If you are a fan, you might be a redneck.

WAL-MART (AKA "WallyWorld") Rodney Carrington

Redneck Style

Can you spot a redneck by their clothes and hairstyle? Well, of course we all have our own style choices, but these particular ones are iconic of the Redneck Nation.

  1. Men: Do you sport unkempt facial hair and a longer hairstyle?
  2. Ladies: Do you have an affinty for tube tops and "Daisy Duke" shorts? Do you spend a lot more time in a tanning bed than you probably should?
  3. Both genders: Do you have tattoos? Are you fond of camouflage clothing? What about logo t-shirts?
  4. Do you find yourself shopping most often at Wal-Mart? Sam Walton's superstores are a virtual redneck haven, drawing the members of Redneck Nation in droves on Friday and Saturday nights! Is your wardrobe labelled "Puritan," "Faded Glory," "Basic Edition," or any of the other Wal-Mart labels?

Redneck Entertainment

What do rednecks do for fun? Personally, I think the main redneck entertainments can be divided into TV programs, and typical "country" activities, like mud runs and dirt bikes. Here are some typical redneck TV choices.

  1. Do you watch CMT (Country Music Channel) or GAC (Great American Country) or similar networks on TV, often daily?
    These cable networks seem to appeal to most redneck men and women. They feature Country music videos (a redneck favorite) and various shows aimed at the hillbilly set! One of my favorites growing up was "Trick My Truck," the redneck version of MTV's "Pimp My Ride." Now that was a long time ago, but there are still a lot of great redneck TV programs out there.
  2. Are you a fan of the following TV programs:
    • The Dukes of Hazzard
    • Little House on The Prairie
    • The Andy Griffith Show
    • Hee Haw
    • The Beverly Hillbillies

Just actually knowing what these shows were about increases your redneck quotient!!

Typical Redneck Musical tastes!

What do most redneck people listen to? What kinds of audio entertainments delight us after a hard days work? After a easy day's layin' around? While workin'? While bein' no account? Well, let us see...

  1. Rednecks like funny songs
    Anything (well almost) by the great Ray Stevens.
    Anything by Rodney Carrington (he appeals to men mostly).
    Anything that makes fun of rednecks in a warm manner. We love to make fun of ourselves.
  2. Rednecks like extremely patriotic songs
    "God Bless The USA" by Lee Greenwood
    "America" by The Charlie Daniels Band
    "A Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams Jr.
  3. Rednecks adore Southern Rock!
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    The Allman Brothers
  4. Rednecks like Classic Rock!
    Led Zeppelin
    Anything by Ted Nugent
    Anything by ZZ Top
    Foghat, especially their hit from the 70's, "Slow Ride!"
  5. Rednecks like their Country Music!
    Classic Country from artists like Waylon, Conway Twitty, Willie, and Hank Sr and Jr!
    Hot new Country from artists like Brooks and Dunn, Gretchen Wilson, Jake Owen, Trace Adkins, and Carrie Underwood!

Now, this is a pretty comprehensive lists of redneck musical tastes, but keep in mind that there are lots of options within each of these categories. I've barely scratched the surface of all the Country musicians out there, for example.

Typical Redneck "Go-Getter" (Man waitin' fer his wife to get off work.)

Typical Redneck "Go-Getter" (Man waitin' fer his wife to get off work.)

What Do Rednecks Like To Eat?

Come across a gathering of local redneck peoples and you are liable to find any number of foods both home-cooked and store-bought, and then there is "eatin' out!" Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Redneck Home Cookin:
    Most of the cooking done in typical redneck families is done by the woman of the house. Some redneck men cook, sure, but very few would brag about it! Some of the favorite redneck home cooked foods would include things like fried okra, fried squash, fried green tomaters, fried potaters: almost anything fried!!

