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Places You Must Visit When You Go To Rwanda

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Rwanda is no longer the same nation it once was, scarred by possibly the most terrible genocide of the post-war era and plagued by political unrest for much of the 20th century. Today, despite certain allegations of human rights violations and covert corruption, the country continues to serve as a ray of light for many other Central African countries attempting to move past a difficult history. Stable administration and routine democratic elections are the norm, and cities like Kigali and Huye have awakened to become hubs of culture, art, and even nightlife. Sustainable sectors, like coffee farming, as well as less sustainable ones, like mineral mining, are both sources of economic gain.


If you're looking for an exotic and interesting travel destination or planning to have a luxury African safari tour, then you should definitely consider Rwanda. Situated in the heart of Africa, Rwanda is a beautiful country with plenty to offer tourists and travellers. From amazing wildlife to stunning landscapes, there's something for everyone in Rwanda. Here are places you must visit when you go to Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park

All bets are off when it comes to Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park's vast, mist-topped backcountry, while most African hinterlands outside of the Great Rift Valley must contend with places like Kruger and Maasai Mara, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti. Yes, this extremely gorgeous conservation area, which shares a border with Virunga, is topped by the calderas of towering mountains like Karisimbi and the jagged Sabyinyo.

The best thing to do in Rwanda is unquestionably go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. This national park in Rwanda, which shares a border with both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is home to an increasing number of critically endangered mountain gorillas. A huge increase from the 240–250 gorillas present in the park in 1981, experts believe that there are now roughly 600 of them there. You will need to pay AUD 2,200 for one of the few available daily hiking permits in order to see one of the 18 mountain gorilla families that have become accustomed to people. The most straightforward method to go about it is through a reputable tour operator, who can also organise transportation from Kigali to the park's administrative centre.


Usually lasting four to eight hours, the walk involves travelling through mysterious bamboo forests, untamed meadows, and swampy terrain. One of the habituated gorilla families will eventually be reached with the help of national park staff guides. You'll spend an hour watching the animals as they eat, look after their young, and engage in social interactions. In Rwanda, going in search of gorillas is generally seen as a safe activity. Most gorillas are uninterested in the presence of humans. Visitors are protected from any risks by armed guides who communicate with the gorillas using a variety of clicking noises, making the experience unforgettable.

At the beginning of the treks in Volcanoes National Park, porters are available. Hiring one for the day is worthwhile because they can carry your belongings and prevent you from slipping on the slick walkways. Are you curious to know more about mountain gorillas? Visit the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Karisoke Research Center in the neighbouring town of Musanze after your trekking trip. It has a compact but well-stocked museum dedicated to mountain gorillas and the work of Dian Fossey, an environmentalist whose efforts to safeguard gorillas were made famous by the 1988 dramatisation of Gorillas in the Mist.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

In addition to 1,068 plant species, 322 bird species, and 75 different types of mammals, Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the most significant forest conservation places in all of Africa. The majority of visitors to this rainforest come to observe the chimpanzees, who park rangers have trained to become used to people. Although less expensive than going gorilla trekking, this wildlife encounter is just as remarkable.


In Nyungwe, there is more to do besides just observing primates. Approximately a 90-minute hike from the Uwinka Visitor Center, the park also has the only canopy walk in East Africa. A 91-metre-long suspension bridge that hangs more than 50 metres above the lush rainforest is where you'll walk to obtain an incredible view of the distant mountains and treetops. Concerned about heights? For a stimulating journey that doesn't defy gravity, skip the canopy tour and instead walk along one of the 15 hiking paths in the park.

Akagera National Park


You would anticipate to find a similar savannah and riparian wetland mosaic in the renowned game parks of the East African Rift like Akagera National Park. This is due to the 1,200 square kilometres of land that border Tanzania on all sides, supporting roving herds of giraffes, antelopes, jackals, and other animals. Safaris are gradually growing in popularity, and outfitters are already arranging game drives and wildlife walks from the scattered lodges that are already in place. And the environs are lovely as well, with the Kagera River's meanders giving way to the glittering Lake Shakani, a tonne of papyrus swamps, and a tonne of designated birding places.

