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Paris The Luxury Capital Of The World

Wendy went to France for the first time on 1999 and loved it so much that she moved there in 2005. Today she lives in the French countryside

Paris Chic

Paris’s reputation as the capital of luxury is carried out by perfumers, jewellers, fashion designers of haute couture, antique dealers, fine-leather dealers and of course the world known action houses of Christie’s and Sotheby’s

To get a close look at Baccarat, Cartier, Dior, Guerlain, Hermes, Chanel, Daum, Lalique, Yves Saint Laurent, or even Vuitton, go along the Champs Elysees, avenue Montaigne, Saint German des Pres and Place Vendome.

Fashion Shows

Where would Paris be without the amazing skills of the master craftsmen of “haute couture” and luxury goods? If you come to Paris, you MUST experience a fashion show, or at least, take an afternoon to visit the window displays of their superb boutiques.

The haute couture season in Paris is January and July. There is another ready to wear fashion show season in March and October. However, it is not easy to get a good seat unless you are invited to these fashion shows.

On the other hand, if you want to be part of the fashion world in Paris you can always attend one of the fashion shows organized by Galeries Lafayette each Friday at 3 pm; entrance is free and is open to everyone, just make sure you book your seat in advance. And while, at Galeries Lafayette, you can also take advantage to explore other luxury goods like perfumes. For example, on March 2015 Nina Ricci will be introducing its new fragrance, L’Extase, as a national premiere, on the ground floor of Lafayette Coupole.

Paris In Winter

Winter in Paris

Winter in Paris

Dior Boutique in Paris

Dior Boutique in Paris

Luxurious Department Stores, Restaurants and Museums

Department Stores

The boulevard Haussmann and left Bank department stores on Rue de Rivoli and at the Madeleine are the best places for affordable up-market shopping. On Boulevard Haussmann you will find the mythical Galeries Lafayette and the Printemps Haussmann, both open from Monday to Saturday.

The Maxim’s museum

The Musée Maxim's opened on 12 October 2004 and is situated above the restaurant with the same name. Located in rue Royal, Maxim’s was chic and decadent in the 1900s during the Belle Epoque. Discover here some suggestive paintings, Tiffany lamps and even a bed carved by Majorelle. For only €15 per person you can take part of a Guided tour from Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm, 3.15pm and 4.30pm.

The restaurant, which is a symbol of the art nouveau, has been owned by Pierre Cardin since 1981.

Perfume Museum

Very close to the Opera house, the Perfume museum is a place to dream among distillation jars, presentation boxes and glass from Murano and Bohemia. Rejoice your senses in this unique museum among spicy fragrances.

The Palais Royal

Richelieu built his residence here; Louis XIV inherited it and gave it to his brother. During the 1700 the building was extended to sixty buildings supported by arcades which were built to house stores. Now days the Palais Royal houses the Ministry of Culture and several other institutions, some very chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants and a garden.

Galeries Lafayette

Inside the Galeries Lafayette

Inside the Galeries Lafayette


The Chic District

The districts of Passy and Auteuil are what we could call the Chic Paris. Pretty houses line up the quiet avenues, horse riders trot along the sandy pathways, the hamlets are disguised among foliage and the birds chirp happily above the tennis courts. In the Paris maps you will find this district under the 16tharrondissement. You can access the area by metro to the Porte d’Auteuil (line 10) , the Porte Maillot (line 1), Alma (line9), Porte Dauphine (line 2) or the Passy (line 6) stations. In the past, this was Paris countryside, where the most glamorous Parisians came to enjoy the thermal springs and the pleasures of nature. La Fontaine and Moliere were regular visitors to the Auberges in the area. Now days, Parisians come here on Sundays to enjoy the open air, a jog or a row on the lake.What to see in the 16th arrondissement?

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Bois de Boulogne: The Boulogne Woods.

A part of the forest that once surrounded ancient Paris. The Boulogne woods was a former hunting ground of the kings of France and now it has become the most popular place for outdoor leisure activities in the west of Paris, a favourite for joggers, horse riders and cyclist..

The Bois de Boulogne covers 845 hectares. The central part of the wood contains the park of Bagatelle, as well as the Garden of Pré-Catelan. At the north part there is the acclimatation garden. In the southeast, you will find the greenhouses of Auteuil.