    Redneck people are big on what those well versed in redneck lore call, "Beans and Cornbread!" That would be a dish consisting of a heaping helping of beans, usually slow cooked pinto beans, accompanied by a serving of bread made from cornmeal that has been baked in the home's oven! It is a delight to the tastebuds of any redneck man who has "werked hard all day and is tarred!"
  2. Store-Bought Redneck Food Favorites :
    Redneck peoples also enjoy a number of food items that are bought in the store and require little or no cooking. Some of these things include ice cream sandwiches, pork rinds, and corn nuts.

    We're also big fans of microwaveable store-bought food. It's just so darn convenient! Favorites include microwaveable sausage and biscuits, microwaveable bacon, and Campbell's Soup (usually Chicken Noodle).

Enjoying WAFFLE HOUSE (Welcome to Redneck Nation!)

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2. "Eatin' Out" With the Rednecks!

Usually, once a week, following payday, the redneck family will pile into the truck and head over to eat out! Where do they go? What do they like? Well, we like a number of food types and popular restaraunts.

Redneck Restaurants:

Have you been to any of these?

  • Cracker Barrel
  • Po' Folks (This is now defunct; was once popular in the southeastern USA.)
  • Waffle House (This is a genuine redneck hangout. You WILL find rednecks here)
  • Huddle House (This is another, inferior, version of Waffle House.)
  • Stuckey's
  • Logan's Roadhouse
  • Western Sizzlin (This is a prime example of a major redneck food place, complete with "All you can eat" buffet!)
  • Shoney's (Another "All you can eat")
  • Ci-Ci's Pizza Buffet
  • Chuck E. Cheese (A popular children and parents pizza place. This is the subject of a hilarious song by the performer Tim Wilson!)

One Comedian (Tim Hawkins) on "CRACKER BARREL"

Let Us REE-Veew!

Okay! Let's consider what we have larned bout' us rednecks!

  1. What this world needs, according to Mr. Charlie Daniels anyway, is a few more rednecks! (Charlie is another redneck favorite) Yew might wanna think bout' that come November when y'all go out thar and vote!
  2. Get the curtainclimbers and the porchmonkeys and the rugrats and git in that thar vehicle and take a trip over to the local Wal-Mart after your meal at Waffle House!
  3. Crank up some Hank or Charlie or Gretchen and play that thar music LOUD and PROUD!!
  4. Men! Grow out your beard and git started on that Ballcap collection! Beer logos and confederate flags and dumb sayings work jus' fine!
  5. Women! Head over to the tanning bed and burn yourself into a crisp!

Keep all these things in mind and remember to watch CMT religiously and yew might make a good redneck someday, Grasshopper!


Matchstick on April 13, 2018:

You forgot some ,

If your city friends bring their cars to you to repair because they are too brainless to do it themselves .

If you laugh at these " Preppers" cause you've been living like that your whole life .

If folks stuck in the snow need you and your tractor to pull out their new SUV .

If you have ever bought vegetables at Walmart to resell at the farmers market at twice the cost

If you find sitting on the porch watching the bug zapper better entertainment the Dr Phil , Ellen , etc.

hill billie on September 19, 2017:

ding dong ditching with fireworks since age 10

nope on October 31, 2016:

Braxton Fields is a redneck! :)

Riberryberry on June 15, 2014:

If you don't live in the country I'll tell you right now your not country if you don't hunt something your not country you have to work not in a real job but outside help fix the tractor or feed the goats or cows or some kind of manual labor and you don't have to be in the south in Northern states you have plenty of rednecks

Johnk937 on June 03, 2014:

I got this website from my friend who told me concerning this web site and at the moment this time I am visiting this web page and reading very informative content here. ggcbaedgdgbc

West Virginia on May 13, 2014:

Meow says, "let's put these stereotypes aside" and precedes to input their opinion of the stereotype. That's pretty much all I've read so far in general. I live in the real redneck land of West Virginia and what I love most is how nobodyssey lives for the stereotype but instead they live for the moment. They work to give their families all they need and they come home to enjoy time spent with friends and family. In the words of George Strait..."Life's not the breath you take but the moments that take your breath away". We're different because we understand that money and material worth is so petty and childish in the scheme of things. Is it so horrible being a "redneck"?

