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Phil Gibson was the Soul Man at Flicks Bar in Tenerife

Soul music at Flicks Bar

Do you like soul music? I do, and Tamla Motown too of course, so I was in for a real treat at Tenerife's Flicks Bar when Phil Gibson took to the stage. Phil is rapidly making a name for himself on the island as a top quality singer on the cabaret circuit and it was easy to see why. Phil Gibson has the feeling in his vocals and performance that gives soul its name.

He belted out a selection of the old classics, including Soul Man which was a number 2 hit single for Sam & Dave all the way back in 1967. Phil also moved forward in time with his powerful rendition of Van Morrison's Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

The audience loved every number he performed and applauded enthusiastically at the end of the songs all the way through his time on stage. We were all in for a great surprise ending too to Phil's set because he brought his son JJ up to join him. Phil and JJ worked so well together that is was obvious that talent runs in the Gibson family!

Phil Gibson

Phil Gibson on stage at Flicks Bar. Photo by Steve Andrews

Phil Gibson on stage at Flicks Bar. Photo by Steve Andrews

Phil Gibson and son JJ Gibson

Phil Gibson with his son JJ Gibson on stage at Flicks Bar. Photo by Steve Andrews

Phil Gibson with his son JJ Gibson on stage at Flicks Bar. Photo by Steve Andrews

Flicks Bar

Flicks Bar is a very popular venue in Amarilla Bay in the Tenerife resort area of Costa del Silencio. It is situated right on the sea front and has Sunday afternoon live music sessions as well as evening entertainments.

Flicks Bar serves Sunday roast dinners too but it is best to book a table in advance because some weekends it is getting packed out.

Under new management it has had a real overhaul and has already managed to recapture and improve on the atmosphere that in past years has made the bar such a well-liked local venue.

Flicks Bar has always had that certain something about it that makes it special. Its location is fantastic with the Atlantic Ocean so near you can feel the salty spray at times when the wind blows, with palm trees giving it that exotic and tropical look, and with the volcanic Yellow Mountain as its neighbour. It is hardly surprising that a Welsh TV film crew picked Flicks Bar a couple of years back as the location for the filming of a comedy drama that was shown on S4C.

The new compère goes under the name of Dave G Tracey, and besides running the show and introducing the acts he is a very talented singer himself performing covers of all sorts of hit songs. The week before he was doing Hot Love by T Rex, and from outside where I was at one point, it sounded like he had a full rock band backing him. You couldn't tell by listening that this was just a singer with backing music. And he had the crowd all singing the "la-la-la-la-la-la-la" chorus!

Dave G Tracey the compere

Dave G Tracey on stage at Flicks Bar. Photo by Steve Andrews

Dave G Tracey on stage at Flicks Bar. Photo by Steve Andrews

How to get to Flicks Bar

Flicks Bar is easy enough to find if you drive into Costa del Silencio. From Coral Mar Square junction of Avenida José Antonio Tavio and Calle Olimpia there is a road known as Calle Minerva that goes straight down to Amarilla Bay where there is a car park alongside the housing complex there.

Montaña Amarilla, the Yellow Mountain, overlooks the area Flicks Bar is in and you cannot miss this volcanic cone as a landmark.

In the summer the stage gets moved outside where there are tables and chairs as well as sun parasols in case you want some shade from the hot sunshine.

Sunday afternoon cabaret's start around 2pm and end at 6pm with a selection of great Tenerife performers for you to enjoy and with Dave as the compère for the session. Flicks Bar makes for a wonderful venue for entertainment and a place to eat and drink on the island.

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Amarilla Bay, Tenerife


Steve Andrews (author) from Tenerife on April 24, 2012:

Thank you so much, Deborah!

Deborah Brooks Langford from Brownsville,TX on April 20, 2012:

awesome hub. I would love to visit Flicks Bar.. sounds like a fun soul bar.. great hub.. I am sharing'


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