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Pachmarhi Hill Resort in Madhya Pradesh

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Pachmarhi Photo

B Fall Pachmarhi

B Fall Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Hill Resort

The Queen of Satpura as this destination is known is a veritable paradise on Earth. The Satpura Mountain Range extends from West to East of India. The range encompasses Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. Most of the region lies in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh.

The topography comprises characteristic low and high rise mountains with the highest altitude being Doopgarh in Pachmarhi. The dense pristine forests, high mountains, rivers, and deep valleys are what Pachmarhi has to offer. The mesmerizing beauty and cool salubrious climes invite thousands of tourists from all over the World.

The hills, glens, and rivers of Pachmarhi were discovered by Capt. J Forsyth. He has written extensively about this destination in his book "The Highlands of Central India". The cottage he built is still present, it is converted into a museum.

The geological formations are a matter of in-depth study. The formations are sandstone that comprises various rock fragments, mica, quartz, feldspar, and minerals. The tropical moist dry deciduous forests are another highlight of Pachmarhi. The destination provides botanists with an amazing diversity of plant life and microorganisms.

Pachmarhi is the hotbed of tribal activity with many community settlements. The dominating tribes are the Korkus, Baigas, and Gonds. The spectacle astounds visitors at Pachmarhi as they are transported back into eons of ages so well is the topography preserved.

The destination is the summer capital of the MP Government. But other political party conventions are also commonly held here.


Tribal Photo Pachmarhi

Tribal Photo Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Video

Silver Falls

Silver Falls at Pachmarhi

Silver Falls at Pachmarhi

Pandav Caves

Pandav Caves at Pechmarhi

Pandav Caves at Pechmarhi

Pachmarhi Forest



Pachmarhi Sightseeing

There are many natural places in this hill resort besides holy caves that makes this place a pilgrimage center for Hindus. The township is small, it is surrounded by Cantonment and forests. The forests are protected as Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

One can trek on the beaten path only as trekking in the sanctuary is not allowed. The other way is to visit the spots on the jeep. The jeep hire is on a per-day basis and charges are as per the number of places to be visited.

Some of the places are close to the township hence you can visit them on foot. This will give you an insight into the small hilly settlements in India. Pandav Caves and Jatashankar are close and one can walk there. Prehistoric paintings can be seen embellishing the walls of these caves. According to experts, they date back to twenty thousand years.

The river view or Denva Darshan is on the way to Pachmarhi hence you must stop on the way to enjoy this spectacular sight of a river snaking between the mountains.

A three days tour offers good sightseeing but the destination needs many more days for proper exploration. One can drive uphill to Dhoop Garh which is the highest point in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. One needs to climb a thousand steps in order to reach the Chauragarh Peak abode of Lord Shiva. The Chauragarh Hill is the most venerated and famous for the regular pilgrimage that takes place here.

Vehicles cannot reach all the places hence you have to walk a lot. My best trek is that which connects the cave with prehistoric paintings, fairy pool, and the silver falls. You walk through verdant greenery amidst tiny spaces in between which constitutes the jungle pathway. This is one good way to experience the jungles of Madhya Pradesh.

Places of Interest

A lot of trekking is required at Pachmarhi but tourists have to restrict themselves to regular routes as trekking in the dense forest is banned in the wildlife sanctuary. Those unable to walk around the rugged landscape can visit few places only. Places worth visiting in this holiday resort are:

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  • Reechgarh
  • Irene Pool
  • Duchess Falls
  • Badi Gufa
  • Bee Falls
  • Hondi khoh,
  • Apsara vihar
  • Sundar kund
  • Mahadeo
  • Dorothideep
  • Silver Falls

These spots can be visited on a short duration tour. But one requires a longer stay if you want to benefit from the healthy environment and serenity that prevails all over. It is difficult to get accommodation at Pachmarhi hence advance booking is advised.

Denwa Darshan

Gorge at River Denwa

Gorge at River Denwa

Wildlife and Birding

The destination abounds with natural places and dense forests. Pachmarhi forests are home to many animals and birds. One can see with some luck bison and leopards while on excursions in this tribal land of yore.

Pachmarhi is a biosphere reserve that encompasses Satpura Tiger Reserve and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. For a good wildlife safari, one needs to visit the Bori Sanctuary adjoining this hill resort. These are teak forests that harbor a good number of tigers, leopards, and Central Indian Mammals. Two species of squirrels the Giant Squirrel and Flying Squirrel are found here. At nearby Tawa Dam, one can see many species of fish, turtles, crocodiles, and otters. In the nature trek, one can come across many interesting species of reptiles and insects.

