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Our Life Journey Part 1: The Move to West Virginia

Joshua Hurtado has been driving for Uber Eats since August 2018 and has an Associates in Paralegal Studies.

An Observation

Through writing these blogs as well as listening to the stories of other people who have gotten out of debt, I have come to realize that a debt free journey is really a journey through life. You can separate your finances from your life to an extent, but they can't really be fully removed. The way people handle their finances can really be an indicator of how they live their life in general, plus I just wanted to include something else in my writing. So, in light of this I will be including more about our life in general along with our progress (or lack of progress) on our debts.

Before The Move

I have previously mentioned that Miranda and I were going to be moving to West Virginia. The move has definitely happened, although some interesting things occurred along the way. First off our budget for moving was thrown off by the moving company. We had called and set up our move with them, I would say about two months in advance, and paid our first payment of approx. $1,000.00. Everything seemed to be pretty normal to us, they said that we should receive a phone call about a week before our move, as well as another call within 48hrs-24hrs of our move.

Miranda was amazing through the entire process; she got the utilities set up at our new apartment as well as canceled the ones in Washington State. She also did a lot of the work in finding us an apartment. Everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly for the most part. I figured I would be able to drive for Uber Eats once we arrived and looked up some info indicating that I could do that at our new location so getting a "job" was not pressing. We also had lined up another transportation company to transport our car to our new place.

The days came and went and we were about a week out from our move. By this time we should have received a call from the moving company (I think that this one was the call to verify our inventory) however, we did not receive such a call. We had tried contacting them many times between the one week mark and the 24hr mark, we were not successful in getting a hold of anyone. Pretty soon we were within just days of having to move and thus we decided to sell as much of our stuff that we were not going to be able to keep that we could. We were able to sell a few things, but not as much as we would have liked. Fortunately one of my sisters in-law, had some friends who were able to meet me at our apartment the day before our move and help me load up the rest of our stuff into a U-Haul and donate it all to Value Village (with the exception of some chemicals).

Miranda's family is amazing! We were able to work it out where Miranda and I would stay over at their house for a few days until we moved. Having moved a ton (my dad was in the military while I was growing up) I know the stress that is associated with the moving process, and having some place where we were able to go back to at the end of the day that wasn't full of the clutter and chaos of moving really helped in keeping our stress levels as low as possible. To say thank you, we provided dinner at for all of us at least twice.

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The Move

Before we knew it, the day of our departure was upon us. Our flight left at 6am on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021. Miranda, her parents, and I woke up at about 1am that morning and we were out the door at about 2am. Her parents, Kris and Windy took us to the airport that morning. We arrived at the airport a before 4am and after getting our boarding passes we played the waiting game since Special Services was not open yet. Once they opened we checked in with them and found out that the airline had not registered Wonka (our dog, Miranda's guide) as riding in the cabin even though we submitted the paperwork to them well in advance of our flight. Fortunately the lady working the counter at the time got him all set up for not only our current flight, but for our connecting flight as well.

Miranda's foot had been bothering her pretty badly so we called ahead of time to have a wheel chair waiting for her when we got there. Unfortunately, this did not happen the way we expected it to happen. We went to the waiting area for a wheel chair to take her onto the plane. Apparently they were short staffed that morning, so they were running slower than usual and time was running out. We waited and waited for our turn as there were some people who were ahead of us. The time for our departure was fast approaching and before we knew it, we only had one hour until take off, then 45min. Fortunately one of the attendants informed us that if you are using a wheelchair you get priority when going through security. I was panicking a bit, at least on the inside, I tried to stay calm on the outside and I was considering getting us up and just heading through security to try and get through so we didn't miss our flight. Fortunately, God was telling me not to do that and I listened.

Finally the attendant arrived to take us through security. We were concerned that we were not going to make it through in time. Fortunately, if you are in a wheel chair you get priority through security. We flew through security, got Wonka to an area to relieve animals, and made it onto the plane five minuets before take off. Aside from some pretty rough turbulence (which scared Wonka who hopped up on seats here and there) the flight went pretty well. We had a connecting flight in Atlanta and landed in Charleston, WV at about 5:00pm. After we disembarked the plane and entered the airport we were greeted by "Country Roads" playing over the speakers, and were happy as could be!

More to Come

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my blogs so far. There is definitely more to come!

© 2021 Joshua Hurtado

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