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My First Time at Gulf Shores

Katie is a 7th generation homesteader from the Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee, A first responder, and local food manager.

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Growing up I have seen my share of mountains, lakes, ponds, hunting experiences and almost anything in between. When you are around me and my people you soon realize that we are the living, breathing examples of “country folks “

I have been with my wonderful boyfriend for a few years now and this past October his family invited me to join them on their family vacation to Gulf Shores Alabama. Having never seen the beach I was overcome with those butterfly feelings, as well as feelings of acceptance I had seen photos of the beach, his mom had bought me a candle that was suppose to smell like the beach, and I had heard multiple stories about it; and now here I was not only given the opportunity to go but by his family.

First Sight


I Can Smell The Beach!

Although the candle came close, nothing can replace the scent I remember. After traveling for hours and stopping over at a hotel halfway for the night, we were almost there.

The closer we got the stronger the scent got. A scent that I would have a hard time describing other than calming and crisp. I remember getting out of the van and my boyfriends mother was just as excited as I was for me to see. It was one of those moments you truly felt God and tears fell down my cheek.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

— Jacques Cousteau

The Waves are Beautiful


The Adventure

We stayed for a full week. Every morning like a child on Christmas morning I would wake early So that I wouldn’t miss the sunrise. I think this is where my boyfriend finally started to realize he was dating one of those silly country girls that was more in awe of nature than anything money could buy. I am almost certain that he wished I didn‘t like walking the beach every day either lol.

Despite covid, there were things to do. One day part of the group of us woke up early and went deep sea fishing, some went parasailing, and some of us went on the dolphin


Things I learned

  • Bring extra money
  • Bring extra bathing suits
  • Always have an open mind
  • Be Prepared to wait anytime you go out to eat, wait time varies but you are almost certain to be waiting an hour or longer anywhere you go
  • And ladies if you are like me and think Nagh I won’t buy that much, rest assured there is something that will pop out that you will need to take home lol
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The Dolphin Tour

On the dolphin tour not only did we get to see dolphins but also a few pretty neat historical places. The island that they captain took us to was a gated community of sorts, and once was home to Farrah Fawcett. The house in the first photo below was once occupied by her and her husband. There is even a dolphin window if you look closely. The tour cost about $20 per person at the time we were there.

Part of the island


My closing thoughts

For Someone who has never been this was an amazing opportunity.

  • I would highly suggest budgeting roughly $30 per person per meal unless you want something a bit more fancy, then budget more.
  • Take the kids to hunt sand crabs of a night on the beach. Bring nets and buckets, but be sure to release them when you finish.

  • Take lots of photos
  • Budget enough time to souvenir shop, but know that most are pricey.
  • Bring sunscreen
  • And most importantly just enjoy the view and the time
Sand crabs

Sand crabs


The Buckets we purchased and used for the kids

Incredibly Comfortable Bathing Suits for Women

© 2022 Katie Slaven

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