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Our Trip to Enchanted Kingdom

What is Enchanted Kingdom?

Enchanted Kingdom is the Philippine's local Disney Land. Not exactly Disney and they are not trying to be Disney but this is the world-class theme park in the Philippines. The park have lots of rides for kids and those kids at heart. They also have lots of attractions, themed entertainment and/or events and various game stands. It is located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Their mission is to provide magical experience to their guests. Love it! If Disney have Mickey, then EK have Eldar. Eldar is the beloved wizard of Enchanted Kingdom.

It was my first time going there. I was expecting something magical just like what we experienced in Disney. I know that I should not expect too much since I've seen a lot of negative feedback from people who've been there like about the long lines to the rides.

We rented a van going there because we thought commuting with a toddler and a 5 year old kid would be stressful both for them and us adults. I've read that you can either commute going to Sta. Rosa or go to Ayala and avail their shuttle service which costs PHP 1,200 during weekends and PHP 1,100 on weekdays.


I'm glad that we booked our tickets online because it saved us from a long queue of people buying tickets. When we arrived, we went straight to the Group Sales Office of EK in exchange of our actual tickets and was surprised that there was no line at all.

After getting our tickets, staff measured our kids height even if I paid an adult ticket price for my 5 year old daughter. It is for the staff to write down which rides or attraction they're allowed to ride. I guess this process are for kids ages 0 - 5 years old and I think it is great because you don't have to wait in line then get rejected when a staff noticed that the kid you're with is not allowed to go in.

It was Friday and prior going, I learned that the park operating hours was from 12 noon to 7 pm only so we did not bother going there early morning.

Summer is approaching so it was so hot when we arrived. Good thing, EK has lots of benches under the trees where we rested.

It was so cool to see that EK have some game stands giving away stuffed toys and other prices when you get to beat or win from their little games. For me, it seems to represent the Philippine's local fun fair called "Perya". The games may look easy but they're all tricky and might cost you a lot before getting a stuffed toy or worst, you'll end up nothing.

Agila The EKsperience

Our tickets are a "Ride all you can" except gated attraction but our pass includes one gated attraction: Agila The EKsperience.

I saw a negative feedback about this attraction but after my experience, I thought why did she not enjoy that ride?!

We kept our things in their locker which are high-tech by the way. We only took our valuables like phones and wallets then we went inside the building. It was quite a long walk going to the entrance but after the ride, you'll understand why.

When the ride started, we were not allowed to capture each moment on mobile phones which is fair enough so you won't ruin the excitement for those who have not been there.

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The Agila EKsperience building

The Agila EKsperience building

I was amazed by their theatre and it is really a fun ride! It's like flying while looking down at the beautiful places in the Philippines. I will not write too much about it but all I can say is, it is a must try!

We laughed out loud after the ride because my father did not expect that the ride could be terrifying. We were all in awe while he was so frightened thinking he might fall from his seat. What an experience!

This photo was taken prior going inside the theatre.

This photo was taken prior going inside the theatre.

How to commute going to Enchanted Kingdom?

Going to Enchanted Kingdom:

  • Ride a bus or Jeep going to Trece
  • From Trece, ride a Jeep going to Robinson Pala-pala
  • From Pala-pala, go to the van terminal and ride the one going to Sta. Rosa, Laguna
  • Ask the bus conductor to stop at Walter Mart Sta. Rosa
  • From Walter Mart, hire a tricycle going to EK which is a 2-3 min ride.

Going back:

  • Hire a tricycle to ride back to Walter Mart. They have a queue waiting in front of EK.
  • From Walter Mart, ride another tricycle going to Balibago or tell the driver that you wanted to reach the van terminal going to Dasma.
  • From Dasma, ride a jeep back to Trece.
  • From Trece, you can ride a jeep going to where you want to go. (ride Naic if you're going to Naic, or Tejero if you're from Gen. Trias or Tanza, Cavite)

Please note that this is for people who will come from Cavite. The point is, use Walter Mart Sta. Rosa as your land mark going to EK and I think that is a useful information to know when commuting



  • Be careful on booking your online tickets. Make sure that it is legitimate and read feedback.
  • Check EK site first if they are open during your trip date and check the park operating hours.
  • Print out your voucher prior going to EK so you don't have to pay an extra for them to print it for you and it will save you time.
  • Don't bring any outside food and/or drink inside the park. Foods and drinks inside EK is a bit costly so prepare for an extra money.
  • Play moderately on the game stands. It could cost you a lot if you get triggered to win a small stuffed toy. I think it would be better to spend your money on gated attractions.
  • Don't wear too much jewelries and wear comfortable clothes.
  • If you run out of cash, don't worry because they have an ATM machine.
  • Yes there are restaurant inside the park and they do accept credit cards.
  • There could be long lines on every ride, but enjoy the moment and choose a ride you want. The queue is long but the line moves fast and you'll get to ride sooner.

When going to EK, lower your expectation. Expect cons about the park but don't be too grumpy about that. Whining and complaining won't help you enjoy the place.

Yes, Philippine's EK is the only world class theme park we have but let's be thankful that we have a park that we can be proud of.

You'll enjoy the trip if you'll keep a smile on your face, unleash the kid inside you and be happy that you are spending time with your family and love ones.

We spent an hour on a ride but we took that time to chat and laugh at those who are currently on the ride, looking at their terrified faces.

If there is one thing I'd like EK to do, is to limit the number of excursionist per day. That day had a lot of student excursionist and I think that's one reason why the lines are too long.

Overall, we had fun and will definitely go back and enjoy other rides that we failed to ride.

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