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Quick Guide You Should Read Before Your Trip to Hampi

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Quick Guide You Should Read Before Your Trip to Hampi

A Lost Kingdom; A UNESCO World Heritage site; World-famous Bouldering site; Buzzing backpacking destination! These aren't just mere adjectives. It's Hampi in a nutshell!

A perfect combination of culture, leisure and adventure, the trip to Hampi is bound to leave you awestruck with its raw beauty and elegance. Presenting a one-stop quick guide with all the information you need along with some important tips while travelling to Hampi

1. Do you know the history of Hampi dates back to the 14th century!

Hampi was the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire which was in existence till the mid-17th century. The kingdom was sieged and defeated in the 17th century, subsequently being plundered to ruins by the winning Sultanates. With more than 1600 archaeological sites having a mix of Chalukya, Chola, Deccan and Dravidian style architecture, almost every corner of Hampi has a story waiting to be explored.

2. Ruins of Hampi!

Hampi has earned this nickname as most of the Hindu temples here are in ruins. The grandest among them is 7th-century Virupaksha Temple which is believed to be the oldest functioning temple in India. The other major temples are 15th century Vijay Vittala Temple having beautiful signature Stone Chariot, Hanuman Temple, Hemakuta Hill Temple, Sasivekalu Ganesha among others.

3. Do you know Hampi is considered one of the world’s best bouldering sites?

Giant boulders dot the landscape of Hampi, which is now revered as Bouldering Mecca by adventure seekers. There are plenty of trails around Virupapur Gadi, on the opposite bank of Tungbhadra River. Bouldering is a must-do activity here and if it’s your first time, then you can hire an instructor at Rs.600-1000 per hour.

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4. Sunrise at Matunga Hills and sunset at Anjanadri Hills!

This is something you shouldn’t miss in Hampi. The breath-taking sight of watching over picturesque heritage ruins, surrounded by giant boulders and Mighty Tungbhadra Rivercannot be captured by anyone in words. It's something one can only experience.

5. It is best to explore Hampi by bicycle!

You should rent it for a day, exploring zigzag roads of Anegundi lined with giant boulders, overseeing paddy fields. You should also visit the Sanapoor Lake reservoir where you can do boating in Hampi’s signature Coracles. The evenings can be better spent strolling around the riverbank, indulging in Yoga & bouldering sessions and jewellery shopping in Hampi Bazaar followed by restaurants hopping.

6. How to Reach?

The best time to visit Hampi is around October-March as the rest of the year is too hot to be outside. The nearest city is Hospet, around 13 km from Hampi and is well connected through railways and roads. The nearest domestic airport is Jindal Vidyanagar, about 40 km from Hampi. You can either hire a cab or take the overnight sleeper bus from Goa, Bangalore and Chennai which have international airports.

7. Backpacker on Budget

If you are budget traveller, there are many hostels/homestays in Anegundi, ranging between Rs.500-1000 per day. The restaurants in Hampi Bazaar and Anegundi serve amazing American/European/Indian food which usually costs around Rs.100-200 per meal.

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