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Visiting London for the Very First Time

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Sarah is some one who visited the Uk recently, and has lots of pics to share!

Visiting Madame Tussauds

I had a really wonderful time!

At first the lights,noise and the buzz started to get to me as I'm a bit claustrophobic!

Once I got used to it, I had a great time clicking a few pictures of myself and a friend who accompanied me, next to the very lifelike wax statues.

I also was clicking lots of pictures to put on Facebook for my friends and family!

I simply loved it when people who saw these pictures kept on asking me if I really met the celebrities in these photos! They thought the wax models were real people!

Some people actually believed me...! I was greatly amused when this happened!

These are only a few photos from the trip. I attempted to share the best ones here.

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Also I encourage you to visit Madame Tussaud's in London if you haven't already! It is indeed a magical experience! Don't miss it!

Travelling by train or the bus - almost everywhere!

The transportation system in the UK is really something commendable...When I visited with my family in the year 2018, we traveled nearly everywhere by train... also called The tube.

At first I found it a bit confusing, to tell whether the train was moving to the left or the right. It was that fast! 'Trains are always fast', someone would say, but these trains are exceptionally fast. Since I lived in Harrow, that was where we would board the train. Whenever we we planned going some where a little distant, we would travel by train, which was a little 'cheap', but of course very fast.

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Back in Mumbai, in India I was also accustomed to travelling by train

Though travelling by car was also possible, the only way you get to 'see' the people, sights and sounds is if you traveled by train, bus or simply by foot.

if you're really adventurous you could also choose to walk...but then one could also take the Bus.

Buses in the UK, reminded me a lot of buses back home.

Taking a bus is usually such a nice way to see the city. A double-decker bus is even more of a treat, since you get to see everything from 'all the way up there'.

Me and my sister in the Tube.

Me and my sister in the Tube.

Just had to mention - living near Tesco was indeed wonderful!

My sister, a doctor by profession, also happens to be a British citizen. Of course She is a lovely woman.I stayed at her home in Harrow. It was nice since it was just next to Whitmore Highschool.

Now there happened to be a Tesco Supermarket close by, and we would go there every now and then. Unfortunately I don't have any great photos of us next to it. I guess back in India there are Supermarkets only in the big cities.Living near a supermarket was a dream. We'd be going to Tesco, every time I needed a diet coke literally. I bought whatever my heart desired: all the things I love like assorted varieties of chocolate, Doritos, bagels things that are 'a bit expensive' or hard to find back where I come from.

We noticed that there were a lot of Gujarati people walking on the streets, it was interesting to see them as well.

It sure was fun when we lived next to a grand supermarket like Tesco. It was just 'a hop, skip and a jump away'. My elder sister gave us a few pounds and we 'bounded along' to Tesco every time our supplies ran out.

A few more clicks

Some of the things I did there, forever etched in my memory. I had a great time and just wrote this to encourage people to visit during the summers. That's when it isn't too cold, but of course being the UK it isn't too warm either.

© 2020 Sarah

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