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Never Fly to Orlando in Summer

Sarah lived in San Francisco all her life before moving to Orlando 5 years ago and has a lot of experience using both cities' transportation

Bumpy Flight

If you have never visited Florida before in summer, you should first know that Florida has a long hurricane season. A hurricane can form as early as May and as late as November with peak times being in August and September most of the time. However, we've gotten tropical storms and hurricanes form in May or June and in October and November too. Bad weather like this can make flying to Orlando very difficult and can make for an awful experience.

If you have a fear of flying or flying makes you anxious, flying during hurricane season in Florida can make your anxiety a lot worse. As long as the hurricane or tropical storm isn't in your departure location or in your arrival location, the airplane will still fly. However, that means the airplane will be flying directly over parts of the United States that are currently experiencing bad weather. For example, the tropical storm is currently located in Texas and Louisiana so the plane will be flying over the tropical storm on its way to Florida. Even though the plane is nowhere near the center of the storm, the storm can still be felt high up in the sky. This makes for a more bumpy flight and the plane definitely shakes more.

In 2018, there was a hurricane located in North Carolina and since the weather was alright in Orlando, the flight took off as scheduled. However, the bad weather in North Carolina caused the pilot to direct the flight on a different flight path to avoid the bad weather which resulted in me missing my transfer at New York. Thankfully there was another flight that I was able to catch later but this flight ended up flying directly over the bad weather in North Carolina and the flight was pretty bumpy. I already have a lot of anxiety when flying and this made it a lot worse.

Almost Guaranteed Delays

Even when there's no hurricane or tropical storm in Florida, there are still very heavy storms every day in the afternoon during summer. This bad weather always causes delays in flights because the airplanes can't take off or land under such extreme weather. If you are flying into Orlando and the flight is expected to arrive in the afternoon or evening, the flight will almost always be delayed so as not to arrive during the afternoon storms. Also, if you are expected to depart from Orlando in the afternoon, there's almost a 100% guarantee that your flight will be delayed at least half an hour or an hour because the plane can't take off. There are also delays if you're waiting for a flight to arrive from another city and this will make your flight delayed too. Half an hour or one hour doesn't seem like much but it will start to add up quickly and if you are transferring in another airport, you might end up being late and missing your next flight.


If you are flying out of Orlando in the afternoon or evening, there is a pretty big chance that your flight will end up getting canceled too. Some days in the summertime, the thunderstorms are so bad that they don't stop with enough time for all the planes to take off in time. Most of the time, the thunderstorms start around 2 or 3 pm and last until 7 pm with some short breaks in between when the weather isn't that bad. However, sometimes the thunderstorms and heavy rain last all afternoon and evening until 10 pm. When this happens, most flights end up being canceled because there's just no chance for them to take off safely.

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A cancellation is very frustrating because most people flying out of Orlando are vacationers so they're getting ready to fly back home. They need to fly back to their normal jobs because they just spent one or two weeks vacationing in Orlando. However, if their flight gets canceled, it's like being stranded in Orlando for an extra day or more until the airline can get you on a more empty flight. If you are flying into Orlando, cancellation is also very frustrating because it becomes a wasted day of your vacation. Rather than having fun and doing what you had planned that day, you need to move the date of picking up your rental car and the check-in time at the hotel. Having a flight cancellation will ruin the rest of your vacation.

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