Chase on December 31, 2012:

Alberta redneck and proud of it,! Pack your guns beer and weed on a quad or horse into the mountains and there's nothing better! Yee haw shoot em up!

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on November 19, 2012:

This is just too hilarious! Voted up

Heather on October 12, 2012:

who cares what you want to be just be the way be proud have fun and live your life the way you wish and don't let anyone get you down or tell you what you can't be or do if you want to be redneck or anything else be it have fun being it and who cares what they say just live it up and have fun being you

Karla cox on June 21, 2012:

I live on the great AK and my whole family was redneck till my daddy married some high class broad. But I stick true to my roots and remained the same ol redneck Im proud to be! My daddy stopped taken me to the races tho and our double wide has had two new additions built onto it. But there ain't one friend of mine that's gone to my house that hasn't seen my neck of the woods! GOD BLESS THE REDNECK NATION!!!!

Anthony on May 31, 2012:

And by the way, I'm from the very country part of upstate New York! Us rednecks here love all the things that make us just that "rednecks", people that love the simple ways of American country life! Farming, motorsports, big trucks, hunting, country music, it's all good, and we're proud of the lives we live, same of the country we live in!

Anthony on May 31, 2012:

Country must be country wide! All fellow rednecks take pride!! And may God Bless America!!!

me on May 18, 2012:

don't forget pride, arrogance, ignorant insecure small minded republican voting conformist.

matt on April 26, 2012:

in my town i am called a redneck with just a group of my friends all the rednecks in my town know eachother and i am from the north in newyork and yes we can still be country up here i drive a chevy truck and a lifted jeep that i work on in my driveway with my friends and a few beers yes we do drink a lot and get loud and some people hate us and we love to party in the woods and go mudding on atv's and jeeps i do crazy things that most people wont do and don't only listen to country music and i hate nascar and not all our girlfriends are rednecks too sometimes different girls like country boys

alex on March 08, 2012:

hey y'all i am a redneck and i ant going to change that

Hoosfettlearra on March 05, 2012:

I want to be a redneck. i am a privately educated posh englishman working as a management consultant in the uk. i want to have my teeth knocked out, i want a shotgun and a pick up and learn how to play the banjo whilst hopping on one leg

Kiley on February 19, 2012:

LOVE 'bein a redneck y'all

southern on January 11, 2012:

I live in south Mississippi. In a very small town. I am a redneck, because I like riding four wheelers, live in a mobile home, drive a truck, and dip snuff. I am proud to be a redneck and wouldn't have it any other way, but I am also very well educated and intelligent. I am also open minded. Just look at Tim Cook. New CEO of Apple, Inc. He took over after Steve Jobs' passing. That is probably one of the greatest acheivements ever made by anyone. He is from a small town about 70 miles from my home. His dad worked at the shipyard. Being a redneck doesn't mean you're stupid.

eschm on January 07, 2012:

Im a redneck

Kory Johnson on December 28, 2011:

Chevy is a GM

given'r on August 28, 2011:

You're a redneck if you live in Alberta, Canada and drink Molson Pilsner while 4x4ing in the mountains and listening to Dwight Yoakam

Jake Schmidt on July 15, 2011:

You are a Redneck if you fix everything with WD-40, Duct tape, and a craftsman wrench and drive a Chevy or GM vehicle!

Jen on April 13, 2011:

Bless your hearts.

Dave Guest on April 08, 2011:

i am a redneck living in the uk get me back to ALABAMA

Assadi on February 26, 2011:

Hi Vicseay,

i'm from germany, but I know what Redneck means.

A redneck is a person who works on a field all day, like a farmer. They working in the sun all day what means that their necks are sunburned most the time. (Or is it sun burned? I don't know^^ my english sucks)Got it? The have "Red Necks"! Most of the crops came from the sunny south at the time thise title was born and a farmer stereotype is that they are not the smartest people. Another Stereotype is that they are simple minded and stuff. I hope I don't insult you or something^^I just recite the cliches.

