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Pearls fell under the Mahua tree. sweet smelling mahua

Mahua with enticing smell is called Madhuka in Sanskrit. It makes wine and many other medicines too.


Mahua flowers come from Chait to Vaisakhi.

As soon as the flowers of Mahua blossom, a sweet smell spreads around. After getting the smell of Mahua flowers, the greedy whirlwinds, bees and birds start hovering over the flowers. Almast tree is Mahua. Throughout the entire phagun, he stands with his head bowed like a saint. Every leaf keeps on dripping. Even the colors of Holi do not disturb it. It does not get phagun in the spring. The color of Chaitanya rises on this. The color of the riotous Chait.

Mahua tree and Mahua flower are called Mahua while Mahua fruit is called Golanda. Mahua sheds all her leaves after Rangpanchami. And then the husks start coming out on the top of the dry branches of Mahua, in these husks, they become shriveled. Mahua flowers develop in these whorls. Yellowish-yellow juicy flowers develop into teat. In the chat, these flowers start dripping before the sun rises. Tap...

The location of Mahua tree is spoken in different languages.

Mahua is the Adi tree of Asia continent, mainly India. The scientific name of this shady tree with thick branches is Madhuca indica. In Hindi, Bengali, Marathi it is called Mahua. So in Sanskrit it gets its name Madhuka, Vanaprastha. Mahudo in Gujarati, Poonam Madhu in Malayalam, Matkom in Santhali, Ippe in Kannada, Mohuka in Odia, Ilupai in Tamil, Ippa in Telugu.

Mahua is a deciduous tree which generally grows up to 15 to 20 meters in height.In the mountains, it is found up to a height of 1000 meters. Mahua orchards of one lakh trees are also found, which are called Lakhpeda. Almost like a mango tree but its leaves are broad and green. Pattal and both can be made from the leaves. Its leaves, bark, flowers and fruits are all used to make medicinal medicines. The oil of Gulu, extracted from the fruit of Mahua, is used for eating and is a panacea for arthritis. It also makes soap.

What was the time of picking Mahua?

There was a time when in the early morning the girls, women and men of the village used to go to collect Mahua flowers. Mahua flowers were dried on the terraces. In the rainy days, this Mahua was sometimes eaten in the form of roti and sometimes in the form of Lata. Today Mahua, Mahua flowers and Mahua fruits Golainda and Fake kernels Gullu from the fruit are all becoming a matter of history. Now Mahua oil is sold at Ayurvedic medicine shops and dried flowers of Mahua are sold at Pansari's place at expensive prices.

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Local folk song which is sung while picking Mahua.

In Mahua Mah Meh Mehke Phulwaria.
The bumblebee got injured and roamed around in Mahuaria.
The whirlpools of the herd come in the orchards of Mahua and start singing humbly due to the greed of the juice. Lyricist Harivanshrai Bachchan's song spontaneously falls from the lips-

Pearls fall under Mahua.

Ghadiya Subaran, world Nidhuvan.

Not the one whose beloved is of Mahua.

May all be happy, happiness radiates.

Sometime or the other together with the scattered Mahua.

Pearls fall under Mahua.

Sakhi Mahua Bean Jaat........

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