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Poisonous And Dangerous Animals, Spiders, Snakes And Insects In Thailand Whilst On Vacation


Poisonous, Venomous and Dangerous Snakes, Spiders And Bugs In Thailand.

Massive monster scorpions found in Thailand.

This was a hoax which was spread around the world wide web, terrifying people going on vacations or holidays to Thailand.

This photo is a hoax. At first glance it is enough to make any one brick up their doorway and lead the life of a hermit. But it could be a warning to anyone who ventures across the globe to unfamiliar countries, with global warming, poisonous insects, spiders and snakes on the increase.

All sorts of venomous creatures are breeding as fast as they can, and they are migrating further from their normal habitats, seeking new areas to nest and produce even more offspring, seeking more people to bite and inject with their deadly venom.

Over two million people every year are bitten by snakes, scorpions, spiders and other potential poisonous animals whilst on vacation.

Nearly 300 people die each year as a result. If you plan a vacation or trip to Thailand, be careful, take precautions, find out what there is in the way of deadly animals. If you go on vacation with your whole family, bring back your whole family in on piece, it is a dangerous world. Be prepared.

At least 100 families booked a holiday to a Tropical country last year, and came back home with one member less in their family.

Kebabed Scorpions ( and sea horses ) crunchy and full of Protein

Kebabed Scorpions ( and sea horses ) crunchy and full of Protein


Scorpions in Thailand

Thailand is an exotic paradise, set in clear tropical waters. a haven for tourists and holiday makers, ladyboys and venomous scorpions. There are over 1700 different species of scorpion all over the world, and only about twenty five of these different species of scorpions are deadly to humans.

Some scorpion venom is being used to develop medicines for diseases such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

The scorpions in Thailand will give you a nip, but they are not thought to be deadly over there, with no deaths from scorpion stings being reported.

But just in case you do get stung, seek medical attention. Scorpions actually glow in ultraviolet lights, so if you just happen to carry an ultraviolet light with you, shine it on a scorpion and watch it glow. Remember, when visiting Thailand, they eat scorpions, they have them in soups, with rice or just plain old fashioned kebab style.

You must try one of these crunchy, puss filled delights, after all they do contain protein. Whilst on cheap vacations to Thailand, always be prepared for the unexpected at every turn.

Tourist Warning: Kidney Harvesting in Thailand.

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Tigers in Thailand

There are wild and dangerous animals in Thailand, including Bengali Tigers. These absolutely beautiful animals are an endangered species and protected by law in every country of the world. In Thailand they have been known to maul a man to death, not for food, but either to protect its family or because it has felt threatened.

These animals are found deep inside the forests and jungles, but thanks to mankind, their natural habitats are being destroyed and they need to search further afield for their food.

If a tourist on a vacation to Thailand is hiking through the forests and hears a deep growling, the best thing to do is not to run away, but to calmly walk fast in the opposite direction.

Do not try to take a photo, especially with a flash camera, or you may have some claw like scars to show off to your friends, if you make it out of the forest alive. If you want to see Tigers whilst visiting Thailand, you can go to a tiger reserve where you can stroke and play with tigers and tiger cubs.

Free Link To: Dining Out In Thailand On Sea-horses, Cockroaches & Scorpions

A floating Fire Ant nest

A floating Fire Ant nest

A Small Fire Ant attack

A Small Fire Ant attack

Fire Ants in Thailand

Fire ants are one of the most venomous insects in Thailand, and again are found in most places around the world.

These little nippy insects are the cause of approximately eighty deaths a year. If you inadvertently stand on a fire ant nest, thousands of them will be up your leg in seconds, engulfing your legs in an orangery colour of mayhem, all biting.

They can bite as many times as they like and will inject venom into you each time.

Once the first ant has bitten, the rest will instinctively begin biting. Many people camping out in the open have become victims of en masse fire ant attacks, the ants will cover the body of a sleeping person as they travel in groups of millions, and then as they detect movement, will instinctively begin biting.

These are only very small insects, but they do not travel alone, they can engulf a whole human body within fifteen seconds. Many vacations to Thailand have ended in tragedy, always be alert to possible dangers.

The Scary Black Tarrantula

The Scary Black Tarrantula

Spiders in Thailand

There are a few venomous spiders and poisonous spiders in Thailand, including the Black Widow Spider, which is fast becoming the most common spider in the world due to its migration to nearly every single country on the globe.