King's Palace Museum

A trip to the King's Palace Museum will undoubtedly persuade you that Rwandans hold a deep respect for animals, if the nation's passionate conservation efforts aren't enough to convince you. The museum's inyambo (holy cows) and their obscenely enormous horns are its main draw. Rwanda has eight national museums. The cows are lulled into a relaxed condition during the day by traditional singers shouting out poems—a Rwandan tradition. Both the four-legged creatures outside and the exhibit inside are fascinating. It exhibits a recreation of a royal residence from the fifteenth century, complete with thatched roof, royal hut, and fresh milk cottage customarily operated by an unmarried lady.

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Visitors can also see the colonial-style residence that served as King Mutara III Rudahigwa's royal residence in the middle of the 20th century. The interior decor is particularly remarkable, fusing Rwandan motifs with furniture in the European style (some of which was actually owned by the king).

Lake Kivu

You'll be ready to kick back after all of your outdoor activities, and there is no better location to unwind in Rwanda than Lake Kivu. The largest lake in Rwanda is a 2,700 square kilometre emerald-green oasis encircled by foggy mountains. Take it all in from Rubavu, a tourist destination on the northernmost point of Lake Kivu. It features a bustling waterfront, a sandy beach, and gorgeous resorts (including the Lake Kivu Serena Hotel). You'll feel rejuvenated after a few days in this tranquil town. Utilise Kingfisher Journeys to get even closer to the surroundings. In addition to multi-day paddling activities that will astound you, the tour operator may organise a breathtaking sunset kayak trip with singing fishermen on Lake Kivu.


Kigali Genocide Memorial

It's difficult to believe that less than two decades ago, Rwanda was experiencing a brutal genocide that claimed the lives of more than 800,000 people in just 100 days. Although the nation has made great strides since the horrifying tragedy, the legacy of this recent history will continue to affect present-day individuals and future generations. The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a place where tourists can learn about this horrifying incident. The eerie museum explores the events that led up to the 1994 genocide and vividly depicts the horrors through galleries of images, artefacts, and data. The main exhibit hall is surrounded by sombre sculptures and has stained-glass windows that illuminate the area with optimism.


Another permanent display in the museum, which helps put the genocide in Rwanda into perspective, explores the history of genocides worldwide and international efforts to intervene in such genocides. A stirring Children's Room honouring the youngest victims of the genocide is also part of the exhibit. It preserves their memory with oversized photographs of the kids, some of whom were only infants at the time of their deaths, and identifying information about the victims, such as their nicknames and prefered reading material. Though it is painful, paying a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial is crucial to acting responsibly as a travelling in Rwanda. Have a moment of silence for the 250,000 victims buried here in the memorial's Gardens of Reflection, and then take some time to reflect on the experience.

Gorilla Guardians Village

At Gorilla Guardians Village, Volcanoes National Park offers visitors a fantastic opportunity to fully experience Rwandan culture. Visitors can try their hand at some of Rwanda's most well-known crafts and activities at the nonprofit cultural village, which is run by ex-poachers who have turned their lives around. You'll discover how to fire an arrow, weave your own baskets, carry a basket on your head like the Rwandan women, and grind grains with a large stone. The vivacious tour guides make the whole thing seem like a big party.


The intore dancing performances at Gorilla Guardians Village are worth staying for. To the beat of rhythmic drumming, the traditional dancers put on a thrilling performance while wearing long straw wigs and skirts. Before you know it, you'll be joining them for some dancing.

A Safari Adventure In Rwanda

Rwanda is a breathtaking country that every traveller must visit at least once. It is located in the heart of Africa and is home to some of the most impressive landscapes and wildlife. It is one of the most beautiful places on the African continent and is certainly a must visit for those looking for a rwandan safari adventure.

Rwanda is a country with much to offer visitors. Whether you are interested in the wildlife, the history, or just want to explore a new place, Rwanda should be at the top of your list. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country, get in touch with us today. We can help you plan an amazing trip that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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