Colleen O'Brien from Florida on February 22, 2011:

This is Great! Fits me to a tee. By the way, if you send your kids chasing after the ice cream truck with a food stamp card, you might be a redneck!

the802 on January 23, 2011:

I'm considered a redneck around my area just cuz i hunt and wear camo a lot. some stuff you got there is just wrong. But a lot of the stuff is right on the money!

Willwill175 on December 12, 2010:

Hahahaha AMEN to the Dr. Pepper!

Tony on September 15, 2010:

A redneck would never use the word "Soda" it is pronounced "Coke". If you ask for a Coke in the South it is always followed by "what kind"- the answer is clearly Dr. Pepper

MT on July 05, 2010:

I don't know how accurate this is...down here in the south most of the rednecks are actually the good looking people, so I always assumed the media stereotypes of rednecks referred to the northern rednecks...and most southerners don't have facial hair.

tara wallace on June 10, 2010:

I never thought i was a redneck but apparently i am..i live in tennessee in a mobile home (trailer as most around here call it) I watch cmt every day..i love fried food greens and beans and cornbread..and i love some skynard CCR and black and grilling is my is my favorite pastime..haha..proud to be a redneck

fireflies mom from Rome, Pennsylvania on December 07, 2009:

I live in Pennsylvania. I had to pass agriculture to graduate high school, and can still to this day milk a cow, pig, goat or sheep....with or without the milker. I listen to mostly country music and can recall at least one episode for each tv show you listed. We eat some fried foods, I do most of the cooking but my husband does the grilling...If it can be shot, I can clean it and cook it! We always have beer in our fridge but not always in our hands. Our town all but shuts down completely during hunting season (mainly white tail deer hunting). Fighting is one thing you didn't mention, because most rednecks like to fight. I'll hold my own against anyone when I have to! And in the words of the famous Gretchen Wilson: I can't drink champagne, I'd rather drink beer. I've been known to stand barefoot in my own front yard (and other peoples too) with a baby on my hip. I keep my christmas lights up on my front porch all year long. I don't need name brand things for my man to want me. So, even after reading all of this and now finding out that I am going on to school for accounting, have just as much Motzart, Bach, and Rossini in my music collection as Gretchen, Hank and Willie. Also keeping in mind that I can go to "upscale" places to hold a conversation on the imperialized meaning of a painting or know what fork is for what....Am I still a redneck? lmao

Nathan Hackenberg on November 21, 2009:

you might be a redneck if you go bahualen with your friends on friday and saturday nights and put the car in reverse and then drive in the mud.

Nathan Hackenberg on November 21, 2009:

you might be a redneck if you mow your grass backward another words put your riding mower in reverse and then mow your grass.

kelsey on February 27, 2009:

i love most of these "eat out" places they got on there i LOVE waffle house

glassvisage from Northern California on August 04, 2008:

Great checklist :) I loved the photos of people doing regular things but they are still rednecks! And of course the Skynyrd hat in your profile photo!

ljm63 on May 24, 2008:

I am a Yankee living in redneck country now...loved your hub!

Sherri from Southeastern Pennsylvania on May 24, 2008:

Fantastic hub!

My brother-in-law had a thing about culture if you have a truck and a rifle rack in the back window, you are probably a redneck.  But then if you have a tweed jacket and a little beard and glasses, you're probably either a nerd or a professor.

We all have our culture kits. 

My heart is with jammin with girls and guys over cray fish and stock car races, and cleaning the cow do out of the barn.  Just the simple things that make life worth living.  Do with what you got.

LOVED the videos.  Deliverance, dueling banjos.  Shades of the 70s.  The dark side.  There's blackness in the hollers, but there's light there too.

Keep the hubs coming.  I am your fan.

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