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Thailand Travel in 2022

Experiences through photos and stories of recent Thailand travel

Thailand Travel in 2022

Thailand Street Food in Patong in Phuket
Bangla Walking Street in Patong in Phuket

Thailand, Bangkok and Phuket

This article shares a glimpse into my recent travel to and through Thailand, mainly Bangkok and Phuket. This trip has.long been in the making, delayed due to covid for over 2 years. Among my circle of friends.and family, only a few had not traveled to Thailand including myself. Having been all over the world, there was no reason for this wonderful destination to be been left out of my bucket list of hopscotching the globe.

During spring this year 2022, I decided to travel to India. This has been yet another trip delayed significantly. The plan was to make it to Thailand during this trip to India and I'm glad I was able to. Ideally, I wanted to travel to Thailand in or around the 3rd week of April. I had been going over the requirements and travel restrictions during the current pandemic. All through April, the requirements for Thailand Pass included a negative pre-daparture covid test, an on arrival covid test, a minimum of one day SHA + hotel Stay awaiting for covid test results and the required minimum medical insurance. I was a bit concerned about the on arrival covid test inspite of being in very good health. I did not want to take the chance to possibly test positive and then have to quarantine during my stay in Thailand.

I knew that these restrictions were in place for our own safety and well being but the risk of having to quarantine made me reluctant to travel in mid April. As days went by, I read about the ending of the pre-departure covid rest but the on arrival testing remained. Then, a few days later, I read the exciting news of ending the on arrival covid test. I immediately began planning the itinerary to travel to this wonderful country, Thailand

Bangkok and Phuket are both juxtaposed cities; polar opposites in terms of terrain, attractions, landscape, culture and cuisine. However, they both have a more in common that meets the eye. They share the warm and friendly nature of Thai people, amazing Thai dishes, ( both street food and restaurant dining ) safety for tourists and locals, ease of transportation and bot being extremely well connected via international airports.

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My only regret during this recent trip was that I was unable to visit any of the islands from Phuket. I have heard many good things about Phi Phi Islands with Maya bay and Monkey Beach and Phang Nga Bay made famous in a James Bond Film. There were two main reasons for not being able to make to any of the day trips from Phuket. The first reason KS the weather. For much of my time in Phuket, the weather had been partly cloudy with sporadic showers. This was expected for the month of May. I.would attribute the second reason to issues with scheduling the trip. In order to visit the Phi Phi Islands as a day trip, one must leave early in the morning. Being my first time I'm Phuket, it was not easy to play such an early start in the day to visit the islands.

This was the first time I was traveling to Thailand. My journey began in the 1st week of April when I traveled from Dallas to New Delhi for a period two months. Without a definite Thailand itinerary in mind, I began exploring potential travel dates and monitoring the entry requirements in Thailand during Covid.

I plan to visit both cities again in the the future and perhaps see more of this beautiful nation.

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