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One of the Most Visited Places in Cebu, Philippines — Cancuay Beach Oslob


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Cebu is the largest island in the Visayas and being a province that is surrounded by water, Cebu boasts of astonishing beaches and remarkable island hopping activities. Additionally, Oslob is one of the most famous places that have beautiful beach resorts and water activities to offer.

Cancua-Ay Beach is a private beach located inside the resort, Villa Modern Deluxe Brgy. Tan-Awan, Cangcuay, Oslob, Southern Cebu. The resort is located along the main road and from the entrance, you will need to walk around 200 steps going to the beach

Cancuay Beach

Cancuay Beach

Cancuay Beach Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

The town of Oslob in Southern Cebu has a lot of attractions to see. It is undeniably one of the most popular destinations in Cebu. It is known for whale shark watching. However, Oslob is not only known for that, Oslob is also rich in natural seascape and refreshing scenery. It has one of the most beautiful beach resorts in southern Cebu. Just a few meters from the whale shark watching resorts is the secluded beach of Cangcua-Ay that is must be visited!

Cancua-Ay Private Beach Resort is also known as Villa Modern Deluxe Resort. It has lately grown some attention on social media for its affordable rates and physical qualities. Its laid-back cottages and captivating rock formations within the turquoise beach water. Additionally, it is very accessible and easy to find.

This private resort offers free cottages, overnight stay facilities such as rooms for rent, tents, swimming gears, and interesting water activities. However, you need to pay an entrance fee that includes cottage use. Cottages are limited so it's first-come, first-serve. You can also bring your own food since there is no additional fee.

  • Cottages are free
  • No corkage fee


  • Strictly observe Clean As You Go policy.
  • It is best to bring your own food since the resort only have a small sari-sari store for your secondary needs and does not cook food for orders.

Cancuay Beach Entrance Fee

DAY USE (10 am to 5 pm)NIGHT USE (5 pm onwards)

Adult - Php 150

Adult - Php 300

Children - Php 100

Children - Php 200

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Cancuay Beach Room Rates

  • Standard Room - P2,500 per night (good for 2 guests with free breakfast
  • Deluxe Room - P4,500 per night (good for 2 guests with free breakfast)
  • Master’s Bedroom - P6,500 per night (good for 2 guests with free breakfast)

Excess: 750 Pesos per extra guest inclusive of breakfast

Check-In Time: 2 pm | Check-Out Time: 12 noon

Camping Offers

  • Camping fee: 150 Pesos per guest but you need to bring your own tent
  • Tent A: 450 Pesos per guest good for 4-6 persons with a set of bedding including pillows and blankets
  • Tent B: 600 Pesos per guest, good for 2 persons with a set of bedding including pillows and blanket
  • Tent: 1,200 Pesos for 4 guests
  • Tent: 3,500 Pesos for a maximum of 16 guests

Swimming / Water Activity Gears

Life Jacket - PHP 50 (For rent)

Snorkel Gear - PHP 100 (For rent)

Beach Ball - PHP 100 (For rent)

Floaters/Body Board - from PHP 200 to PHP 400 each (For sale).


How to get to Cancuay Beach Resort, Oslob

From Cebu City

From the South Bus Terminal, ride a Ceres bus going to “Bato-Oslob”. Get off at Seafari Resort Oslob since this place is popular and the bus driver knows that for sure. However, you can also ask the driver or conductor to drop you off at Cancua-Ay Beach Resort. The private resort is located along the highway and beside Seafari.

From Samboan

From Samboan, simply ride a bus that will go directly to Oslob and just ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Cancua-Ay Beach Resort.

From Moalboal/Badian

From Moalboal or Badian, ride a bus bound to Bato ceres bus terminal and from there, transfer to another bus bound to Oslob.

From Dumaguete

Go to Sibulan port and then take a ferry going to Liloan Port in Santander, Cebu. Ride a bus in Liloan going to Oslob and ask the conductor or bus driver to drop you off at Cancuay Beach Oslob, Cebu.

From Cebu Airport

Ride a taxi going to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a bus bound to “Bato-Oslob” and ask the conductor to drop you off at Cancuay Beach Oslob, Cebu.


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