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Sightseeing at Pahalgam: Top 10 Pahalgam Tourist Places

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Sightseeing at Pahalgam | 10 Must Visit Places in Pahalgam 2021

Sightseeing at Pahalgam is Immensely Immersive Experience

Pahalgam is one of the best tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir.

It`s a hill station with exquisite greenery and mountain ranges stretched toward the shrine of Amarnath Cave, which makes Pahalgam sightseeing a marvel in itself.

For pilgrims, it is the route to their annual pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra. The Yatra, beginning in July–August, takes off from Chandanwari, distanced 16-km from Pahalgam.

As the mountain peaks poke into the blue sky, one could see its beautiful reflections in the crystal clear water of river Lidder, flowing with graceful movements through the equally picturesque Betaab Valley in the northeast of Pahalgam.

In the southeast of the mountain-town of Pahalgam, the enchanting Tulian Lake arrests the senses as it lies caged beneath the soaring mountain tops.

Pahalgam is home to Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary. Which shelters Musk Deer and Brown Bears.

One of the best things to do in Pahalgam is exploring wildlife. Falling in the district of Anantnag, Pahalgam attracts tourists as if it were a candle, and tourists, the moths enamored of its beauty.

From the biodiversity point of view as well, it has a central position in Kashmir's ecosystem for its dense forests, replete with pines and cedars, provide shelter to endangered, protected, and rare species such as Hangul, Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Leopard, Grey Langur, and more.

Pahalgam Sightseeing!

Pahalgam Sightseeing!

Pahalgam ~ Destination Overview!

All you need to know before embarking on a trip to Pahalgam!



Betaab Valley, Baisaran Meadow, Tulian Lake, Chandanwari, Mamaleshwara Temple, Aru Valley, River Rafting, Sheshnag Lake, Kolahoi Glacier, Pahalgam Golf Course.


Srinagar Airport – 95-km away from Pahalgam – is the nearest airport.

Pahalgam from Srinagar

2 hr 10 min (91.0 km) via Srinagar - Kanyakumari Hwy and NH501

Local Language

Kashmiri is the commonly used language in Pahalgam, but people do speak Urdu, Hindi, and sometimes English as well.


Indian Rupee, of course, is the commonly used currency in Pahalgam.

Local Cuisine

Modur Palaav (Sweet Pulao), Matschgand (red and spicy meatballs), Muj Gaad (fish cooked with reddish) are few food items to taste in Pahalgam.

Pahalgam Temperature

Average summer temperature in Pahalgam ranges between 11 °C and 25 °C and in winter, the temperature can go as down as - 4 °C.

Unique Attributes

Pahalgam, the Valley of Shepherds, is the gateway to Amarnath Shrine, a favorite destination for Rafting enthusiasts and a place of bliss for Nature lovers.

Pahalgam from Srinagar

Pahalgam from Srinangar is 91.0 km away and would take 2 hr 10 min via Srinagar - Kanyakumari Hwy and NH501.

Pahalgam from Srinagar

Pahalgam from Srinagar

10 Best Places to Visit in Pahalgam

1. Betaab Valley
2. Baisaran Meadow
3. Tulian Lake
4. Chandanwari
5. Mamaleshwara Temple
6. Sheshnag Lake
7. Kolahoi Glacier
8. River Rafting
9. Aru Valley
10. Pahalgam Golf Course

Top 10 Pahalgam Tourist Places

1. Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley, the epitome of natural beauty, is at a 15-km distance from Pahalgam. It is the same valley you see in Sunny Deol starrer Betaab movie, hence the name Betaab Valley.

The valley remains one of the major tourist attractions in Pahalgam. Its snow-capped mountains and lush green meadows are there to mesmerize you.

If you are a trekking enthusiast and like going on an expedition to the mountain summits, it is here that you will be camping before heading to the mountain.

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It is hard for any visitor to not look at its roaring waters as it gushes down the snow-clad mountains and not be hooked for eternity to the delightful sight, ready to fill your heart with ecstasy.

2. Baisaran Meadow

Pahalgam has plenty of scenic locations that give pleasure to the explorer. By far, Baisaran is one of the best. Surrounded by cedar and pines on all sides Baisaran lies hidden in the middle of the wilderness.

It's one of the most serene meadows you`ll ever come across anywhere in the world. As you stroll across its length and breadth, you feel the tranquil peace descend upon you.

To reach this distant meadow, you can ride a horse or hire a taxi, but the best way to enjoy the meadow is trekking to Baisaran. It is an ideal place to go for photography as here nature is at its best, in its way.

3. Tulian Lake

If you`re searching for a place to experience the thrill and seek the adventure of another level, Tulian Lake is the best destination for you to experience the same.

It is located up in the mountains; you need to take a horse ride, followed by a laborious trek for hours before you reach Tulian Lake.