The Black Widow has a red spot on its back which makes it easily identifiable, this spider will give you a bite, but nothing to serious, take a couple of anti-histamines.

The Hairy Tarantula is also resident in Thailand. This little beauty has a nasty nip, but is not usually fatal, its just the sight of this thing that usually scares most people while they are on vacation.

The Black Scorpion is a very scary looking spider, like Mr T but shorter. The Orb Weaver Spider is another large spider with a very mild venom. With these spiders in Thailand, you just have to watch out for secondary infections after you have been bitten. If swelling occurs away from the initial bite area, you may be allergic and will have to rush to hospital.

If this comes at you, run!!

If this comes at you, run!!


Deadly Snakes in Thailand

In Thailand you are more likely to come across a venomous snake than a McDonald's. These snakes love the humidity and the jungle, and can be found virtually everywhere.

There are many different species of deadly snakes in Thailand, including the infamous brightly coloured Coral Snakes from the Krait family of snakes.

There are also many different types of Vipers slithering through the jungle and parks, and lets not forget the Cobra family of snakes, including the King Cobra, the Monocled Cobra, and the Spitting Cobra. Most of these snakes can be sen in the wild but also in pet stores across Thailand whilst tourists are here on vacation.

The King Cobra, known as a scary and very poisonous snake, can reach a length of nearly 450cm and can climb trees and swim in water.

Their natural habitat is close to water, and in forest land, although they are regularly found in the centre of Bangkok city, in hotel rooms and on the occasional bus. These slithery creatures are active 24 hours a day. Their bites have been known to kill elephants have been fatally bitten by Cobras in Thailand.

There is a limited supply of anti-serum in Thailand for snake bites, and the effect of it is reduced with alcohol consumption.

Cobras are beautiful to watch, and are in general scared of man, but like many creatures, will attack if provoked. Vacations in Thailand are amazing, it is really like a different world, but always be careful.


Before you visit Thailand, you will need inoculations against diseases, and even a possible yellow fever vaccination.

Check with your local doctor as to what you will need, as there may be a disease spreading through the area where you plan to visit, and do not forget, the plague can still be found in this part of the world, as well as avien flu which has killed many perople in Thailand.

Measles, Polio and HIV are also rife at certain times, before going, see your doctor.

Mosquito's and Biting Bugs

The humble Mosquito, breeds in calm waters around the world, causing many insignificant bites on millions of people, but in Thailand can cause you to get Malaria.

Malaria is a disease which is spread by the female mosquito, and you can be infected all year round. Malaria is treatable and can be cured easily, after a few days of being delirious, but if not treated may result in death.

Other biting insects include tics, lice, flies and midges, which are all in Thailand in the trillions, it is advised to have mosquito netting above your bed at night and wear insect repellent as much as possible.

Thailand is in Southeast Asia, there are many more diseases here than anywhere else in the world, get inoculated.

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Robert Morgan on July 31, 2015:

A good read thank you

Photo Puzzle Guy on June 19, 2012:

I've lived in Thailand for 10+ years now and have to agree with some of the things reported in this hub. Red fire ants are very aggressive if disturbed - actually amazing to see but a nightmare if they get on you. We have one tree in my garden which is the home to a nest and needless to say we stay away from it. They seem to like living in trees so be careful when brushing against branches.

Snakes are also something I have see in the garden but not only about 3 times in 10 years. Best to let them be - they don't really like to be in places with a lot of activity so will usually move away if disturbed unless they are cornered.

Most other things here are not dangerous although can give you a bit of a fright. In 10 years I have encountered nothing that gave me a problem but then again, I'm not hiking through the jungle!

ForestBear on July 27, 2011:

That sure does sound scary! Thanks for the information, Great hub!

ChristinCordle12 on May 25, 2011:

Great things here.

johncimble from Bangkok on April 07, 2011:

I was once staying up north east of Thailand at my ex girlfriends home. Anyway we were out side eating and a huge black scorpion appeared. My ex's brother then squashed it wearing some old sandals haha...

Peter Schermack from New Jersey on December 15, 2010:

Boy, that sounds scary. And I always though about Thailand as a perfect family vacation destination.

Will Apse on October 28, 2010:

Nice balanced report from an obvious expert in the field.

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