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Ratargul swamp forest- Little Amazon in Bangladesh

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As a fan of traveling, I travel whatever the time is. During traveling note out my experiences. It's my hobby.


As a fan of traveling, It’s quite tough for me to stay home in this coronavirus pandemic situation. But somehow I manage my family for a short tour. I haven’t watched Amazon but believe me, I got the touch of it in Bangladesh(Southern part of Asia). I’m very excited to share this with you guys. Not more now it’s time to feel.

Ratargul Swamp Forest is the only swamp forest and wildlife sanctuary in Bangladesh. Surrounded by a river and a huge canal, the ‘Wetland Forest’ Ratargul is situated. Known as the Amazon of Bengal. Most of the vegetation of this impeccably beautiful forest stays underwater for four to seven months in a year. Although it is basically a natural forest, the forest department has planted various species of water tolerant trees including cane, kadam, hijal and murta. There are about 25 species of water tolerant plants in this huge forest.


The state of this water is very strange. A tree is submerged up to its knees in water. Those are a little smaller, they are half submerged in water. Fishermen pass busy time with nets. How dark the whole forest will be due to the dense vegetation. Occasionally tree stalks will block the path. The path has to be made by removing them by hand. It would be a different feeling to go through the middle of a tree branch by boat. The greenery all around will give peace to the eyes of the visitors Then go to the Watch Tower and get off the boat and climb up the tower to see the whole Ratargul area. That is another kind of beauty! If you see this form of nature on a rainy day, it will feel like a kingdom of fairy tales!

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Many tourists come here during the monsoon season as the forests are visible under the clear water of the huge canal. This forest is different in the winter season. As soon as the water receded, the idol and the cane garden woke up. That beauty is different again! Forests are submerged in this way for four to seven months in a year. Another look can be seen as soon as the rain stops. Then the small canals inside the forest will turn into footpaths. You can walk around that path effortlessly.


The forest area is 3,325.61 acres, of which 504 acres were declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1983.

I’ve stayed there for just one day. It’s my mistake cause I missed swimming there. Though it’s dangerous. The clear water just like I’m floating on air not water. Bad luck I missed.

How to go

For a foreigner , If you used the Hazrat Shajalal ® int. Airport for the gateway then you have to take a flight of sylhet from there. After coming Sylhet you have to use buses to reach.

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