Hippodrome d’Auteuil and the Hippodrome de Longchamp.

Do not miss visiting the 33 hectare Auteuil racecourse. It boasts 18 hectares of track, hedge and steeplechase.

If you prefer to cheer the Jockeys and thoroughbreds in flat racing, the Longchamp 57 hectares racecourse in the western part of the Boulogne woods is the place for you.

Even if you have never bet on horses, you can be sure to enjoy a day out here as there is a great choice of panoramic restaurants, picnic areas, children’s play areas, games and ponies as well as “behind the scenes” visits.

The Roland Garros Tenniseum

What tennis champion has not played here? The stadium was built in 1928 to create a venue worthy of defending the Davis Cup (won on American soil). Since then the Roland Garros has staged the International Tennis Championship every year welcoming 500 players and more than 400,000 spectators.

The TennisMuseum offers permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can also visit changing rooms, press rooms, and share memorable anecdotes on a guided tour.

Paris arrondissements


Kiosque de l'Empereur in the Bois de Boulogne at the 16th district of Paris

Kiosque de l'Empereur in the Bois de Boulogne at 16th district of Paris. Located at island on Lac Inférieur, built during the arrangement of the Bois de Boulogne in 1852 on the request of Napoleon III by the architect Gabriel Davioud.

Kiosque de l'Empereur in the Bois de Boulogne at 16th district of Paris. Located at island on Lac Inférieur, built during the arrangement of the Bois de Boulogne in 1852 on the request of Napoleon III by the architect Gabriel Davioud.

Wine for Dummies

The Wine Museum In Paris

The hills surrounding the Abbey of Passy were once covered with vineyards. A former wine cellar is a delightful place to find out more about the history of wine, wine regions and utensils. Wine tasting courses and tasting sessions are also available.

A well at the museum’s entrance bears witness to the presence of natural water sources from long ago. Between the 17th and mid 18th century, various fresh water sources were discovered in the Passy neighbourhood, from which the name rue des Eaux ,“street of the waters,” is derived. The Passy waters were determined rich in iron although possibly diuretic. However, because of their mineral richness, the well off Parisian society used the waters to heal themselves. Those who frequented the Passy waters during the 18th century were for the most part intellectuals and artists. The museum also offers wine appreciation classes in English. The next class in English “Initiation to wine tasting” is programmed for December 16th2008.

There is also a restaurant open from Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 3 pm. A 3 course menu starts at €25.

Official website of MUSEE DU VIN PARIS Rue des Eaux - 5, square Charles Dickens - 75016 PARIS Métro : Passy - RER : Tour Eiffel-Champs de Mars - Bus : 72

Lambert and Associates: Our vision of French Luxury Paris as the epicenter of the fashion world.

Collections of Musée Baccarat : Drinking glasses

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Baccarat Museum

The Baccarat Museum.

A place of refinement and elegance.

The magic of this mansion founded in 1764 and transformed into a crystal palace, operates on three levels. Everything begins with monumental rooms in the “Folie des grandeurs”. Next is “Alchimie” where some of the secrets of crystal glass are unveiled. Finally, “Au dela de la Transparence” presents some masterpieces.

There is a restaurant in the museum called the Baccarat Cristal Room, reputedly one of the best and most expensive restaurants in Paris.

Baccarat's official site.

Rue de Passy

A good place to browse for a fashionable wardrobe. If you get hungry you can stop at place de Passy to visit the covered market where you will find the most exquisite delicatessens, greengrocers and wine merchants.

Take a stroll and visit every store in the Champs Elysées and do not miss the Guerlain Boutique, not just a perfume store where you will find some of the most emblematic French Perfumes by Guerlain, but also a French National Monument.

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Amazing hub on Paris, I must say I absolutely love Paris, I just recently visited Paris. It was amazing! I took so many pictures and everything!!!!!! :)

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JYOTI KOTHARI: jewels... who can resist them...

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Hi princesa,

I remember an Indian movie of 60's named "An evening in Paris". It became extremely popular in India in 60's and seventies.

Paris is the capital of fashion and we Jewelers love to be in Paris. We get good business of precious and semi precious gemstones and of Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry in Paris.

Thanks for a wonderful hub.

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hubber-2009 : there is always something for everyone in Paris. For me, it does not matter how many times I go, or how long I stay there; I am always discovering something new in Paris.

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