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Reasons Why You Should Travel/Explore

Gracie finished BS Business Administration and studied Bachelors of Law for 4 years. She loves to share her thoughts through writings.


Why do we travel?

Too many reasons but to think about it, there are only three reasons why we do it.

We travel to explore the world; to see those beautiful sceneries and heritage sites. We also want to try local foods. Have you ever thought of exploring things? Well for sure you would want to experience these kinds of stuff. We love to explore and meet new different people. Try to engage with their culture and to see how they live in comparison to ourselves. We always want to try new things and to see things that we’re unable to see at home. The world is too beautiful and vast to only see one place in your whole life. If you’re a hopeless romantic person, you would want to explore and meet the person whom you can travel with for the rest of your lives. It’s not possible though, there are lots of stories out there about how they met their travel partner from one country to another. To be with someone whom you have the same interest in life makes things less hassle. You get to discover the beauty of the world together with the person who lights up your day. Best feeling ever!


Escape reality

Another reason to travel is to escape reality. Travelling makes us feel alive and free. We gain much perspective and appreciation about life and culture. It made us realize that this world is not just about one person. Taking a break to travel is the best thing to do, we pamper ourselves, unwind, reflect on our lives, and create unforgettable moments. We travel to blow off the steam. Life is too short to just stay at home; we need to reward ourselves and escape normal life. It keeps us sane and motivated to keep working. If you feel like giving up and thinking that the world is a mess, pack your bags and fly. Leave all those negative emotions at home and you’ll find peace in one place. Once you get there, feelings will be different. It will change your perspective in life. You’ll appreciate nature more and be thankful that you get the chance to see it. Not all are given the chance to witness it so might as well embrace and feel nature deep down your body. I suggest traveling alone. It will give you more space to discover yourself. And once you have discovered yourself, to travel with someone is worthwhile. Once you get back to reality, you will realize that life isn’t life without those negativities. If negativities don’t exist, you will never appreciate positivity in life. Remember, to find ourselves and to travel is one of the reasons to help us discover what is missing.

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Teenagers nowadays travel just to get some good photos. They are obsessed with their social media accounts and they need to upload beautiful photos now and then. It’s good to keep updated so that one day we can take a look back and bring back the memories during those times. Some do it for a living. They travel so they can record videos and earn. They travel while earning, it’s the coziest job I must say.

If you feel down, take a look back on those places that you’ve been to. It will give you that lightest feeling and made you realize that traveling had helped you to learn to appreciate. Not just nature itself but also loving yourself. You work so hard and to at least spend money on your happiness and memory is worth every penny. Fruit of labor I must say. Money is just a piece of paper but memories will last for a lifetime. Travel as much as you can, time is limited and there’s no rewind. If you get old, there will be no regrets and deep down you will realize how wonderful it is to exist in this world full of priceless precious memories.

To explore, escape reality and collect memories will make your life worthy and meaningful. These three things shouldn’t be missing out. It should be part of your bucket list before you vanish in this perfectly imperfect world.

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