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Pakistan and Tourism

I am a proud Pakistani and want the world to visit and explore the real and natural beauty of my beloved country.

Is Pakistan a safe country for tourism and travel?

Yes! Pakistan is a safe country for travel and in fact Pakistan is now named as number one holiday destination for travelers by Conde Nast Traveler. Not only this but Pakistan will also host Global Tourism Forum in 2021.

Beautiful Pakistan



Shimshal lake, Hunza nagar district

Shimshal lake, Hunza nagar district

Gwadar, Balochistan

Gwadar, Balochistan

A Brief History.

Pakistan realized in 1972 that they should promote the tourism and in fact they were the first ones in the region to understand its importance. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation(PTDC) was formed to introduce the beauty of Pakistan to the world. Things were going good till after the incident of 9/11, everything changed. Pakistan became the front-line state in the war against terrorism and this affected Pakistan not only economically but politically, socially and psychologically. The loss of almost 52000 including the civilians and the forces was too much and a very bad image of the country was being portrayed in the world. This reaction around the world caused Pakistan the loss of tourism and they had to prove themselves once again.

Pakistan provides a variety of places which portray different cultures, norms and heritage so here are some of the cities one must visit.

  • Lahore(Historic cites, gardens and zoos)
  • Karachi(Beaches water parks and shopping)
  • Islamabad(The Capital, Monuments)
  • Peshawar(Museums, historical cites)
  • Taxila(Ancient history, Buddhism)
  • Harappa(Archaeological cites and excavations)
  • Quetta(Lakes and history)
  • Bahawalpur(Palaces and history, shopping)
  • Multan(city of saints, shrines, mausoleums and art)
  • Kallar Kahar(khewra salt range, mines, waterfalls)

Those were the cities which were well known from a long time. Following is the list of some natural places which have been breathtaking in the views of the people:

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  • Naran
  • Kaghan
  • Swat
  • Abbottabad
  • Chitral
  • Murree
  • Nathia galli
  • Kalam
  • Shogran
  • Malam Jabba
  • Margalla Hills National Park
  • Mingorah
  • Gwadar
  • Saidpur
  • Bhurban
  • Ziarat
  • Hingol National Park
  • Besham city
  • Kumrat
  • Mansehra
  • Saif-ul-Malook National Park
  • Saidu Sharif

and many more...

No of People visiting Pakistan

We can clearly see an increase in the number of tourists in a great number in 2018 and this will surely increase in the coming years.

YearNo of People













Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

Fairy meadows

Fairy meadows

The Food!

Not only the places to visit are memorable but the food in Pakistan is also a class apart. Every province or city has its special food for which it is known. People all over the world are familiar with "Biryani" and "Pulao". Pakistan has a variety of desi and street foods and are considered spicy as compared to the normal food.


Pakistan has faced a lot of hardships but in the meanwhile Pakistanis have also worked hard to bring their country back into a better position. This was only possible because of the sacrifices made by the civilians and Pakistan Army who proved to be one of the best forces in the world. Today, Pakistan is a completely safe country for tourists and now people from all around the world visit Pakistan to enjoy its brilliant views and different cultures. In the coming future, Pakistan will surely improve itself and minor issues will also be resolved.

© 2020 Zeeshan Mirza


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