Butterflies are plentiful due to shady and moisture-laden places, as well streams, dense canopies which support mind-boggling species of herbs, shrubs, and wildflowers. Some of the butterflies found here are Common Mormon, Orange Oak Leaf, Peacock Pansy, Black Rajah, Daniad Egg Fly, Blue Pansy, Lime Butterfly, Common Jezebel, and more.

Pachmarhi is an excellent birding destination in MP for bird watchers. Yet unexplored, the place will offer exciting avian discoveries. Some interesting birds are Red Whiskered Bulbul, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Grey Hornbill,. Malabar Whistling Thrush and Asian Paradise Flycatcher.

B Fall

B Fall Photo Image

B Fall Photo Image

Tamiya Pachmarhi

Tamiya Ghat Pachmarhi

Tamiya Ghat Pachmarhi

Private Hotels in Pachmarhi

Some of the private hotels in Pachmarhi are:

  • Hotel Natraj
  • Misty meadow
  • Chunmun Cottage
  • Hotel Sanskar
  • Amrapalli
  • Woodland Resort
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Hotel Pachmarhi
  • Indraprastha Resort
  • Golf View
  • Pandav Hotel
  • Hotel Kachnar
  • Hotel Krishna
  • Shikha Hotel
  • ARK Resorts

Most of the hotels in Pachmarhi are situated within or near the township. The tariff depends upon the amenities provides. These hotels are booked in advance during the holiday season in Diwali, Holi, New Year, Xmas, and summertime.

Most of these properties provide modern amenities and excellent services. But the surroundings are urbanized due to the presence of the township.

Fairy Pool

Fairy Pool at Pachmarhi

Fairy Pool at Pachmarhi

MPTDC Hotels & Sada

The MPTDC hotels are owned by the Madhya Pradesh Government tourism department.

The hotel list is as below :

  • Rock End Manor
  • Glen View
  • Amaltas
  • Holiday Homes
  • Champak Bungalow
  • Hill Top Bungalow
  • Hotel Highlands
  • Satpura Retreat
  • Panchvati
  • Woodland Bungalow

SADA or Special Area Development Authority

  • Nandan Kanan
  • Dharamsala
  • Nilamber
  • New Hotel

Leaving a few, these are mainly budget resorts in a good location and offer economical stays in Pachmarhi Hill Resort. The star hotels contain good restaurants but those seeking local food should visit the township. There are many eateries that maintain proper hygiene and offer good food.

The hotels in the scenic locales are owned by MPTDC and Sada. There are few rest houses in Pachmarhi owned by PWD and Forest Department. The tours are organized by many operators who offer MP tour packages that are all-inclusive.

Few motion pictures have been made in this picturesque resort of Madhya Pradesh. But the destination is becoming more and more popular for conference and business meets.

Pachmarhi Falls

Apsara Falls at Pachmarhi Hill Resort

Apsara Falls at Pachmarhi Hill Resort

Colonial Pachmarhi & Cantt

Old churches, big bungalows, and other colonial structures are found in the township. Many colonial buildings have been converted into homestays, guest houses, and hotels. The structures were built during the British Rule in India. The English used the hill station as a summer camp in order to spend their days here and avoid the scorching heat in the plains.

The Cantonment now houses residents of soldiers and army officers. There are many training centers belonging to the army at Pachmarhi.

Hotel in Pachmarhi

Satpura Retreat

Satpura Retreat

Glen View

Glen View

Dhoopgarh Hill View

Dhupgarh Hill

Dhupgarh Hill

Religion & Culture

The region was inhabited by local tribal the Korkus and Gond who built many Shiva temples out of the rock in the mountains and in the prehistoric caves. Thousands of pilgrims visit Pachmarhi on a religious pilgrimage.

How to reach

Pipariya Station is about two and half hours from Jabalpur Station on the Bombay to Howrah (Kolkata) mainline. It is situated in between Bhopal the capital of MP and Jabalpur City. From Pipariya, Pachmarhi is about fifty-two km or one hour drive.

One can also drive down from Jabalpur or Bhopal in the MP State of India. These are long drives hence rail route is better. The two cities are connected by air with New Delhi. These towns are also connected with small plane services,

I have always preferred the rail route over the highway, this is due to the distance and uncertainty of the road conditions. Of late in 2021, the highway and road network has improved tremendously and a car journey is also advised.


Patalkot Near Pachmarhi

Patalkot Near Pachmarhi



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