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My Travel to Las Vegas During Covid-19

Abby is a fresh graduate who loves traveling and was very excited for her spring break adventure this year but then came COVID-19 pandemic!

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, Paris replica  photo captured during my my trip to this beautiful city

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, Paris replica photo captured during my my trip to this beautiful city


I am a travelling enthusiast and I had planned to visit Las Vegas, Nevada over the spring break 2020 with my friends. We had booked the air tickets almost one and a half month before the departure date (pro-tip: Book hotel rooms, air-tickets, bus tickets etc. early and save money). We booked everything before Corona virus was declared a pandemic and at that time everything appeared to be smooth, safe and exciting.

A few days before our trip, COVID-19 was declared a global outbreak and most states were taking preventive actions such as suspending face to face classes, travel restrictions, raising awareness about wearing a mask and using hand sanitizers. Disney world had also closed temporarily. We were very confused if we should continue with our plan or not. If we were to cancel our plan, it would have cost us $500 atleast as we had purchased non-refundable tickets. Also at that time, no one was taking this condition "seriously".

We studied about the preventive measures and all relevant information. We bought hand sanitizers, face masks and hand gloves, packed our bags and decided to depart. Its really hard for me to find a word to accurately describe how I was feeling that day. I was very excited (for sure) as I was visiting Nevada for the first time, I was slightly anxious because of the virus. (Please keep in mind that at the time of our travel it was not as bad as it got afterwards and we never knew how bad it could get).

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

My Experience

We reached Las Vegas early in the morning. We bought a 24 hours bus pass and took a ride of the city. It was Beautiful. I could spend the whole day roaming around on the roads without getting bore for a single second. I still remember the tall beautiful buildings and the replicas of Las Vegas. After a bus trip of the city, we went to see the replica of Statue of Liberty and New York. Honestly I was enjoying a lot. There was no crowd. The roads were almost empty and I didn't feel it at that time.

We went for breakfast at a place where we came to know that we can't dine in due to state's corona virus prevention policy. We got our take away and ate it while on foot. At that time, I felt for a slight moment that may be its not something one would experience one's trip to Vegas in normal days. We were standing outside Bellagio and a resident of Las Vegas passed by and said "its all dead". Before this, we didn't feel it because it was the first time we were visiting the city.

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I believe that its our perspective of life that makes each us of us different. How we see things ultimately define who we are. My friends and I reflected for some time and realized that our "spring break adventure" will be how we decide to live it. We walked on the empty roads of Vegas which I am pretty sure not everyone who visits the city get to experience. It felt like we had all the city to ourselves. While taking all the precautions, we traveled around in the city, saw the breath taking beauty that place had to offer and ejoyed ourselves a lot.

Somewhere in the beautiful city of Las Vegas

Somewhere in the beautiful city of Las Vegas

What I learnt from it!

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" I have seen Las Vegas in such a beautifully crowd-less and calm phase as not many get to see it. I feel I got a very unique experience- an adventure that I would tell my grandchildren and brag about (lol). We learned a lot from it. Our problem solving skills were improved drastically. I got to know my friends better and that what they mean to me. Our friendship bond survived the hardships of a pandemic. We were able to make it one of the most memorable trips of our lives. We laughed, we traveled, we ate, we lived and most importantly we took care of each other by giving each other hand sanitizers etc. every other second, together! I don't think our spring break experience during COVID-19 was bad. It was just "Differently Good".

Hi friends! What do you think about my experience?

Abby Anderson (author) from USA on July 30, 2020:

Thank you for your encouraging words! Looking forward to learn about your travel.

Liz Westwood from UK on July 24, 2020:

I like the phrase "differently good". It sums up your experience well. We're just back from a post-Covid hotel stay and I'm planning on writing about it when I get a chance. To see Vegas without the crowds is a rare opportunity. This is a very interesting and relevant article.

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