But the adventure should not prove a fatal journey that is why it is recommended to carry with you warm clothing as the temperature dips here surprisingly low.

Tulian Lake, wedged between mountain ranges of Zanskar and Pir Panjal, gives the best angle to observe the encompassing mountains with snowy peaks as if it were an iceberg to the full view of visitors.

4. Chandanwari

Resting on the outskirts of Pahalgam, Chandanwari serves as the base camp for Amarnath Yatra. It is from here that devotees initiate their pilgrimage to the Amarnath Cave.

Besides religious significance, Chandanwari attracts tourists from all walks of life as the location endowed with picturesque landscape with breathtaking views has emerged as one of the main tourist attractions in Pahalgam.

It is at a distance of 16-km from Pahalgam. The visitors can enjoy the snow-play, fresh waterfalls, beautiful mountain sights, and crystal clear waters as it slips down the mountain edges. It is a place highly rated among all locations in Pahalgam.

5. Mamaleshwara Temple

To feel the spiritual bliss, it is said, means to be one with the thing of your longing. If such spiritual communion is your motive Mamaleshwara Temple devoted to Shiva is the best place to experience it.

As you enter the temple, you feel the profound spiritual bliss surround you. In these astute surroundings, the temple stands for spiritual communion between benevolent nature and the yearning human heart.

It is a perfect occasion for Hindu visitors, seeking spirituality midst of bounteous Pahalgam, to rekindle their religious zeal and rejuvenate faith! It is to witness and imbibe religion in its tranquil form here in Mamaleshwara Temple.

The verdant valley of Baisaran in Pahalgam!

The verdant valley of Baisaran in Pahalgam!

6. Sheshnag Lake

As the name suggests, it is the personified version of the Hindu Mythology story related to the king of snakes, Sheshnag. That way, the Sheshnag Lake, has religious significance for visitors besides being a secular tourist destination of Pahalgam, a famous one.

The overwhelming silence of the place leaves a lasting effect on the psyche and relaxes the strained nerves. The lake has soaring mountains on one side and sprawling meadows on another and between the two, the Sheshnag graces the place with its pristine waters coming forth the mighty glaciers as if dribbling down its lips.

Visiting the Sheshnag Lake infuses positive vibes into the soul. It inspires the limbs to go for an adventure trek and offers along the way a full view of the scenic beauty Pahalgam so abounds in.

7. Kolahoi Glacier

Kolahoi Glacier is for daredevils. If you have not visited the glacier and conquered your fear of scaling it, your trip to Pahalgam remains incomplete. To get to the Kolahoi Glacier demands a powerhouse of strong will, enthusiasm to undertake a tearing journey.

At the end of the journey, you will understand the wear and tear you undergo is worth the sweat. It is because the spellbound views you come across along the way, reflecting both beauty and might of nature, leaves lifelong impressions on your imagination.

And you just drown in the sublime experience. It is full of adventure and requires nerves of steel to conquer it.

Picturesque Sheshnag Lake in Pahalgam!

Picturesque Sheshnag Lake in Pahalgam!

8. River Rafting

Let the mighty currents of river Lidder splash against you and feel the thrill as you go for river rafting in Pahalgam. It offers the best rafting experience in its white waters as it hurries past at will speed, ready to take you along.

In the Aru valley, you get a 2-km long stretch of river Lidder to go for rafting in, and it is the most popular spot for river rafting in Pahalgam. The rafting season commences, most of the time, in the summer in June.

As the temperatures soar, it offers the best refuge against the summer heat. Lapping here and there in the water, as you flow with its currents, re-energizes the body and takes off the load because here you are completely immersed in the action, full of adventure.

9. Aru Valley

The tourist destination Aru is famous for its meadows, mountain ranges, and pristine lakes. Far from the material glitz of city life, here the eyes shed its false veils of artificiality and witness nature as it is:

One moment a surreal, calm, and composed spectacle and another moment, a mighty force. From Pahalgam, Aru Valley is at a distance of 12-km. As you go upstream along the river Lidder, you reach the Aru Valley at a distance of 11-km.

Besides its scenic beauties, Aru is famous among tourists for it serves as the base cup for visitors trekking to the mighty Kolahoi Glacier.

10. Pahalgam Golf Course

The Pahalgam Golf Course has attained great popularity among golf enthusiasts over the years. Like Pahalgam itself, the golf course also is replete with scenic beauty.

The awesome facilities available here also serve as an attraction for golf enthusiasts. The best part that golfers find attractive about the Pahalgam Golf Course is that it is located at a very high altitude, 2400 m above sea level.

Like other attractions in Pahalgam, it is surrounded by dense pine trees with snow-capped mountains in the background to add to its appeal. It is an 18-hole advanced golf course to play your favorite game here.

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