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Campgrounds Near Greenwood Lake, South Carolina Including Waterloo and Cross Hill

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Beautiful Lake Greenwood

Beautiful Lake Greenwood

Campgrounds near Lake Greenwood

There are plenty of great campsites for all types of campers near Lake Greenwood. Here is a short list of my personal favorites. I have reviewed what each has and what other people have said and I would say these are top picks. Greenwood is a nice size city with many things to do. The lake is huge with a lot of wonderful places to swim, fish, or just float. Many locations on the lake have beach areas if you are traveling with younger children who need shallow areas. If you have stayed at any please let me know what you thought.

BG's Campground

  • 30 campsites
  • full hookups
  • lake privileges
  • bathhouse
  • lounge
  • game room

Located on SC 39 on Watts Bridge Road in Cross Hill, SC. It is Several miles from shopping but there is a subway, a bar, and a piggly wiggly close by.864-998-4459

Cane Creek


Cane Creek Campground On Lake Greenwood

  • 70 campsites
  • boat gas pumps
  • boat ramp
  • pool
  • beautiful landscaping

This is a high end RV park with limitations on how small your RV can be. So you will need to call to see if your RV is large enough to be there. Your RV also must be in good condition. This is a higher end RV park. Several miles from shopping but there is a subway, a bar, and a Piggly Wiggly grocery store very close by. Located on Watts Bridge Rd., Cross hill, SC 864-998-4423

Charles and Mary's Campground on Lake Greenwood

Charles' and Mary's Campground on Lake Greenwood has:

  • 45 campsites
  • full hookups
  • bathhouse
  • 2 fishing piers
  • full restaurant
  • grocery store
  • bait and tackle shop
  • 5 boat ramps
  • swimming area

If you have a need for anything away from the camp, the closest city is 20 minutes away, but once you get there it has everything you need. This is the fisherman's place to go! Located on Watts Bridge Rd in Cross Hill, SC. 864-998-3324

Dockside Landing Campground on Lake Greenwood

  • Dockside Landing has:
  • 25 campsites
  • beach area
  • boat ramp
  • dump station
  • water
  • electricity
  • restaurant

It is located several miles from shopping but there is a Subway restaurant, a bar, and a Piggly Wiggly grocery store close by. Located on Todd Quarters Rd off 221 in Waterloo,SC 864-677-2271

Moon's Landing and Campground on Lake Greenwood

Moon's Landing and Campground has:

  • 76 campsites
  • 2 boat ramps
  • convenience store
  • boat and propane gas pumps
  • picnic pavilion
  • bathhouse
  • swimming area

It is a short 10 minute ride into the city where you can get anything you need. It is located at 4105 Watts Bridge Rd. Cross Hill, SC 864-998-4292

T-Roy's Landing and Campground on Lake Greenwood

T-Roy's Landing and Campground has:

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  • 60 campsites
  • 3 cabins
  • full hookups
  • bathhouse
  • restaurant

It is located at 2506 Watts Bridge Rd, Cross Hill, SC. 864-998-5299

Twin Rivers Landing and Campground on Lake Greenwood

Twin River Landing and Campground has:

  • 8 room motel on site
  • large weekly rental house
  • restaurant
  • convenience store
  • bar and lounge
  • full line bait and tackle shop
  • pontoon rental
  • fishing pier
  • swimming area

You don't need much else here. It is located at 33 Twin Rivers Road, Waterloo, SC 864-667-3052

Lake Greenwood State Park BEST

This is one of my personal favorites. My children spent 2 summers at this place every weekend. We brought clams and snails home for our aquarium. The beach are is big enough to enjoy even when other people are there. There are 2 play grounds. One is designed for the younger children and the other is designed for the big kids. There are also picnic shelters. The park offers 2 boat ramps if you are traveling with your boat.

Their Campground offers 125 paved sites. Most of the sites accommodate up to 40 foot RV's. Standard Sites with Electric and Water rent for $23-24 per site per night usually. There are 4 of the large picnic shelters which are usually first come first serve, but you can reserve them if you want to guarantee you don't have to share the area with anyone else.

This is one our favorite places we have visited. I thoroughly enjoyed this place and so did my kids. The only thing I would change is the lack of maintenance. As with many state parks it could use a little bit of updating. It could also use more designated swimming spots.

Have you Been To One Of These Campgrounds?

If you have please comment and let us know how it was.


Clarence. Ferrell on June 24, 2015:

It was nice fun and some worker wer a little bit of a s s but we all 3camper unit had a good time 10 star

Spiky on December 11, 2014:

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Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on May 16, 2014:

What makes these campgrounds your favorite? We used to camp out a lot when I lived in Florida and enjoyed the state parks there. I loved cooking over an open fire, gathering kindling, fishing, the beauty of nature, the quiet.

It would be interesting to read about the experiences you've had when camping.

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