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New Fine on Travelling Abroad.


A new proposed ban on people illegally travelling abroad under new COVID rules is likely, to be law soon. The House of Commons will vote on this ban which will incur a fine of £5,000, (for illegally travelling abroad) in a package of new measures. The only places people from the UK will abe to travel will be the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland. There are, however, some plaudits, where you will be able to travel abroad. For example, if you have a property abroad to maintain, Labour has called this the Stanley Johnson effect. Referencing, Boris' father, who has opted to leave the UK and live in France as he was a remainer.

The travel ban with the £5000 fine is expected to pass and be law by 29 March. It is understandable why the government is keen to get this through. As Boris said himself, the third wave now engulfing Europe is likely to wash up, on our shores too. Hold on a minute though? The COVID variant washing over Europe now is supposed to be the Kentish variant and haven't we, already had this? Is this, Boris and his advisers, getting it wrong again? Unless its a variant of the Kentish strain?

The Kentish strain, along with the Brazilian strain and the South African strain is still here. None of the variants just decide one day, to pack up and go away, because people are getting vaccinated. No, despite the COVID safety measures (we have all become accustomed to) and indeed the vaccine, the virus may never be eliminated. Or if it is eliminated or at least controlled, it will be many years away.

The right to protest will also, come under new police powers, in this package of measures. Protests will be allowed to go ahead, as long as they adhere to COVID safety rules and properly stewarded. However, the police will be there to make sure these protests do not break the law. 60 MPs and Peers have signed a letter saying these controls on the freedom to protest go too far.

Many people will, of course, want to go abroad, especially, to Europe. Of course, that is understandable, people want to get away and have a break. Some people will have booked last year and will have had their holidays moved forward, to this year. However, with COVID rates spiking in Europe and the slow rollout of the vaccine, it is understandable the government would want to stop people from going abroad. Even those allowed to go, with excuses permitted under government rules, could be a health risk as they come back to the UK. Of course, they will have to be quarantined, but how effective that will be, remains to be seen.

As regards protests and other types of gatherings, they must be stopped or controlled. For the sake of coming out of lockdown, (under the government's plan) and living as near as possible, (all of us), a normal life, these things must come into force.

Today is the anniversary of when we first, went into lockdown. The question is as we try to come out of this lockdown, what lessons have we learnt and will they aid in the future?

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Cristina Vanthul from Florida on March 23, 2021:

Wow. Thanks for the information. This will affect the travel industry in other places. For instance, here in Florida we typically have a large number of visitors from the UK every year. I think the travel industry was hoping for some sort of return to normal. What, if any, restrictions are there on travelers TO the UK?

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